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Becoming Timeless SaTaNaMA

How do you measure time? Time is an illusion and is experienced in many different ways. There are two types of time, Chronos and Karios.We usually get caught up in Chronos or clock time. Our fast paced lives become rigid and inflexible. When we get caught up in clock time we miss out on all the magic.

The two types of time:
1. Chronos or chronological time that flows from past to present to future 
2. Karios time or God time where you can sink into the moment.

Chronos time examples are hurrying to beat the clock, feeling pressured by workload, getting caught up in running out of time, always fixated on how time is running out or how things are rushing forward.

Karios time is when you sip in a sunset, get lost in a daydream, feel timeless when you look up to see a flock of birds bank left in the sky or simply look in the eyes of your spouse, child or puppy and feel lost in the moment. It is easy to forget that time is a resource and we can harness it in new and different ways.

My favorite ways to measure time are
how long it takes to sip a cup of tea, watching an incense burn down to the bottom of the stick, how long it takes the tide to rise on the shore. Start to drop into the magic of time that nature provides us.

A way to rinse your relationship with time can be as easy as a moving Audra Meditation called Sa Ta Na Ma.
~ Sa means infinity, Ta means life or birth, Na means death of form or transformation and Ma means rebirth.

To practice, bring your hands to your lap palms facing up. Touch your thumb and first finger and chant Sa, then second finger to thumb and chant Ta, ring finger and thumb and chant Na and finally little finger to thumb and chant Ma. Repeat this at your own pace for ten minutes or more to feel the rhythm of time and timeless floating through your fingers.

For another way to experience floating in time here is a link to my remote viewing meditation which helps you to see 5 years into your future.

Awake Kid Ones Supporting Intuitive Kids

2021  has been a year of transitional energy, establishing new norms, deepening our connections and honoring our voices. Kids certainly have been thrown into a soup of transition and as an intuitive kid myself, I wanted to share some hands on resources for people who work with or have intuitive kids. Below is a replay of my June talk and a wonderful article from the NY Times about how these kids have come to this earth with deep compassionate action.
I hope you will join me this fall for some of my online classes! 

Sending you vibrant awakenings, 

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Here is the link to the video recording of the talk: Passcode: rKRLy.4G 

Article on Are the New Kids Here to Save the World    

Live your luminosity ..steps to evolve

This past year has certainly been challenging for the world. And with all the challenges there are glimmers of hope, bubbles of illumination. The World Café model,  brings people together to create conversations and to shift organizations. It has been utilized from as high as the UN to local community soup kitchens. What I have always loved about participating in these conversations is the opportunity to listen and contribute in new ways. When embarking upon conversations, the World Cafe invites participants to adopt models of thinking, what they call Café Etiquette. Perhaps in this time of transformation and creative collectives we could all learn from some of their ideas. 
On their website The World Café outlines their conversation etiquette which include the following. Maybe you could adopt some of their strategies in your everyday conversation. 
1. Focus on what matters
2. Contribute your thinking and experience
3. Speak from the heart
4. Listen to understand
5. Link and connect ideas
6. Listen together for deeper themes, insights and questions
7.  Play, doodle, draw
My life’s work has been about helping people flow into their state of luminosity. The earth is a luminous place, just watch a sunset or a whale leaping out of the ocean to kiss the air above.

I have dreamt about the earth since I was a child, I could feel earthquakes and storms far away and even years into the future. In the mid 1980’s, I won an honorable mention at a science fair with my greenhouse gas model. I remember when I presented, I started explaining things that we had not yet learned about. My young mind articulated systems that even my science teachers were stumped about. When asked where I obtained the information, my 12 year old voice stated “the earth told me”.

The fear in my body of geomagnetic storms and winter tornados filled my dreams. Space weather and The Space Force coming together to help make dynamic shifts in our world filled my mind most days. All along my guides have been very clear that we, as a human race, must embrace Pangea, when the earth was one super continent, and that one day the earth will come back together. I feel that this message, which has never stopped, for me is both literal and energetic. 

