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Divinity Dives

Have you ever dove head first into your dreams? Have you ever leapt empty handed into the void only to build your wings on the way down? Nine years ago I took the plunge, I call it my Divinity Dive. 
I had been reading people’s energy and loved ones in spirit since I was nine years old.  I had used my intuition in my work in governmental affairs and non-profit management and 10 years ago I spontaneously came out as a Medium on a Maine political television show and soon after people in politics started asking for sessions.  

Then I literally put my future in the hands of my guides and a cardboard sign and it changed my life! I had a very safe and stable position as a lobbyist, I was helping to make deep change in the system representing disability rights, mental health, helping to boost budgets of environmental nonprofit organizations and yet I knew deep inside of me that my soul path was to do my mediumship and soul evolution readings full-time. There is never a  good time to blow up your life, to walk away from a career where you have gained a high caliber reputation and to begin again. When I say to you being a medium was not my choice I mean it! It has always been a part of me but I was always so afraid to take that leap that leap of faith.

I had told three people that the only way I would do this for work was if I met James Van Praagh and he told me to do mediumship full time. Then 10 years ago he came to the Omega Institute in New York. It was at a time when I didn’t have extra money to spend on a workshop but three people, who didn’t know each other, each sent me money that totaled the exact amount I needed for the workshop.  

So off I went to the Omega Institute to meet the man that I had watched on television when I was 15 years old to do the thing that I’ve always been able to do. Within two days of starting the workshop he pulled me up on stage and had me read a person in the audience, after I finished my reading he leaned into me and said, if you can ground down into your divine being you can do this. But you must have no fear and trust absolutely, which means quitting your job and doing this full time. His words felt like warm sunshine on my face and I knew what I had to do.

I returned to Maine and went to my boss Betsy Sweet, who is currently a Democratic Candidate for US Senate, and told her that I needed to leave my position. I loved my work, I loved making a difference but it was time for me to make a difference in a different way.  I left Augusta to drive back home, which is about an hour. As I was driving I was thinking about Omega and the words James had said to me. Thinking, is this real? Is this the right thing to do? And just as I was about to turn around and go back to Augusta and say “wait I made a mistake!” my guides said to me “keep going we have a sign for you just around the next bend”. As I came around the corner I saw an egg truck and on the back it said OMEGA and I knew exactly what I needed to do.

I came home and told my wife I had left my position. She was shocked and little nervous but said “if you can make $5000 by the end of the summer then we can pay our bills.” I had decided to take on a small position to make $800 to do some environmental canvassing. I drove to work one day and at a stoplight I got rear ended. I went to the hospital to get checked out and they said I was fine. I had my car checked out and it was fine also. The next morning I got a call from the insurance company. They said we heard that you got hit in an accident. I said yes, they said are you OK? I said yes. They said, how does $5000 sound for pain and suffering?? And I said yes;) 

The next morning my guides had told me I would have a free office on Main Street in Kennebunk. Free office? How is that even possible? But I’ve learned by now to trust my guides. Later that day I went to an art gallery to meet a friend. When I literally I bumped into a woman in the bathroom and spilled coffee on her she said are you coming to the open house?  I smiled and asked on Main Street in Kennebunk? She said yes, how did you know? I then saw bees in my mind and she said it’s called The Hive and it is a collaborative for local artists. I asked her if she had an Intuitive Medium to do readings.  She said no, do you know someone? Yes, me! She said we cannot pay you. I said no worries I’ll just come for free. I sat in the back on a folding chair at an old card table with a deck of cards and my crystal.  I read for 45 people that night! Back to back 20 minute sessions for what seemed like everyone in town. At the end of the evening she asked, where is your office? I don’t have an office yet but this is what I do. She said we’re trying to create a nonprofit do you know anybody who could help us do that?  My job, previous to being a lobbyist, was creating nonprofits across Maine and Massachusetts and working  with national campaigns.  Yes! She explained we can’t pay you but we could give you a key and you could open the door and help us with this and we would give you the office in the back for free. How does that sound?? I was dancing with the light!

I still had no way of attracting clients so I went into my recycling bin and I took a piece of cardboard and wrote “Readings by Melissa, inquire inside” I had two folding chairs, a card table and a candle. That was nine years ago and within six months I was booking six months out all by word-of-mouth.

