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Detox Tips

Detoxing is a powerful process toward personal power and spiritual transformation. Detoxing can be done in many forms. This spring take time to detox in one of these 3 ways. In my upcoming classes and workshops I share hands on activities and tools to rinse and activate spiritual connections. 

Three Ways to Detox

1. Detox your speech.
Listen more and speak less. 
Take vow of silence for one to three hours per day. 
Let go of gossip or use of judgmental words.

2. Detox your body.
Abstain from coffee or alcohol for a few days or even a week to feel free of mind altering substances. 
Take a day or more to enjoy only vegetarian meals.
Drink more water and perhaps enjoy a detox tea before bed.

3. Detox Your Mind.
Mediate each morning or evening for at least 15 minutes.
Let go of worry and give yourself permission to turn off your mind.
Abstain from all electronics and any types of media for a few hours or better yet a day or more. 

Commit to let go and drop into the moment to restore your energy body.

In this time of many transitions of the earth, taking time to detox will create more space and flow to each unfolding moment. 

Sending Peace to You and our World… 

In divine loving service, 

Live your luminosity ..steps to evolve

This past year has certainly been challenging for the world. And with all the challenges there are glimmers of hope, bubbles of illumination. The World Café model,  brings people together to create conversations and to shift organizations. It has been utilized from as high as the UN to local community soup kitchens. What I have always loved about participating in these conversations is the opportunity to listen and contribute in new ways. When embarking upon conversations, the World Cafe invites participants to adopt models of thinking, what they call Café Etiquette. Perhaps in this time of transformation and creative collectives we could all learn from some of their ideas. 
On their website The World Café outlines their conversation etiquette which include the following. Maybe you could adopt some of their strategies in your everyday conversation. 
1. Focus on what matters
2. Contribute your thinking and experience
3. Speak from the heart
4. Listen to understand
5. Link and connect ideas
6. Listen together for deeper themes, insights and questions
7.  Play, doodle, draw
My life’s work has been about helping people flow into their state of luminosity. The earth is a luminous place, just watch a sunset or a whale leaping out of the ocean to kiss the air above.

I have dreamt about the earth since I was a child, I could feel earthquakes and storms far away and even years into the future. In the mid 1980’s, I won an honorable mention at a science fair with my greenhouse gas model. I remember when I presented, I started explaining things that we had not yet learned about. My young mind articulated systems that even my science teachers were stumped about. When asked where I obtained the information, my 12 year old voice stated “the earth told me”.

The fear in my body of geomagnetic storms and winter tornados filled my dreams. Space weather and The Space Force coming together to help make dynamic shifts in our world filled my mind most days. All along my guides have been very clear that we, as a human race, must embrace Pangea, when the earth was one super continent, and that one day the earth will come back together. I feel that this message, which has never stopped, for me is both literal and energetic. 

I now look at this time in our global transformation as an opportunity for us to rise to the challenge of climate change and grow the human spirit. Our light bodies contain deep wisdom and creative solutions, if only we have the courage to awaken our energetic knowing.

As a species, as an earth and as a global community, we are evolving and understanding the call for action to create an earth of vibrational peace and mutual respect for nature and each other. 

I am offering some deeply transformative classes that will help you awaken your subtle body which has more power than you could ever imagine. I call these classes Soul Evolution and they are based on leaving the linear behind. 

When I say linear action to luminous motion, what does that mean? Think about a child, they hardly ever do anything in a linear way. When they are brushing their teeth, setting a table or taking out the recycling aren’t they humming, skipping, laughing and simply being joyful? What happened to your child like heart? Have you lost your zest? Turning on the lights of your heart when you’re doing linear action can help you live a life that’s luminous.

You don’t know where to start? Here are some examples.

1. When you take a shower chant your chakra system. Starting from the base of your spine to the top of your head
Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, KSham, Om 

2. While in a salt bath at the end of you day or work week, listen to whales on YouTube and imagine you are being held and supported by the oceans 

3.Park your car at the end of the lot. As you walk, with each step send love to the earth and invite the next person who follows in your steps to absorb your joy. 

