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Melissa Boyd, spiritual medium

The Grow Your Knowing® Podcast

The Grow Your Knowing® Podcast features tips and tools from Melissa Boyd and special guests!


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Melissa’s Interview with Laura Wooster

Join Laura Wooster and spiritual medium Melissa Boyd as they discuss simple, energetic self-care tools for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Solfeggio Tones For Expansion and Healing

There are many tools to help shift the body, mind and spirit.Sound heals. Solfeggio tones are cymatic; they literally create vibrational waves that shift and heal the cellular structure. These tones have been proven to help improve sleep, release anxiety and help to enhance intuition. 

Listen to Melissa’s Chakra Clearing with Solfeggio tones:

Listen to Melissa’s interview with David Hulse, Author of A Fork in the Road and founder of SomaEnergetics about these tones:

Intuitive Kids

Below is a recorded workshop on Understanding and Supporting Intuitive Kids:

Passcode is: rKRLy.4G

Watch on Zoom

Meditation and Yoga Resources

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Golden Sunlight Breath Meditation

9 minutes
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Kripalu School of Yoga Nutritional Recipes

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Venpassa meditation wheel

Vipassana Meditation

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Helping you get from the “Knowing to the Doing,” this podcast is available wherever you listen.

Start where you are podcast by Kim Lloyd

There are a variety of organizations that are studying and integrating consciousness techniques into the world. Here are three you may want to explore:


Heart Math Institute

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Institute of Noetic Sciences

The Institute of Noetic Sciences

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Arthur Findlay college

The Arthur Findlay College of Metaphysical Studies

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