Awakening Your Luminosity

Greener Postures Yoga 65 Gray Road, West Falmouth, ME

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Meet Your Spirit Guides with Yoga Nidra


In this unique combination of breath, movement, and relaxation, you will be guided through a deep restorative Yoga Nidra practice where you will be invited to meet your guides and […]

Mala Meditation & Yoga Nidra

Village Yoga 153 Port Road, Kennebunk, ME

Yoga Nidra is an ancient form of deep meditation and allows you to float between the worlds. In this workshop you will experience deep relation and drop into the 5 layers of the self learning how to cleanse your cells with intention and breathe. We will deepen with a mala bead meditation. Learn how the use of these two tools can empower your spirit and energize your life.Limited to 16 participants.


Vibrational Yoga

Greener Postures Yoga 65 Gray Road, West Falmouth, ME

Yoga and Intuition opens hearts and quiets minds. Join me for this4hour workshop. Participants will explore their intuitive selves through Yoga. We will practice the art of listening to the body and mind while deepening our connection with the spiritual realm. Learn to deepen into each pose and open. The workshop is infused with understanding […]

Divine Spine Workshop

This workshop will include easy ways to start each day to align your spine and open up the full capacity that is available to each of us~ open to all levels. Why the Spine?  The spine supports both your structure and the fluid that reaches your brain There are over 120 muscles in the spine […]