Melissa Boyd – Motivational & Keynote Speaker

Moving Your Business Forward By Standing Still
Melissa guides your executive team in activities to assess learning styles, understand the brain link between procedural and declarative memory, and integrate simple wellness routines and creative communication strategies to optimize outcomes and achieve retention and growth in the workplace.

Resources for Intuitive Development
Melissa presents eight rhythms to leadership mastery, exploring how 93% of communication is non-verbal. The audience learns innovative ways to enhance professional, personal, and intuitive development, with insights on brain development and manifesting principles.

Creating a Legacy for Your Company or Community
Melissa explores creating a lasting impact through public service. Audience members will power map their company’s soul purpose and build an abundance blueprint using sound, mantras, and manifestation.

Empowering Teens and Tweens Through Language
Melissa outlines how to support young leaders through effective communication. Using a dictionary she developed for at-risk youth, audiences gain reflective questioning techniques and new tools to engage with students, children, or community groups.

From My Pillow to the Podium: How Nighttime Dreams Can Create Wakeful Change
Melissa investigates sleep medicine and dream consciousness, revealing how to become effective leaders during sleep. She shares her story of bringing Retired General Colin Powell to Maine from a dream, demonstrating how better sleep can help solve problems.
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