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One with the Moon

We are all one! When you realize that your energy is made up of the same magic as the oceans, the sun and the moon there is a synergistic knowing that evolves your current state of being. As vibrational beings we live on this earth in an electromagnetic field. The energy of the moon that pulls on the earth also speaks to our intuitive cells. A supermoon is when the moon is closest to the earth and we had a supermoon on a July 12th. You may have had the beautiful opportunity to gaze into the eyes of the moon which appeared to be gigantic in the night sky. If you missed this supermoon do not despair, on August 10t​h 2014 we experienced ​​ the closest supermoon​to the earth​ . According to an astronomer named Nolle “…this moon is 90% closer to the Earths orbit.” As the supermoon pulls on the energy of our planet, it offers us the chance to magnify our own abundance, deepen our intuition, release fear and embrace more joy, light and love into our lives.

Here are three things you can do to magnify your own divine potential using the power of this moon:

  1. Honor the earth, sky and moon by grounding your feet to the earth and reaching to the sky to embrace the energy of Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon. As Shamans say ” Be in the world but not of it” float between earth and sky.
  2. One of my favorite activities that I have been doing since I was a child is blowing kisses to the moon shows the moon you appreciate her magnificence, which in turn enhances your own vibrant light.
  3. Surrender your fears, blockages and stuck emotions by doing an energetic bond release. Write down your fears or anything you want to let go of on separate pieces of paper. Then burn them to release them from your aura under the super moon. Or you can write a letter about your intentions and dreams and read it to the moon.

This magical time can assist you in recreating who you are and how you live. Take the time to carve out a ritual and become a magnet for your highest vibrational blueprint.

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