Becoming Timeless SaTaNaMA

How do you measure time? Time is an illusion and is experienced in many different ways. There are two types of time, Chronos and Karios.We usually get caught up in Chronos or clock time. Our fast paced lives become rigid and inflexible. When we get caught up in clock time we miss out on all the magic.

The two types of time:
1. Chronos or chronological time that flows from past to present to future 
2. Karios time or God time where you can sink into the moment.

Chronos time examples are hurrying to beat the clock, feeling pressured by workload, getting caught up in running out of time, always fixated on how time is running out or how things are rushing forward.

Karios time is when you sip in a sunset, get lost in a daydream, feel timeless when you look up to see a flock of birds bank left in the sky or simply look in the eyes of your spouse, child or puppy and feel lost in the moment. It is easy to forget that time is a resource and we can harness it in new and different ways.

My favorite ways to measure time are
how long it takes to sip a cup of tea, watching an incense burn down to the bottom of the stick, how long it takes the tide to rise on the shore. Start to drop into the magic of time that nature provides us.

A way to rinse your relationship with time can be as easy as a moving Audra Meditation called Sa Ta Na Ma.
~ Sa means infinity, Ta means life or birth, Na means death of form or transformation and Ma means rebirth.

To practice, bring your hands to your lap palms facing up. Touch your thumb and first finger and chant Sa, then second finger to thumb and chant Ta, ring finger and thumb and chant Na and finally little finger to thumb and chant Ma. Repeat this at your own pace for ten minutes or more to feel the rhythm of time and timeless floating through your fingers.

For another way to experience floating in time here is a link to my remote viewing meditation which helps you to see 5 years into your future.
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