4. When walking your dog or getting the mail hum “Somewhere over the rainbow” or “You are my sunshine”. 

5. As you are getting ready for a meeting, awaken your crown chakra to co-create outcomes and call on your source energy by using my 5 min crown chakra meditation.

My wish for you is to unlock the luminous that floats all around you – remember you are energy first! 

Be a Delicious Orb of Light!

With butterfly blessings,

AwakeKidOnes 2020

Happy 2020! As we move into a new decade we also move into a new time, the power of evolution is at work. You may have heard the terms crystal, indigo or star children. When I was born and could feel, see and hear spirit in 1972 it was not a safe time to show my gifts.  I KNEW without a doubt that “New Kids”,  I call them the Awake KID Ones, are the children who will show humanity the way forward. That is why I have dedicated over 20 years of my life to advance children’s issues on the statewide and national level. And now I am over the moon that Awake Kid One’s are being recognized!  Now here we are in 2019, TIME’s person of the year Greta Thunberg is clearly an Awake Kid One who is speaking her truth and leading a movement to save our earth.  

What defines an Awake Kid One? 
– bright eyes, bright smile and high heart
-Loving intention and charismatic energy 
-Peaceful intentions
-Works from a place of WE vs ME (egoless)
-Speaks kind words and does kind deeds
-Knows things intuitively 
-Love easily and freely
-Feels ageless, always lives with a childlike heart 
– Can be 3-140 years of age – AwakeKids Ones live in the now 

It is imperative that we individually and as a society honor and support intuitive and sensitive kids.  In my own experience being an extra sensitive and feeling misunderstood I turned to alcohol, food and drugs to numb the pain of knowing and feeling different from those around me. I even struggled with depression and had suicidal thoughts and attempts.  Thankfully, today I am clean and sober and released over 150 lbs  and help others to do the same. 

Trauma, according to the American Psychological Association is “ an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape or natural disaster. Immediately after the event, shock and denial are typical. Longer term reactions include unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships and even physical symptoms like headaches or nausea. While these feelings are normal, some people have difficulty moving on with their lives.” 

In today’s world children need to prepare for the possibility of a school shooting, a tornado or hurricane or feeling threatened or bullied by others.  The stress and tension has caused children to turn to alcohol and drugs at a young age.  The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study looked at childhood trauma and adult health, the findings were that these traumatic experiences could affect the person even 50 years later. 

International surveys show that traumatic experiences are very common across the world. One study showed that nearly half of all children in the United States are exposed to at least one traumatic social or family experience (Bethell et al, 2014). According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide is considered the second leading cause of death among college students, the second leading cause of death for people ages 25–34, and the fourth leading cause of death for adults between the ages of 18 and 65. We all need to support one another as we move into a  new decade. I invite you to share on my facebook page your story about being Awake, send me an email or share a story on my social media  #Awakekidones with your story about how you live in a higher frequency, how your children “know things” and spread empathy and compassion for all.   

We as a species are in a big shift, we are moving from homosapien to homoluminous, science and medicine are seeing huge changes in the babies being born using more of their brain capacities than ever before. Children are being born with higher levels of empathy and love, humanitarian visions and sensitive bodies.
Psychological sciences at the University of Missouri released a 20-year study that gained worldwide attention in 2014 that shows infants as young as 2 months old already have basic knowledge of “intuitive physics”.  Most studies into infant cognition use eye-tracking technology — psychologists can tease out what an infant is thinking and what she/he considers to be unexpected by following her/his gaze in different scenarios. This method, called violation of expectation, involves showing babies photos, videos or events that proceed as expected, followed by others that break everyday rules. If the infant understands the implicit rules, he or she will show little interest in an expected situation, but will stare at images of a surprising event.

“We believe that infants are born with expectations about the objects around them, even though that knowledge is a skill that’s never been taught,” Kristy vanMarle, an assistant professor of psychological sciences at the University of Missouri, said in a statement. “As the child develops, this knowledge is refined and eventually leads to the abilities we use as adults.”

