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Category: Manifesting

You Are Abundant!

DearestAwakened Heart, You are abundant! Yourbeing is aspark of divineintelligence in motion. It is soeasy to forget that you are dynamic, flexible, adaptable, and ever-evolving.

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Divinity Dives

Have you ever dove head first into your dreams? Have you ever leapt empty handed into the void only to build your wings on the way down? Nine

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Navigating Geomagnetic Storms & Solar Winds

Ive always been fascinated by the sun, the beauty of the earth and the possibilities of the stars. When I was 9 my father and I built a mini greenhouse for the science fair on the greenhouse effect. I would ask my science teachers questions about the magnetic field…

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Embrace Unconditional Love

How may times do you read a contract, sign up for a service, and have to read the fine print Terms and Conditions. We live with conditions everywhere, we get trapped in our conditions. We hear the weather conditions, and complain when its raining. But ask the…

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Three Stress Busters

I am so excited to share Three Stress Busters with you!  Stress can cause us to loose enthusiasm for living, can bog down our creativity and cause us

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