I now look at this time in our global transformation as an opportunity for us to rise to the challenge of climate change and grow the human spirit. Our light bodies contain deep wisdom and creative solutions, if only we have the courage to awaken our energetic knowing.

As a species, as an earth and as a global community, we are evolving and understanding the call for action to create an earth of vibrational peace and mutual respect for nature and each other. 

I am offering some deeply transformative classes that will help you awaken your subtle body which has more power than you could ever imagine. I call these classes Soul Evolution and they are based on leaving the linear behind. 

When I say linear action to luminous motion, what does that mean? Think about a child, they hardly ever do anything in a linear way. When they are brushing their teeth, setting a table or taking out the recycling aren’t they humming, skipping, laughing and simply being joyful? What happened to your child like heart? Have you lost your zest? Turning on the lights of your heart when you’re doing linear action can help you live a life that’s luminous.

You don’t know where to start? Here are some examples.

1. When you take a shower chant your chakra system. Starting from the base of your spine to the top of your head
Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, KSham, Om 

2. While in a salt bath at the end of you day or work week, listen to whales on YouTube and imagine you are being held and supported by the oceans 

3.Park your car at the end of the lot. As you walk, with each step send love to the earth and invite the next person who follows in your steps to absorb your joy. 

4. When walking your dog or getting the mail hum “Somewhere over the rainbow” or “You are my sunshine”. 

5. As you are getting ready for a meeting, awaken your crown chakra to co-create outcomes and call on your source energy by using my 5 min crown chakra meditation.

My wish for you is to unlock the luminous that floats all around you – remember you are energy first! 

Be a Delicious Orb of Light!

With butterfly blessings,

Connecting with Spirit Guides and New Moons

Our world is full of transitions and transformations. When I am conducting sessions with people across the globe I feel their patterns, rhythms and cycles. Life is full of changes and transitions and it can be hard to face transitions and even identify what needs to be changed. As a world, we are facing extreme change and it may feel unsafe, scary, isolating and lonely. 

But you are not alone and we are not lost. We have the opportunity to connect on a deeper level to ourselves, to the spirit world and to the mystical energy that holds the fabric of our very earth in gravity.  We all have opportunities to evolve our way of living, being and relating to ourselves and each other. What an exciting time to be alive. 

I want to share with you two concrete ways that you can connect with two powerful tools. Spirit guides and new moons / super moons. 

We live in a dimensional reality. Have you ever had a daydream? A premonition? Dejavu? Have you had dreams of your loved ones who have passed on that feel so real?  Have you lost yourself in a movie, a song, a book or a walk in nature?  All of these actions are about you traveling in time into experience.  For centuries people have used prayer, meditation, ritual and guided meditation to deepen their connection to the source – you may call source the universe, God, Higher Power or perhaps nature. It is where you feel connected, the way you feel that you are part of the one. 

We are not alone. Since a small child I have been visited by angels and spirit guides, but I am not unique. We all have the ability to access their guidance. All you have do is keep an open mind and relax your body, mind and spirit. I have two ways to assist you in accessing your own spirit guides, like a gps I will teach you to awaken your connection to your spirit team. 

One way is guided meditation.  Here is the link to Meet Your Spirit Guides meditation:

The second way is to join me for a class via Zoom on How to Meet Your Spirit Guides. Learn how to invoke your connection with the spirit guides using color, sound and symbols. October 20th at 7pm EST is the next opportunity to take this class. Here is a link to register:

