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2018 is the year!  2018 is your year! It is your year to step into your destiny. We are in the time of a rise in the collective conscious. But you may think, then why do we have fighting and negative energy all around us? This is because in order to co-create we must take down the old and we must bring in the new. You are the new! The I AM. And what you focus on expands.

It is happening!  Do you feel it?  More people are turning to yoga, meditation, healthy eating and helping each other. If you are living in your heart your intuitive intelligence will awaken. It is exciting to see so many people opening into their own intuitive and spiritual gifts.

Do you wonder, why is this happening? Well, I can explain and share with you how to harness this beautiful energy with the amazing proof of the time space continuum. 2016 and 2017 made way for the incredible discovery of gravitational waves in our atmosphere which are actually shifting time, our perceptions and the flow of time.

Time on the planet earth is linear, our earth is structured in depth, width and time  (3D World), Time is the 4th dimension and Space (Volume) is the 5th dimension. As humans we are taught that time is linear and flows from the past, present and into the future.  However when you add in space, which is volume, time can flow in all directions at once. This is the energy of a higher state that mediums, mystics and futurists connect into to expand their own dimensional reality.  And now that Einstein’s predicted gravitational wave theory has been proven everyone has access to this process!  Gravity effects time – it can speed up time or slow it down. Clock time is one thing and when you get trapped in 24 hour living you miss the magic that happens when you deepen in the present moment.  Think back to a time when you were playing baseball, walking on a beach, hiking a mountain, or when you were having fun and time seemed to stand still.  Imagine living that way all the time – nowhere to go nothing to do- just dropping into the splendor of the moment.

Gravitational Waves explained
How do you tap into it?  Slow down your day, relax your mind allow it to simmer more and boil less. There’s a spark inside of you, a divine light that never dies.  Sometimes this light may dim with the struggles of earthly living but it is always there, calling you to dive into your creative zest your true divine nature.  Allow yourself to heal and feel and as you do you can you access your highest potential and you can recall past lives. Over the next two years I will be offering workshops to help you access this divine light so that WE can shift our lives, community and the earth!

I want to share with you my meditation on unlocking the walls of your heart. I invite you to unwrap your heart and live with vibrant luminous light!  Enjoy this 10 minute heart opening!AivbIufUF3wtg3rr8Br71_EmhGGA

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Sending your heart love and peace, Melissa

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