Give, Sparkle, Shine

Giving has always felt magical to me. The feeling of helping another person or a cause is why I feel I am here on this earth, to be of service. As a child I grew up in a small town and even though we did not have a lot of material things and often lived paycheck to paycheck, we always gave back to people who had less then we did. I feel we all have a responsibility to give to others in need.

When I was little, my cousins, mom, aunt and I would pile into the station wagon and drive to the local nursing home where we would sing to all the people that lived there.  The smiles on their faces still warms my heart to this day.  Giving makes you shine inside!

Service has always been a part of my life.  I spent many years in public service as an AmeriCorps member, serving on numerous boards and as a director of several non-profit organizations and was appointed as a Commissioner to the Maine Commission for Community Service. I absolutely love the feeling of helping others.

In my current business I offer free monthly meditations to help create a giving community by offering people a way to donate to local non-profits. And for the 2nd year in a row I am giving my gift of mediumship to host a gallery, with all proceeds going directly to the Center for Grieving Children.

One of my favorite quotes is ” Everyone can be great because everyone can serve” Martin Luther King JR.

There are so many ways to give that do not cost money or are very inexpensive.  And since we are entering a season of giving here are some simple ways to make a difference:

1. Donate boxed or canned food to a local food pantry
2. Sponsor a friend or co-worker in a 5k for a humanitarian cause
3. Adopt an animal or donate to your local animal shelter to help an animal find a forever home
4. Thank a veteran for their service
5. Donate your time reading to children at a local school or library
6. Volunteer to do arts and crafts at a community center
7. Attend one of my mediate and donate events
8. Adopt a family in need for the holidays and provide them with a hot meal, presents for their children or a gift card to local grocery store

When you give, magic happens!

~ Melissa

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