Hespos and VanMarle also learned that  infants can do math, Six-month-old infants can discriminate between numbers of dots (if one set held twice as many dots as the other), and 10-month-old infants can pick out which of two cups holds more liquid (if one cup held four times as much liquid as the other). Also at 10 months of age, babies will consistently choose larger amounts of food — such as crackers — in cups, though only if there are no more than three items in any cup.
Link to the full study

This is showing the world that we are advancing as a species. 
Researcher PMH Atwater LHD from her best selling book “Children of the Fifth World” reports “The greatest talent of the new children is the ability to  abstract and function from the conceptual level. These children are not concrete thinkers. They are adept at the art of conceptualizing, dealing with broad ideas and notions. Forget thinking “outside the box.” For them, the box was never there to begin with. They can tie facts and figures and ideas together and rapidly produce solutions that fit, without having to go through conventional routines. Their minds leap instead of think. That’s why they buckle under “tried and true” methods that demand rote discipline. Kids who abstract get from here to there as if by magic; not because they are wise but because they do not recognize limits. 
A two-year-old child was in a conversation with her mother. She stopped midway, impatiently stomped her feet, and yelled: “I don’t know the word for that yet!” Stop for a moment. How does a child of two know she doesn’t know the word she wants to use at the precise moment she wants to use it? We mistakenly think the new children are wise old souls. This isn’t wisdom at work here–it is the amazing, almost unbelievable ability to abstract knowledge, to know things without knowing. These children are conceptualizers, made to order for the Conceptual Age. The greatest advancement of all advancements in our brain is the prefrontal lobes (both left and right). The prefrontals operate as the seat of judgment, morals, empathy, compassion, and well-being; they moderate social behaviors, decision-making, and personality expression. The prefrontals developed late in the evolution of humankind, becoming a signature feature for distinguishing higher brain development.” 

As we move into a new way of living and leading, be hopeful, be bright and most importantly Be Awake, that is what will shape our earth luminously ..

In 2020 live in your high heart! 

In divine loving service,


Compassion in Chaos

I’ve spent the past month being compassionate with myself through chaos. Bad things happen but we do not have to allow difficulty to define us, we can rise above challenges and grow.  Let me preface, I am a grateful and appreciative person by nature but when my French press coffee maker exploded, burning my upper thigh from my hip to my knee and as I watched my skin pull back the first thing I thought was “thank goodness it wasn’t my face or my hands!”  The burn measured 20 inches long by 10 inches wide and was absolutely the worst pain I have ever physically experienced! In shock, I drove myself to York Hospital Kennebunk Urgent Care only to find out I could not be treated there and needed to go to Wells, where they treat burns. Because I was in such terrible pain and could not drive, a nurse volunteered to drive me to Wells.  With painful tears I accepted and when I sat in her car, I felt her sister in the car with us (she had passed some time before) and I began to channel for her – Her sister thanked her for taking care of her before she passed and thanked all the members of her family by name.  Spirit was helping me to get away from the physical pain by having me channel her loved ones and now we both were crying! When I arrived the staff, doctors and nurses took me in right away and helped me. I was safe and cared for, I had to surrender. 

It’s never convenient to to be injured, especially when you love what you do and have to reschedule clients who have waited 6 months for an appointment. But with kindness and grace everyone understood.
 I love channeling, I work hard, I take great care of my spiritual, physical, mental and emotional body but sometimes we all have difficult things happen. I want to thank everyone who has reached out and for being so understanding and kind.     

Now I am focused on continuing to heal my burn. I thank my skin each day for being my most beautiful organ and by feeding my vibration with gratitude. I listen to 285 hertz frequencies to regrow my skin, take zinc and vitamin c.  Within the last 3 weeks my skin regrew and my nerve endings are healing. It was a miraculous recovery and I am so very grateful for everyone who reached out and to my guides which helped me tremendously. 

Things may not always go your way.  You will have pain, deaths, unexpected injury or illness but you can find appreciation and gain compassion in chaos. 

