Business Sessions

Listen to Melissa as she explains how she can help you tap into your creativity and grow your business blueprint.

Business Sessions

Listen to Melissa as she explains how she can help you tap into your creativity and grow your business blueprint.

This 3-session process will assist you in connecting to and learning to trust and open your intuition and your business path. We will begin with a business blueprint vibrational chart. We will process map your opportunities to maximize connections and build partnerships. You will receive a draft business plan, marketing strategies and innovative tools and techniques to grow your passion to create profits and purpose.

We are in a big transition on the earth where passion and purpose are creating new business leaders. I will map your business blueprint with a vibrational chart for your business or organization.  I will use innovative mapping to help you hoan your misson.  Spirit will provide insights on ways to maximize the potential of your business/ organization. With my  background in organizational development and communications I will assist you in creating purpose, passion and productivity. Walk away feeling recharged and energized. 

Luminous 8 Professional Development for Your Soul is a training that teaches you and your staff  to use 8 essential rhythms for self. As the world continues  to shift and evolve this process guides you through using your own intuitive abilities to enhance your creative zest, learn how to focus the mind, clear any blocks to abundance, opens pathways to prosperity and passion, connects you with your own spiritual energy to thrive in the workplace. Learn these techniques as become luminous in body, mind, spirit.

  • Tailored to your staff
  • 4 hour workshops

Please know that Melissa currently books several months in advance, so be sure to book NOW!  Email** to schedule your session. Due to numerous requests, we return your email within 3 days. Thank you for your patience. 

** Once you send us an email please add our address to your contacts to ensure that your reply does not end up in junk or spam. We have been having difficulties and want to make sure you receive our messages. Thank you very much!

Some may not believe in angels, but we do. We believe that angels are among us when we allow ourselves to consider this beautiful option. For us, Melissa is  one of those beautiful angels walking this earth plane. We are forever grateful for having her as part of our journey. Melissa has certainly have positively impacted our lives in the most beautiful ways. Her gifts and work have helped us reconnect with our own truths, the ones emanating from within. 

With love, appreciation, and gratitude.

Souleymane Konate, PhD. & CEO and Dunja Babič, PhD. & Chief Scientific Officer 

Co-founders of Lotsea and ThinkHEC

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not record your session but you are welcome to use your phone or any type of recording device.  Prior to the appointment please write down on a piece of paper any questions and the names of people you would like to hear from who have crossed over. I NEVER see your paper, it is to set your intention and get the most out of your session.

YES. Once you are booked for a session you can request to be added to the cancellation list.

Absolutely! We are all energy first and I connect with you  regardless of where you are in the planet. With a phone or skype session she will follow up by sending you a stone and your notes free of charge. 

All sessions have the same waiting time so no session will get you in sooner. If you are only seeking to connect with your loved ones in spirit then a Psychic Mediumship or Mini Group Session is what you would choose. If you are in transition or want to understand your life path and expand you would choose Vibrational Chart or Mastering Your Blueprint. If you are ready to learn how to connect with your own Spirit Guides and build your intuitive gifts then Soul Assessment and Spiritual Development would be your choice. Every session includes a handout and stone to assist you in growing your knowing!!

Payment is due the day of service.  If you are having a phone or skype session I ask that you pay 24 hours in advance.  You are welcome to prepay on line if you would like. 

I have a 48 hour cancelation policy.  If you miss your appointment there is $50.00 no show fee.  If you would like to reschedule you will need to pay for your appointment in advance.