New Moon Manifesting Ritual 

We are  magnetic and can attract and manifest things into our lives. Each month we have a new moon which carry with them the ability to create and manifest.  The astrological signs are connected with these moon cycles and have been used by ancient cultures to make decisions, plant crops, plan weddings and even travel across the seas.  This wisdom is still there and often untapped by humanity today. How does it work? Each month during the new moon you take a piece of paper and write down manifesting statements relating to the areas the new moon rules over. Start each manifesting statement with I AM, see the statement as true and as you write, feel the outcome. (You can write 6-7 I AM creations per New Moon) Always use paper and a pen, not your computer, and put the date on the page.  Fold it up and put it in a jar, box or some sacred vessel and let the universe listen to your desires and truths. I highly suggest writing down the New Moon days in your schedule or on your calendar as not to forget these delicious days.   I love the work of Jan Spiller who has been teaching this process for over 3o years. Jan Spillers book, New Moon Astrology can help you dive deeper into this monthly practice.  

It is extremely rare for new moons to also be super moons.  The super moon occurs when the moon is at its closest orbit to the earth.  Remember, the moon creates the rise and fall of the tides,  your emotions and even the emotions of our world. Take time to be intentional, connect in with the energy of the moon and create a ritual around each new moon.  Remember, we are never really in control of anything except our reactions and our actions. 

October 16th ( Super Moon)  Libra Rules
Partnerships including: Marriage, Agreements, Sharing Interdependence, Fairness including: Balance, Equality, Negotiation, Appreciating opposite views, Harmony including: Peace, Beauty, Art, Décor, Teamwork including: Cooperation, Collaboration, Supportive Relationships, Sociability including: Being companionable, Tact, Affinity, Diplomacy, Refinement including: Elegance, Luxury, Grace, Pampering, Good Taste, Stimulating Well-being including: Adrenal Glands, Buttocks, Diabetes, Kidney

November 15th (Super Moon)  Scorpio Rules 
Empowerment including:  Heightened Awareness, Charisma, Passion, Transcendence including: Transformation, Change, Eternalness, Self-Mastery including:  Attraction, Depth, Strength, Deep Connections including: Sex, Soul-Mates, Bonding, Financial Partnerships including: Contracts, Business, Co-creation, Predicament including: Living on the leading edge, Obsessions, Intense interactions, Stimulating Well-being including: Organs of elimination (rectum, colon, bladder) PMS/Menstruation, Sexuality.

Remember, transitional times offer transformational power.  My heart is sending you opportunities to connect with these powerful tools for self transformation. 