Here is my go to list when things are in chaos around me. 

  1. Give yourself permission to breathe deeply and make space
  2. Buy flowers that are bright in color and smell like sunshine
  3. Listen to Solfeggio frequencies
  4. Journal to release any fear, frustration or limitation 
  5. Spend time in nature – drink in the sky 
  6. Read inspirational work or a book that celebrates joy 
  7. Focus on inner light 
  8. Use essential oils, organic body cream with coconut oil and lavender 

May you be ONE and live in the NOW,


Healing Power of Mediumship: An Interview with Val Williams

In 2016, I planned a trip to England to study at the Arthur Findlay College of Metaphysical Studies, the world’s foremost school on psychic development. I had been there the year before and it was transformative. It’s a very magical and spiritual place with grounded, fabulous teachers from around the world. Weeks before I was set to leave, I was jolted from a sound sleep at 3:30 one morning by a bubble of blasting yellow light. From it spoke my beloved guides: “Val Williams,” was all my guide said.

So in the dim pre-dawn light I raced to my computer and typed it in; she was teaching a course at the Arthur Findlay College one week before I was scheduled to arrive! I immediately registered, changed my flight, and returned to bed.

That morning at my office I sat with a new client. Before he left he said, “You MUST meet Val Williams.” He went on to tell me how she changed his life with her compassionate soul and the training course he attended.

I reached Arthur Findley in a state of expectation. From the moment Minister Val Williams opened her mouth I knew I was on my divine pathway. At that point, I’d had many spiritual teachers, including the Dalai Lama, but she clearly outlined my current circumstances, described my guides, and warned me about taking on too much. But more importantly, I discovered she was the voice I’d been hearing throughout my childhood. When I told her as much, she explained that for years she would sit in meditation and send out bubbles of light and love to children around the world who were in difficult situations. Although many people have reported meeting her in this spirit form, she has no memory of these encounters.

I believe that there are guideposts in this life that help us to overcome and stay the course. Val Williams was that for me. She came into my life at a time I was healing my relationship with my father as he was dying. This experience to date has been one of the most profound of my lifetime.

I am honored and humbled to interview this beautiful soul who is living a life of being of service and traveling the world to help others heal through her gifts of mediumship.

My Interview with Val Williams can be found on my homepage just below my blog posts!

Val has been serving spirit all her life and has been conducting readings and platform demonstrations for nearly 35 years. She is compassionate, truthful and offers advanced trainings to mediums around the globe. She is the author of “Two World as One” and has meditation CDs. Minister Williams also gives to charities around the globe to help children and hospice, among others. She is a member of the SNU and teaches at the Arthur Findley College of  Metaphysical Studies and other schools around the globe.

In her own words “I was born with gifts of mediumship which, as a child, seemed more of a curse than a gift – voices in my head spoke of events which later happened, and when grown-ups spoke I would know if they were telling the truth or not. Many times my speaking my mind earned me a smack and so I became quite defiant – loyal to my mediumship, but not willing to tell people what I was thinking.”

“The development of mediumship should be a joy, and since the age of 33, when I found my way to a Spiritualist church every day has held its own joys. Working with and for Spirit fills me with a sense of purpose and the need to promote the truths of the Spirit world encourage me to always work in the name of truth. Whether I am working privately, or within workshop situations, or doing public demonstrations of mediumship I have only one goal – to be accurate and true to those who trust me.”  – Minister Val Williams

Embrace Unconditional Love

How may times do you read a contract, sign up for a service, and have to read the fine print “Terms and Conditions.” We live with conditions everywhere, we get trapped in our conditions. We hear the weather conditions, and complain when it’s raining. But ask the flowers and the rivers what they think, they will be tickled that the rain is coming! Nature is love, it offers us the opportunity to drink in each moment. Love is unconditional if we would only allow our hearts to be like the river instead of a brick wall.

Buddhism reminds us that lasting is the goal, lasting values are a deep awareness that lead to unconditional joy, unconditional love, and a state of pure enlightenment. We need to use unconditional as an action word. Once we let go of falsehoods and conditions, we rise in unconditional bliss.