I took the leap of faith with my cardboard sign and everything fell into place! I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your support over the past nine years and for Growing your Knowing to awaken within! 

How can YOU do Divinity Diving? 

1. Listen to your heart and ask for help from your higher power and/or guides?
2.  Allow nature to bring you signs from birds, numbers, rainbows and whatever speaks to you.
3. Remember, you are part of the whole of creation and once you quiet your mind and listen synchronicity will appear. 
4. Be open for extraordinary messages through other people
5. Be grateful for where you are and allow the unfolding of your true self to emerge 

I love offering workshops to give you hands on tools and activities to become more centered, energized and intuitive.  Here is a short video on how I teach workshops:

May you be ONE and live in the NOW,


Hands reaching to towards light in the bly sky

How Stephen Covey Changed Me…

Don’t you just love a brilliant mind? I thrive on organizational development and management which is what I studied for my Masters Degree. Innovative thinking, creative concepts, strategic planning.  In fact, intuition is about thinking beyond the mind, beyond our linear limited rules. But what excites me even more is knowing, truly knowing that we are expanding into a new age that is filled with passionate thinking, creative truths and no limitations.

In my decades of work in public service and policy I have had the privilege to meet and work with some of the most talented and giving minds of our time, including Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, General Colin Powell, Angus King, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and more.  One of the most profound experiences of my life was the opportunity to meet and learn from Stephen Covey. It was in the late 1990’s and I was in Las Vegas, Nevada for a national conference for an organization called Points of Light, which is dedicated to national voluntarism and civic engagement.
I picked up my packet to see the events of the week at Caesars Palace. It was the nicest place I had ever stayed in my life, the energy and the  beauty was top notch. Points of Light had brought together some of the most creative  strategic minds in the country to teach thousands of volunteers and CEO’s about programming, fundraising, development and creative thinking. I was honored to be sent by the state of Maine and I was over the moon to meet some of the most extraordinary thinkers of our time. When I saw the name Stephen Covey my heart leapt out of my chest!  Not only had I read his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People which I carried around since 1990, I also knew that he had written a book in 1972, the year I was born called Spiritual Roots to Human Relations.  That book explained that all problems could be solved by spiritual solutions.
Dr. Covey was on to something. I knew that his workshop was going to be amazing! I arrived early to see if I could meet the man who had developed an international following based on 7 steps to living a highly effective life and created a movement. I was getting a glass of water when he entered the room, and let me be clear, I did not see him, I felt him first! Remember, I had been working in public service channeling messages about next steps for organizations to thrive now for close to 15 years when I met him and energy is what I was all about.  I turned and we locked eyes, in silence we walked toward each other. It was mystical to say the least. He had a shine to him and his enthusiasm was quiet but a vibrant light shone from his inner soul.  I thanked him for his work and his books, I think he was surprised I knew of his earlier works.  He asked, “what do you want to do with your life?” and I said ” Inspire others to change the world in their own way and create passion in others.”  He smiled and thanked me for attending. What I noticed is that he had a calm vibrancy to his being. I left the room to go and get my peers and when I returned the whole room of 500 chairs was full and I ended up sitting in the back row, today I know why.  When he came out on stage he stood in silence and all the voices came to a hush. He spoke in a soft voice welcoming everyone for coming, and then something incredible happened, each person in unison the way a flock of birds bank left in the sky as if by magic, everyone as the same time leaned in to Covey. Sitting in the back row it was quite a sight to see.  And then the magic started.  As Stephen spoke about the 7 habits and being true to yourself I watched the auras of each person in the room grow. He was raising the vibrational frequency of the room and the golden energy became a synergetic dance of light, people wept with peace in the kind of “ah ha”, I understand energy.  His last words to the group were “You are not a physical being, you are a spiritual being having a physical experience.”
That day will always stay in my heart. But, that was not my last visit with Stephen Covey.  Flash forward to 2001, I found myself working and living in Boston, Massachusetts  and attended a talk at Harvard I learned a small gathering was taking place and I could meet him once again. I told him about the experience of leaning into his energy in Las Vegas years before.  He said, listening is a lost art. I took his words to heart and am grateful for all he brought to our earth.