In divine loving service, 

Activism + Spirituality = Conscious Evolution

Dearest Luminous Heart,  I was 13 when my grandfather died. Until this point in my life I hadn’t seen someone lie in an open casket with their lifeless body looking at me. It really affected me. I became depressed and missed him so much but I also knew that my grandfather was in a better place.  Death permeated my community. Where I grew up in Massachusetts, General Electric was the largest employer, and the chemicals used at the plant where my grandfather and most of my extended family worked poisoned the workers and the community at large. PCB’s and other hazardous chemicals leaked into the air, poisoned the soil and barrels of chemicals were illegally dumped into the rivers where my father and I would fish. The barrels continue to sit in the Houstaonic river to this day and there is still an advisory in place for eating fish out of the river. Numerous complaints and concerns were sent to both the CDC and the Environmental Protection Agency and soon an epidemiological study was launched in the area. The rates of bladder cancer and other rare cancers were found to be much higher than average and the death rate soon ballooned. My grandfather was one of many who died of a rare lung disintegration disease in the early 1980’s. This area of Berkshire county continued to receive money to clean up the region.  In fact, another $200 million dollar settlement was reached in 1998 with GE to clean up the pollution. For years I was outraged and wanted action to happen. Then in my 30’s I realized that this toxic polluter actually created change- the awareness created new chemical laws, many chemicals were outlawed and stopped being used, PCB’s were banned as lubricants, new workplace and union standards were put into place.  It was the ongoing action of the few that spread to the many, this created systemic change within  the industry and changed the rate of environmental degradation in our country. This story was my beginning into the world of advocacy.  By the time I was 17, I was working on undoing racism. I saw how my African American friends were treated and I wanted to see change. I can remember the roads and malls being shut down due to gang violence. My first year in community college I was the Social Services Chair of the Student Senate. We wanted to bring someone to speak who had a message and would help instill peace and action and we raised enough money to invite Joe Clark. Have seen the movie “Lean on Me”? It was based on his life running an inner city school and teaching kids the value of mutual respect and creating safety by building community. He was tough and he used a baseball bat to get the attention of faculty and students by saying “Enough fear, enough hate, enough violence”. Joe Clark always carried his bat and even appeared on the front cover of Time magazine holding his bat.  I remember driving to Albany airport in my beat up Pinto to pick him up.  He got off the plane with his baseball bat. He was kind and confident. He asked me why our college wanted him to speak and I replied ” You get things done, you motivate people to care by being tough but kind and by showing people violence is a form of hate that is destroying our community.”  Once we got to the venue and I parked the car he asked me if I wanted to hold his bat! I was in awe, “um, yes please sir”, I responded. And as I closed my eyes and held that bat I literally felt the power of change ooze through my body. His talk that night was to 1,000 people in the gym of my college. It was so powerful! People jumped up out of their seats when he said “Why do we give up on our youth, turn them away, let them stab and shame each other in violence and anger? I believe in the human spirit. A young man who has the focus to shoot a round ball into a hoop has focus and determination and they can also turn their hope into action if we as leaders can love them”.  My heart was full and I was hooked. I went on to attend Undoing Racism workshops, joined a white privilege think tank in Boston and continued to advocate for systemic change and speak up for injustice. My advocacy efforts lead me out of hate and fear, away from the us and them, to us and we. It was because of this that I found my Buddhist practice nearly 30 years ago and began to practice the art of observation and spiritual truth in every area of my life.  I do not look at GE as a monster anymore, I look at GE as a catalyst for systemic change. Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist who lives in divine loving service says “We have to walk in a way where we only print peace and serenity on the Earth. You must walk as if your feet are kissing the Earth.” I know we are all in a new wave of awareness and living and floating in the unknown but we can all move into spiritual awareness for the evolution of our earth.  My wish for you is that you kiss the Earth with your feet.  4 ways to vote to create systemic change. 1. Vote! Let your truth be counted to support leaders whom we can trust and rely upon to evolve our world  2. Vote with your heart! Follow people on social media that light up your heart not darken your soul. A “like” on social media is like a spark from your heart.  3. Vote with your dollars and cents! Support causes and actions that bring love and safety to the world. Find an organization or a charity that matters to you and donate what you can. 4. Vote with your feet! Only spend money, time and resources at stores and restaurants that support your belief system

You Are Abundant!

Dearest Awakened Heart, 

You are abundant! Your being is a spark of divine intelligence in motion.  It is so easy to forget that you are dynamic, flexible, adaptable, and ever-evolving.

There is a trap in the linear world that tells us “you are not enough and you won’t ever be enough, there is not enough money, food, or resources for all of us!” This creates the story of “Us versus Them,” good or bad, rich or poor, and on and on and on. It creates an internal dialogue of fear and anxiety. 

But what if you changed your story and embraced the truth, which is You are Abundant. You can have everything you need and want! But it has to start from within you.

You may be reading this and wondering, how can I thrive in a pandemic? How can I create abundance when the world is falling apart? Consider that this  pandemic is an opportunity to love deeper, clearer, calmer, to learn to live for the moment. The world is shifting and shining the truth on outdated systems and ideas. What a fabulous time to be alive and evolve.  We have a unique opportunity to claim abundance within. 

3 Ways to embrace your own abundance:

1. Thank your bank account each time you pay a bill
2. List three structural things that support your well being (Home, car, bed, running water etc)
3. Do one thing each day or each week to spread abundance: leave a penny, dime or quarter in the little bin at the register, pay for someones coffee, give a compliment to a stranger, say thank you to your teachers, nurses, doctors etc. 

