Embrace Unconditional Love

How may times do you read a contract, sign up for a service, and have to read the fine print “Terms and Conditions.” We live with conditions everywhere, we get trapped in our conditions. We hear the weather conditions, and complain when it’s raining. But ask the flowers and the rivers what they think, they will be tickled that the rain is coming! Nature is love, it offers us the opportunity to drink in each moment. Love is unconditional if we would only allow our hearts to be like the river instead of a brick wall.

Buddhism reminds us that lasting is the goal, lasting values are a deep awareness that lead to unconditional joy, unconditional love, and a state of pure enlightenment. We need to use unconditional as an action word. Once we let go of falsehoods and conditions, we rise in unconditional bliss.

Unconditional means no strings attached. Think about what it would feel like to experience deep joy, health, happiness, and zest  for life with no conditions!?  Your love, your joy, your giving, your energy, your light does not have to be conditional! Unconditional is timeless, like stardust it never gets old. It renews and awakens your pure spirit.  We are unconditional spirit beings visiting this planet for a short time. Let go of conditions and sink into unconditional bliss.

In the linear world, we are taught to react and respond. Many times, our reactions and responses are outside of ourselves and are actions based on linear steps. For example: Your alarm goes off in the morning… you turn it off…you get up…you brush your teeth…you make your coffee…you turn on the news…you find out what’s happening in the world…etc. etc. etc. In this example, you are basically going through motions and responding/reacting on auto-pilot. In auto-pilot, our brains can wander to worst-case scenarios, what-ifs, and frustrations.

Now imagine this instead: You wake up in the morning to the sound of the birds chirping…you easily roll out of bed…you intentionally place your feet on the floor…you go into your meditation room…you drink a glass of water…you read something inspirational and get ready for your day. In this example, you are taking intentional action to set the tone for your day.
It really is a choice. The power of intentional action comes from the heart, from opening up your power and being present. Intentional action comes from love and it requires concentration and awakening.

Take time each day to awaken your heart space. Here are three ways to do this:

1.Touch a part of nature each day. Breathe in the sun, touch a tree, smile at the ocean, pick up a rock, follow a bird or a butterfly with your eyes. Remember, you are part of the divine plan.

2. Smile at 5 people and as you do send light telepathically from your into their heart.

3. Write a letter or a card to a family member, friend or send a thank you card to an organization that helps the planet (a conservation trust, a river coalition or an animal shelter.)

Unconditional love is who you are – it’s who you will be when you return to the light after you complete your life this time.  Why wait until you cross over to the other side? Release conditions now and know that love is who we are.

I find this 15 minute meditation from Adyashanti on unconditional love very powerful.  I hope you enjoy this https://youtu.be/Gy0S2ZrtWwQ.

With unconditional love,


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