Unconditional means no strings attached. Think about what it would feel like to experience deep joy, health, happiness, and zest  for life with no conditions!?  Your love, your joy, your giving, your energy, your light does not have to be conditional! Unconditional is timeless, like stardust it never gets old. It renews and awakens your pure spirit.  We are unconditional spirit beings visiting this planet for a short time. Let go of conditions and sink into unconditional bliss.

In the linear world, we are taught to react and respond. Many times, our reactions and responses are outside of ourselves and are actions based on linear steps. For example: Your alarm goes off in the morning… you turn it off…you get up…you brush your teeth…you make your coffee…you turn on the news…you find out what’s happening in the world…etc. etc. etc. In this example, you are basically going through motions and responding/reacting on auto-pilot. In auto-pilot, our brains can wander to worst-case scenarios, what-ifs, and frustrations.

Now imagine this instead: You wake up in the morning to the sound of the birds chirping…you easily roll out of bed…you intentionally place your feet on the floor…you go into your meditation room…you drink a glass of water…you read something inspirational and get ready for your day. In this example, you are taking intentional action to set the tone for your day.
It really is a choice. The power of intentional action comes from the heart, from opening up your power and being present. Intentional action comes from love and it requires concentration and awakening.

Take time each day to awaken your heart space. Here are three ways to do this:

1.Touch a part of nature each day. Breathe in the sun, touch a tree, smile at the ocean, pick up a rock, follow a bird or a butterfly with your eyes. Remember, you are part of the divine plan.

2. Smile at 5 people and as you do send light telepathically from your into their heart.

3. Write a letter or a card to a family member, friend or send a thank you card to an organization that helps the planet (a conservation trust, a river coalition or an animal shelter.)

Unconditional love is who you are – it’s who you will be when you return to the light after you complete your life this time.  Why wait until you cross over to the other side? Release conditions now and know that love is who we are.

I find this 15 minute meditation from Adyashanti on unconditional love very powerful.  I hope you enjoy this

With unconditional love,


Three Stress Busters

I am so excited to share Three Stress Busters with you!  Stress can cause us to loose enthusiasm for living, can bog down our creativity and cause us to sink into stuck patterns. Let’s beat stress by following these 3 Simple techniques:

1. Golden Light. When you wake up slowly open your eyes and imagine that you are breathing in a new energy by envisioning the air as golden flecks of source energy.  As you inhale image you are covered in a beautiful, golden light.  Then as you shower, imagine the water as a dazzling, white energy buzzing around your being and clearing out old negative self defeating thoughts and feelings.  This process helps you clear and beat stress by filling your being with healing positive light.

2. Your feet are the key. Your feet hold the energy of your whole body.  In reflexology every point on the foot mirrors a part of your body.  Some core points are the toes, which impact the brain, eyes and ears.  The middle of the food holds the kidneys, liver and adrenal glands. The arch of the foot impacts the spine.  You can use a tennis ball to massage the bottom of your foot by putting the ball on the floor and rolling it back and forth.  This will help remove the stuck energy in your feet and energize your body.  Walk barefoot on the earth, allow your big toes to kiss each other to awaken and stimulate the brain and bring both sides of your body into alignment.

3. Hum.  Humming is a quick and easy way to shift your energy.  It helps by encouraging more breath  to come into your body, it clears out stuck energy in your eyes, brain and mouth.  All that you say, hear, see and think can get trapped in your upper chakras and create a pattern.  Humming breaks up that stale energy and stress by lifting you into a new vibration.  Numerous studies show it actually increases happiness and slows down racing thoughts.  Hum for 20 minutes a day- you can break it up into 5 or 10 minute segments.

All of these small stress relievers can shift your energy so you shift your life!