Appreciation is the key to manifesting and living an abundant life. 

Over the next three months I am offering unique programs to assist you in resetting what abundance means to you and to help you empower your life, embrace the power of your breath and your body. To truly shine your divine self!

The Sun Is Amazing!

The Sun is amazing – it provides life to the entire planet. We need its light, its heat, and its magnetic energy for our survival. The Sun is the center of our universe. It is always with us, even on a grey or dreary days, and its power is infinite.

On June 21st, the longest day of the year, the Sun travels the farthest path in the sky to recalibrate its energy. We refer to this day as the Summer Solstice, this is the day the sun resets its magnetic center.

  1. Pop on some headphones and connect with the vibrations of the Sun
  2. For the first time ever the Summer Solstice ceremony at Stonehenge is being streamed live on June 20th and June 21st. Be a part of the powerful energy awakening!
  3. Make a circle. The Sun is a perfect circle and part of honoring the Sun and connecting with source is creating your own circle, which represents wholeness, strength, abundance, and power. The circle can be as simple as taking rocks and flowers and finding a spot in nature to arrange these vibrant beings to honor the Sun. You can also draw a circle, color it in with your favorite colors and write words of empowerment like Faith, Inspire, or Strength.
  4. Meditate with the Sun. Sit and drink in the essence of the solar energy. Allow your eyes, hands and heart to open so you can digest the many blessings from the Sun while connecting to the millions of people on earth celebrating this yearly reawakening.

Remember, we as a species are in a time of deep spiritual change and awakening. We do not change when things are easy, we rise together as a collective oneness which will help us transcend all perceived problems known or unknown.

Have faith, Dear Hearts, that you have chosen to be part of the greatest awakening humanity has ever known.

My high heart bows to the truth of your essence.

Divinity Dives

Have you ever dove head first into your dreams? Have you ever leapt empty handed into the void only to build your wings on the way down? Nine years ago I took the plunge, I call it my Divinity Dive. 
I had been reading people’s energy and loved ones in spirit since I was nine years old.  I had used my intuition in my work in governmental affairs and non-profit management and 10 years ago I spontaneously came out as a Medium on a Maine political television show and soon after people in politics started asking for sessions.  

Then I literally put my future in the hands of my guides and a cardboard sign and it changed my life! I had a very safe and stable position as a lobbyist, I was helping to make deep change in the system representing disability rights, mental health, helping to boost budgets of environmental nonprofit organizations and yet I knew deep inside of me that my soul path was to do my mediumship and soul evolution readings full-time. There is never a  good time to blow up your life, to walk away from a career where you have gained a high caliber reputation and to begin again. When I say to you being a medium was not my choice I mean it! It has always been a part of me but I was always so afraid to take that leap that leap of faith.

I had told three people that the only way I would do this for work was if I met James Van Praagh and he told me to do mediumship full time. Then 10 years ago he came to the Omega Institute in New York. It was at a time when I didn’t have extra money to spend on a workshop but three people, who didn’t know each other, each sent me money that totaled the exact amount I needed for the workshop.  

So off I went to the Omega Institute to meet the man that I had watched on television when I was 15 years old to do the thing that I’ve always been able to do. Within two days of starting the workshop he pulled me up on stage and had me read a person in the audience, after I finished my reading he leaned into me and said, if you can ground down into your divine being you can do this. But you must have no fear and trust absolutely, which means quitting your job and doing this full time. His words felt like warm sunshine on my face and I knew what I had to do.

I returned to Maine and went to my boss Betsy Sweet, who is currently a Democratic Candidate for US Senate, and told her that I needed to leave my position. I loved my work, I loved making a difference but it was time for me to make a difference in a different way.  I left Augusta to drive back home, which is about an hour. As I was driving I was thinking about Omega and the words James had said to me. Thinking, is this real? Is this the right thing to do? And just as I was about to turn around and go back to Augusta and say “wait I made a mistake!” my guides said to me “keep going we have a sign for you just around the next bend”. As I came around the corner I saw an egg truck and on the back it said OMEGA and I knew exactly what I needed to do.

