Becoming Timeless SaTaNaMA

How do you measure time? Time is an illusion and is experienced in many different ways. There are two types of time, Chronos and Karios.We usually get caught up in Chronos or clock time. Our fast paced lives become rigid and inflexible. When we get caught up in clock time we miss out on all the magic.

The two types of time:
1. Chronos or chronological time that flows from past to present to future 
2. Karios time or God time where you can sink into the moment.

Chronos time examples are hurrying to beat the clock, feeling pressured by workload, getting caught up in running out of time, always fixated on how time is running out or how things are rushing forward.

Karios time is when you sip in a sunset, get lost in a daydream, feel timeless when you look up to see a flock of birds bank left in the sky or simply look in the eyes of your spouse, child or puppy and feel lost in the moment. It is easy to forget that time is a resource and we can harness it in new and different ways.

My favorite ways to measure time are
how long it takes to sip a cup of tea, watching an incense burn down to the bottom of the stick, how long it takes the tide to rise on the shore. Start to drop into the magic of time that nature provides us.

A way to rinse your relationship with time can be as easy as a moving Audra Meditation called Sa Ta Na Ma.
~ Sa means infinity, Ta means life or birth, Na means death of form or transformation and Ma means rebirth.

To practice, bring your hands to your lap palms facing up. Touch your thumb and first finger and chant Sa, then second finger to thumb and chant Ta, ring finger and thumb and chant Na and finally little finger to thumb and chant Ma. Repeat this at your own pace for ten minutes or more to feel the rhythm of time and timeless floating through your fingers.

For another way to experience floating in time here is a link to my remote viewing meditation which helps you to see 5 years into your future.

Detox Tips

Detoxing is a powerful process toward personal power and spiritual transformation. Detoxing can be done in many forms. This spring take time to detox in one of these 3 ways. In my upcoming classes and workshops I share hands on activities and tools to rinse and activate spiritual connections. 

Three Ways to Detox

1. Detox your speech.
Listen more and speak less. 
Take vow of silence for one to three hours per day. 
Let go of gossip or use of judgmental words.

2. Detox your body.
Abstain from coffee or alcohol for a few days or even a week to feel free of mind altering substances. 
Take a day or more to enjoy only vegetarian meals.
Drink more water and perhaps enjoy a detox tea before bed.

3. Detox Your Mind.
Mediate each morning or evening for at least 15 minutes.
Let go of worry and give yourself permission to turn off your mind.
Abstain from all electronics and any types of media for a few hours or better yet a day or more. 

Commit to let go and drop into the moment to restore your energy body.

In this time of many transitions of the earth, taking time to detox will create more space and flow to each unfolding moment. 

Sending Peace to You and our World… 

In divine loving service, 

50 Tips for Self Love

Unconditional love means no strings attached. Love is the thing that we all are reaching for and trying to feel in our lives? Love can be hard and heavy but it can be beautiful and magical. The ultimate way to cultivate the feeling of unconditional love is to first have self love. I’m turning 50 this month and what I have learned, mostly the hard way, is that LOVE starts with self.

My birthday gift to you is 50 Tips For Self Love. I hope you find at least one or two ways you can love yourself more.  