Inspired by Covey and others I have developed a program I call Luminous 8 Professional Development for Your Soul. For close to 25 years I have developed my own personal toolkit to manifest my dreams and to help others live theirs. This workshop utilizes all I have learned over the years and guides you through 8 practical and magical rhythms to mastery of self.

I am happy to announce that the first training takes place on May 12th from 8:30am to 4:30pm in Portland, Maine!
It is about ongoing, real, deep transformational living.  When you leave the daylong immersion you will begin to see the world as a place of unlimited possibility and magical manifestation. Not only will you get to work with me for the day but you will be immersed with like-minded others who will thrive with you!

What you will receive:

  • 8 Tools to harness both your professional and personal life
  • Resources and soul tools to maximize your full potential
  • A psychic soul assessment which you will receive prior to ​​the workshop
  • Inspiration and motivation to help you grow
  • An opportunity to work with me in my mentoring program
  • Release and renewal activities
  • A safe place to explore your destiny
  • A networking luncheon
  • Certificate of completion

To register today visit me at

The New Creative Economy…

Every day when you purchase products, you are creating energy towards the economy. Each dollar you spend has an effect on the overall market. You may not be aware of it, but the coffee you buy on your way to work, the gasoline in your car, the soap you use in the shower all impacts the growth of decline of a market. You may have noticed that many big corporate companies that do not have a friendly tag line or community outreach are fading.  The reality is that new innovative companies are moving into the forefront and creating a new creative economy.

Twenty years ago it would not seem possible that yoga would be an industry in itself or that creating new creative software for computers that are innovative and intuitive would thrive. Here we are on the edge of infusing community into the economy and people wanting to buy from businesses that are local, have a community mind and somehow improve the world.  You may ask, what does the economy have to do with spiritual development or advancement?  EVERYTHING!  When humanity comes to a place where all people are aware of how they invest and spend their money and priorities shift from war and greed to art, children, self improvement and creativity we are evolving.

The UK is leading the global economy in setting a creative economic agenda.  They are infusing creative ideas and community aspects into both private and public sectors.  This innovation is moving into cities across the world.  In places like Maine and Vermont “buy local” signs shine in the windows of stores.  We are growing a vibrant creative economy which can be seen in the millions of people in the US who participate in Co-Ops, community gardens and community supported agriculture.    Are you are part of the creative economy?  Are you investing in services and products that are creative, local, sustainable and kind to animals?  Do you work for a creative business or own one yourself?

The world economy is shifting. At times it may feel uncertain if you follow the newspapers and listen to what the television tells you without getting more information from other sources.  Many people feel that they do not have enough money without really looking at how they are actually spending their money.  Once you align yourself with living in harmony with money it will grow for you! But that is a blog for another time.

The transition to the new creative economy is underway. Will you be a part of it?

My new workshop Luminous 8 Professional Development for the Soul will help you embrace your divine potential in body, mind and spirit…

Rise Within..Be A WE

Rise Within..Be a WE 

It’s time NOW more than ever to Rise Within and Join the Movement of the WE! Let’s release the old mentality of ME and Ego thinking.  The EARTH is speaking and showing us more than ever that all lives matter, all people matter.  WE ARE ONE.  WE – You and Me and Him and Her all connected create the collective. YOU have the power to choose will you be a ME or a WE. I’m assuming if you are getting this newsletter you are a WE – so thank you !  I know, I know -Its not always easy being a WE. Are you a WE?  Ways to know you are a WE:

-Stay grounded and focused on inner development
-BE the light that you ARE..Shine your WEness
-Yawn- Its contagious  -Yawning helps release stress and old energy
-Smile -Its contagious
-Eat local foods and brighter colors (more veggies..less heavy food)
-Do Yoga

RISE WITHIN..  Tips to keep and Grow you WE:

Our energies help shift weather, politics, policies, financials, health care etc.. Its a big concept to grasp but when you SEE it and FEEL it for You -its understandable that this affects the WE.

-Live in your heart
-Think before you speak
-Commit random acts of kindness
-Feel deeply
– Connected to nature
-Care about the greater good
–  Express empathy

Attend workshops that help you release Ego or Fear and call in Love  and Collaboration. Check out my upcoming classes on Yoga Nidra and Luminous 8 … WE Are Growing !!! Xo

With WE Blessings and Love, Melissa

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