I came home and told my wife I had left my position. She was shocked and little nervous but said “if you can make $5000 by the end of the summer then we can pay our bills.” I had decided to take on a small position to make $800 to do some environmental canvassing. I drove to work one day and at a stoplight I got rear ended. I went to the hospital to get checked out and they said I was fine. I had my car checked out and it was fine also. The next morning I got a call from the insurance company. They said we heard that you got hit in an accident. I said yes, they said are you OK? I said yes. They said, how does $5000 sound for pain and suffering?? And I said yes;) 

The next morning my guides had told me I would have a free office on Main Street in Kennebunk. Free office? How is that even possible? But I’ve learned by now to trust my guides. Later that day I went to an art gallery to meet a friend. When I literally I bumped into a woman in the bathroom and spilled coffee on her she said are you coming to the open house?  I smiled and asked on Main Street in Kennebunk? She said yes, how did you know? I then saw bees in my mind and she said it’s called The Hive and it is a collaborative for local artists. I asked her if she had an Intuitive Medium to do readings.  She said no, do you know someone? Yes, me! She said we cannot pay you. I said no worries I’ll just come for free. I sat in the back on a folding chair at an old card table with a deck of cards and my crystal.  I read for 45 people that night! Back to back 20 minute sessions for what seemed like everyone in town. At the end of the evening she asked, where is your office? I don’t have an office yet but this is what I do. She said we’re trying to create a nonprofit do you know anybody who could help us do that?  My job, previous to being a lobbyist, was creating nonprofits across Maine and Massachusetts and working  with national campaigns.  Yes! She explained we can’t pay you but we could give you a key and you could open the door and help us with this and we would give you the office in the back for free. How does that sound?? I was dancing with the light!

I still had no way of attracting clients so I went into my recycling bin and I took a piece of cardboard and wrote “Readings by Melissa, inquire inside” I had two folding chairs, a card table and a candle. That was nine years ago and within six months I was booking six months out all by word-of-mouth.

I took the leap of faith with my cardboard sign and everything fell into place! I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your support over the past nine years and for Growing your Knowing to awaken within! 

How can YOU do Divinity Diving? 

1. Listen to your heart and ask for help from your higher power and/or guides?
2.  Allow nature to bring you signs from birds, numbers, rainbows and whatever speaks to you.
3. Remember, you are part of the whole of creation and once you quiet your mind and listen synchronicity will appear. 
4. Be open for extraordinary messages through other people
5. Be grateful for where you are and allow the unfolding of your true self to emerge 

I love offering workshops to give you hands on tools and activities to become more centered, energized and intuitive.  Here is a short video on how I teach workshops:

May you be ONE and live in the NOW,


Navigating Geomagnetic Storms & Solar Winds

I’ve always been fascinated by the sun, the beauty of the earth and the possibilities of the stars. When I was 9 my father and I built a mini greenhouse for the science fair on the greenhouse effect. I would ask my science teachers questions about the magnetic field and what’s going to happen when the sun starts creating solar flares and the winds from the sun effect the earth and what will we do about the cracks in the magnetic field?? They said that will never happen! That was almost 40 years ago, and today we are experiencing solar flare activity, solar winds and cracks in the magnetic field. Geomagnetic storms are becoming mainstream and research shows that some people and animals can feel the effects.

The geomagnetic storms, which are caused by the solar flares and solar winds, are causing massive upheavals including electromagnetic activity which disrupts radio communications, causes radar to malfunction and power blackouts, solar winds that disrupt the internet and cable tv. The storms also cause issues in our physical bodies such as  tension, aggression, vertigo, and can also enhance intuition.