Awaken Your Inner Focus

When you think of focus it may bring up ideas of studying and working hard using your conscious brain.  What if we have gotten this all wrong?  What if focus could be accessed by simply bringing attention to your third eye and holding it there, allowing the mindful act to create an inner technology.  Your third eye is located between your eyebrows and behind this point is your pineal gland. It is very small gland that is the size of an almond but when focused upon it awakens and opens the doorway to your deepest knowing.

Doctors explain, “With access to both the nervous and endocrine systems, the hypothalamus plays a central role in linking the two and in activating the pineal gland. It is also connected with the limbic system, a center for our feelings and emotions. When entrained with the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus therefore has the ability to affect most of the major systems and organ functions in the body as well as our emotions. Together, the hypothalamus and pituitary regulate all of our basic survival processes including body temperature, hunger, thirst, fatigue, growth, sleep, weight, pain relief, blood pressure, circadian rhythms, and stress responses such as fight or flight.”

One of the best ways to access this type of focus is meditation. if you choose to lay down,  place a stone on this point on your forehead to awaken your inner vision.  My suggestion is to use the stone Kyanite. Kyanite is an excellent stone for meditation and attunement. It will not retain negative vibrations or energy, therefore never requires clearing. Kyanite aligns all chakras and subtle bodies instantly. It provides balance of yin-yang energy and dispels blockages, moving energy gently through the physical body.

If you want to do a seated meditation consider wearing a blindfold to deepen the sensory mind, “Darkness triggers increased production and release of melatonin, and activates the pineal gland and helping to stimulate function of and open the third eye.” Awakening the third eye through meditation will trigger inner focus.

Speaking of focus, I am pulling back from developing memberships and focusing on developing more workshops and my writing to help more people Grow Their Knowing.  It is my deepest hope that these tips will help you to love the extraordinary life you were meant to live! Thank you for growing with me and below I have some exciting events this fall!  I do hope you will join me.

In focus, love, and undiluted potential,


Seed the sound of JOY

The power of sound.

Sound is creation and energy. One of the most powerful sounds to create an impact on your energy field is your voice. Remember that you voice carries your vibrational frquency and not just the YOU -that you are now, but the You -that you have been and will be. You are many bodies and one soul. Your soul is infinite and blissful.

In sanskrit which is an ancient language ,seed mantas help to create manifestation. Think about the seed of a tree. The seed of a tree holds the divine nature and potential of what can be -from seed to creation.

As a member of the Daisy Membership I want to share with you ways that you can grow your vibration.

When you chant or say the seed manta you are connecting with bija which means divine energy. If you have ever been to a church or a yoga class you may have chanted or sang Amen or Om. If you have ever sang or said these words in a melodic way your body may have responded with openness and joy.

I invite you to maximize your full seed potential and root your divinity.

LAM ( pronounced Alum) seed sound for your root chakra
VAM ( pronounced FVAM) seed sound for the sacral chakra
RAM ( pronounced RAM with a rolling of the R) seed sound for the solar plexus
YAM (pronounced YUM Like a hum) seed sound for the heart chakra
HAM (pronounced HAM like breathing on a mirror) seed sound for throat
KSHAM (prounounced KASHUM) seed sound for the third eye
OM (pronounced AHOM) seed sound for the crown chakra

Your Heart’s Magnetics

YOUR heart knows the truth and your heart has a magnetic frequency that actually creates change externally. This may sound like science fiction but it is  actual science and can be measured and proven by researchers. Ask yourself the following questions:

Have I felt love in my heart?
Have I felt anger in my heart?
Have I felt fear in my heart?
Have I felt forgiveness in my heart?
Have I felt hope in my heart?

There is no doubt that you answered yes to at least one of the questions and you know the power that that feeling creates in your body.  However, did you know that power actually has a real impact on the world outside of you? I know it seems almost impossible to believe that YOU and your Heart can impact the outside world.

The Heart Math Institute has done extensive research on this and have found that the power of your heart can heal your body and have an impact globally.  Here is a video that explains this.

Heart Magnetics

If you wish to further explore the science behind this I highly recommend this free ebook

How will you use your heart’s power?!  The opportunities are endless!

Sending light and love from my heart to yours,

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