1. Repeat after me, “I am enough!” You are your best resource and trying to spread yourself too thin will deplete your shine~ Honor your amazing spirit
2. Massage your hands
3. Massage your feet 
4. Drink more water and say happy words to yourself as you do – I love using adjectives! Amazing, terrific, caring, deep listener ect.
5. Take a bubble break – always take a break to blow bubbles, it creates a playful heart 
6. Drink detox and caffeine-free teas that promote rest and digestion 
7. Soak in a tub for at least 20 minutes twice a week 
8. Create a Joy Jar- Write on little pieces of paper things that spark joy in your life – it can be anything at all like hummingbirds, a light spring rain, your wife 
9. Mirror mantras – repeat positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror and smile while doing it. This creates a connection between the you, the I and the Ego Me. A great way for reflective discovery 
10. Do seated twists daily to rinse out the issues in your tissues 
11. “Do not push the river” this is one of my favorite sayings from Ralph Blum’s Viking Runes. Allow the river to flow as it is -you don’t need to go into hyper speed- if something is not ready, be patient 
12. Read poetry aloud, it is soothing to heart and mind 
13. Be your own DJ – pick the songs that lift you up and commit to listening to them at least once a week. When I was a DJ in Boston, I loved to watch music lift people up out of their chairs like dancing balloons!
14. High-five yourself in the mirror 
15. Buy yourself flowers 
16. Do two random acts of kindness weekly and try to not get caught- this is a way to add your zest into the world and grow your philanthropic wings
17. Forgive yourself more often
18. Listen to that voice inside your heart space and follow it
19. Get a massage once a month, once every quarter or at least twice a year 
20. Open up the space between your toes, it often holds doubt and worry
21. Lean your whole back body into a wall or surrender to the floor and feel the power of your spine
22. Receive a compliment with a “thank you”, no arguing
23. Own your Yes’s and No’s, do what you feel you can when you want to – do not allow yourself to be bullied or guilted into a task that hurts your soul 24. Follow your curiosity, pledge to be a lifelong learner
25. Do Butterfly Taps – take your right hand to your left shoulder and left hand to right shoulder and start to tap back and forth to thank your body for being alive
26. Honor your voice – use your words wisely
27. Let go of  saying “I’m sorry” when it comes from a place of lack 
28. Say three things you are grateful for each night before you sleep and let those happy thoughts dance in your dreams
29. Give yourself permission to pause – life is a process not a destination
30. Listen to a guided meditation to open your heart
31. Practice loving kindness 
32. Sleep in..when you can.. rest and renewal make a better you
33. Invite the wind to take a walk with you and be surprised at the magic you feel in the moment
34. Write yourself a letter every year on your birthday to celebrate how terrific you are
35. Forgive a friend or a family member who has hurt you – even if its in a letter you never send – allow space to open in your heart
36. Walk outside at least twice a week if you can for heart health
37. Take vitamins or supplements like D, C, B-complex for immune boosting support for your health and longevity
38. Take a social media break to let your brain rest – this helps with anxiety and mental angst
39. Do not explain yourself to others – be unapologetically you 
40. Let go of comparing yourself to others- honor your greatness
41. Clean out that clutter – let go of clothes from your closet, papers, emails and even stale relationships hanging out in your life – spring clean so you can shine inside and out
42. Be kind to yourself and others
43. One day a week take a vow of silence even if it is for 2-4 hours – allow your whole body to rest and not be going
44. Take a vacation  – one of the biggest wishes from the other side, they wish they took time to take time
45. Volunteer – it helps you connect with causes and people who matter
46. Count your blessings often and deeply 
47. Cry More – crying helps to release old stuck energies and allows flow to your nervous system  
48. Be open- never say never and allow miracles to manifest
49. Dance with a butterfly – move with these beautiful beings when they grace your path
50. Celebrate the unique being that you are 


Awake Kid Ones Supporting Intuitive Kids

2021  has been a year of transitional energy, establishing new norms, deepening our connections and honoring our voices. Kids certainly have been thrown into a soup of transition and as an intuitive kid myself, I wanted to share some hands on resources for people who work with or have intuitive kids. Below is a replay of my June talk and a wonderful article from the NY Times about how these kids have come to this earth with deep compassionate action.
I hope you will join me this fall for some of my online classes! 

Sending you vibrant awakenings, 

P.S. I am over the moon to have Grow Your Knowing merchandise – including sips of inspiration and Delicious Orbs of Light hats and T-shirts! Please check it out! https://growyourknowing.merchmake.comUnderstanding and Supporting Intuitive Kids. 
Here is the link to the video recording of the talk: Passcode: rKRLy.4G 

Article on Are the New Kids Here to Save the World    

How to Create Systemic Change in Your Life

Awareness is what creates systemic change.  How often have you been told that meditation and mindfulness is critical to reducing stress, vital to longevity and even essential to emotional health? How often do you pause and breathe ? Are you aware of your breath? I know that for me for about 20 years running national organizations as an advocate and executive, I was living by my work schedule and then crashing hard on weekends. I forgot to breathe, even ended up in the hospital on many occasions due to dehydration and panic attacks. I was disconnected and I thought I had the world in my hands – you see it was that ego driven life I had been promised would bring me radiant abundance.