I’m telling you this not to scare you but to empower you. As our earth shifts we have the opportunity to connect with both the earth and the magnetics of the earth. And as the earth is changing we have the unique opportunity to shift our perceptions and adapt to new solutions. A great resource for more information is>

So how can you actually help the earth and impact the magnetic field?

1. The Heart Math Institute teaches how our own magnetics can shape the earth and impact our environments.

2. There are innumerable ways to reduce carbon emissions, here are just a few.
a. walk and bike when you can
b. reduce your intake of dairy and beef
c. Carpool whenever possible
d. turn off the lights when your not home 

3.  To reduce the physical effects of the geomagnetic storms carry a piece of Orgonite and/or keep one next to your bed. Orgonite is a substance that is made of quartz and resin developed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who has a town in Maine named after him. Orgonon Maine!
4. Talk to a tree. Connect to the roots of the earth and have gratitude for the earth. 

5. Raise your vibration through eating superfoods and greens, listen to Solfeggio tones, and love with abandon.

6. Read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

We are living in an amazing time when our collective energy can shift the earth!

May you be ONE and live in the NOW,


Healing Power of Mediumship: An Interview with Val Williams

In 2016, I planned a trip to England to study at the Arthur Findlay College of Metaphysical Studies, the world’s foremost school on psychic development. I had been there the year before and it was transformative. It’s a very magical and spiritual place with grounded, fabulous teachers from around the world. Weeks before I was set to leave, I was jolted from a sound sleep at 3:30 one morning by a bubble of blasting yellow light. From it spoke my beloved guides: “Val Williams,” was all my guide said.

So in the dim pre-dawn light I raced to my computer and typed it in; she was teaching a course at the Arthur Findlay College one week before I was scheduled to arrive! I immediately registered, changed my flight, and returned to bed.

That morning at my office I sat with a new client. Before he left he said, “You MUST meet Val Williams.” He went on to tell me how she changed his life with her compassionate soul and the training course he attended.

I reached Arthur Findley in a state of expectation. From the moment Minister Val Williams opened her mouth I knew I was on my divine pathway. At that point, I’d had many spiritual teachers, including the Dalai Lama, but she clearly outlined my current circumstances, described my guides, and warned me about taking on too much. But more importantly, I discovered she was the voice I’d been hearing throughout my childhood. When I told her as much, she explained that for years she would sit in meditation and send out bubbles of light and love to children around the world who were in difficult situations. Although many people have reported meeting her in this spirit form, she has no memory of these encounters.

I believe that there are guideposts in this life that help us to overcome and stay the course. Val Williams was that for me. She came into my life at a time I was healing my relationship with my father as he was dying. This experience to date has been one of the most profound of my lifetime.

I am honored and humbled to interview this beautiful soul who is living a life of being of service and traveling the world to help others heal through her gifts of mediumship.

My Interview with Val Williams can be found on my homepage just below my blog posts!

Val has been serving spirit all her life and has been conducting readings and platform demonstrations for nearly 35 years. She is compassionate, truthful and offers advanced trainings to mediums around the globe. She is the author of “Two World as One” and has meditation CDs. Minister Williams also gives to charities around the globe to help children and hospice, among others. She is a member of the SNU and teaches at the Arthur Findley College of  Metaphysical Studies and other schools around the globe.

In her own words “I was born with gifts of mediumship which, as a child, seemed more of a curse than a gift – voices in my head spoke of events which later happened, and when grown-ups spoke I would know if they were telling the truth or not. Many times my speaking my mind earned me a smack and so I became quite defiant – loyal to my mediumship, but not willing to tell people what I was thinking.”

“The development of mediumship should be a joy, and since the age of 33, when I found my way to a Spiritualist church every day has held its own joys. Working with and for Spirit fills me with a sense of purpose and the need to promote the truths of the Spirit world encourage me to always work in the name of truth. Whether I am working privately, or within workshop situations, or doing public demonstrations of mediumship I have only one goal – to be accurate and true to those who trust me.”  – Minister Val Williams

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