Online Detox & Purification Immersion …


Ready to detox and purify the past?  This intense two- hour online workshop will include 3 emailed meditations one week before the event. Includes a 1:1 fifteen minute  Reiki chakra clearing  and mini reading ( vow to your soul) after the event. One week before you will receive an email to prep for the immersion […]

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Meet Your Spirit Guides

In this magical hour and a half, Melissa Boyd will teach you how to Meet Your Spirit Guides as she takes you on a deep meditative journey. You will learn simple ways to call upon your spirit guides and Melissa will teach you how to sit in your power to enhance your spiritual life which […]

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Expanding Your Intuition

Are you ready to open up and feel your spirit guides, clear your energy, and trust your insights? This online interactive workshop is packed with activities and practice sessions with like-minded intuitive people. Before this interactive workshop you will receive a mailed packet with chakra charts, a pendulum, stones and intuitive tools to grow your […]

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