Depleted and running on empty, the merry go round stopped and that is when the real work began. I share this to let you know, I have been there!  I get the excuses.. 

-but, you don’t understand 
-I don’t have time 
-I have no choice
Today is New Moon in Cancer – a time of resetting our energy system.  In astrology we know the power of each zodiac sign and when you intentionally connect with the moon, you can feel the vibrations. 

Take time to set intentions using the compassion that cancer holds.  Take a moment to reprogram your energy and say these affirmations for the next 4 days and see how you feel. An affirmation is a positive statement that connects with our evolutionary experience. Even if you do not believe the affirmation please say it anyway.
I am connected to my intuition  

I am honoring my sensitive nature

I am connected to the family, I choose

I am practicing compassionate speech

I am supported I am a part of this divine universe 

Sending you vibrant awakenings, 


P.S. I am over the moon to have Grow Your Knowing merchandise – including sips of inspiration and delicious orbs of light hats and T-shirts! please check it out!

Spirits Intuitive Intelligence

As long as I’ve been speaking to the spirit world one thing is true, there is an intuitive intelligence and this intuitive intelligence is beyond our comprehension. In the linear world we have rules around what is possible and what we believe can or cannot happen. We are limited by our beliefs about time and space. The spirit world is full of miracles, unconditional blessings and bliss.

That is why when you have had a spiritual awakening or have had contact with your loved one in spirit either through a medium or through your own experience it is a profound transformation.

People ask who inspires me and my answer is always, the spirit world. The spirit world is more alive and vibrant than we are because we are limited by our belief systems and the structures that we have created within our minds that we put in place in our society.

But these structures are slowly letting go. On the earth plane we are slowly learning to dissolve our egos, and learning more and more to trust the magnetics of our heart. Many people say to me I wish I could do what you do or know what you know. Well, I believe you can, with practice, it’s about reawakening your ability to remember.

Remember that you are a spirit being first having a physical experience! 

Here are three ways for you to connect with the intuitive intelligence of the spirit world. 

1. Ask for guidance from your loved ones and spirit before you go to sleep. Touch a picture of someone who’s passed as you sit and breathe in a positive memory and ask them to visit you while you sleep. When we sleep we move into the layer of our auric field called the Astral Body and this is when we can travel between dimensions.

Many people forget the power of our dream state and how much we can manifest in it. Intention is everything and having an open heart and mind and setting an intention can help. You may need to practice a few times but this is a amazing way for you to feel connected.

2. Upon waking or going to sleep, thank the sun, sip the energy of the sun and imagine the luminous rays of the sun are radiating down through your body. At night look up at the moon and the stars and know that you are drenched in the energy of the cosmos. You are made up of the vibrations of the stars! Think about how children put stars on their ceilings and gaze at the night sky dreaming away. What happened to your childlike heart? Dive into it with the magic of the sun and the moon. 

3. Awaken your Crown Chakra with this 6 minute meditation to connect to the vibration of co-creation

Sending you vibrant awakenings, 


P.S. I am over the moon to have Grow Your Knowing merchandise – including sips of inspiration and delicious orbs of light hats and T-shirts! please check it out!

Psychic Medium To Host Earth Day at USM

We are thrilled to announce that coverage of Melissa’s community work by the York County Coast Star on

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Stay Connected Youth Summit for Alcohol Awareness in Maine

We are so excited to announce a Youth Summit for Alcohol Awareness in Maine, which Melissa has helped to bring about through her work with the Maine Alliance to Prevent Substance Abuse.

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Founding member of Maine Partners for Cool Communities

We are thrilled to share coverage of Melissa’s community work toward healing the damage from climate change.

In this article, Melissa was interviewed about the Green Sneakers project, which she is actively working on through Maine Partners for Cool Communities

In this article, Melissa was interviewed about the grassroots efforts of communities across Maine to address global warming. Melissa spoke as the executive director of the Maine chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility, one of the organizations participating in Maine Partners for Cool Communities.

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