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Tapping Into The Unknown

We are usually afraid of the unknown.  The unknown represents a fear, an uncertainty.  Many people say I’m ready for anything but are they really?  Getting in touch with silence and not knowing what is next can be terrifying and exciting all at the same time.  This is how I feel each time I conduct a session. A session is a sacred dance with your spirit guides and loved ones and I feel like I’m in between the two worlds whispering their words ” I love you, I miss you, the kids will be ok.. etc..” and with each connection I always ask them to give us details that only you and they know, like their favorite food, how many children they have, the name of the city, state, country they are from.  A memory that flashes in the air that I then I try and paint with my words.  Each beating heart I sit with is a beautiful gift – getting a session is a brave thing to do, you are opening your energy to receive divine light and allow insights to flow.  I ask my guides and your guides to leave you with grace, feeling a bit lighter and with more love in your heart than you came in with.

It is a true honor to do this work.  Mark Nepo wrote, “Through cancer and grief and disappointment and unexpected turns in career- through the very breakdown and rearrangement of the things I have loved- I have come to realize that, as water smoothes stones and enters sand, we become each other.”

We are all one energy and the more that you sink into your knowing, into this truth, the more you too will have spirit communications.  I love to teach people that they do not need to come to a Medium to connect with their loved ones. That anyone can connect.  Be open to their signs, it could be a butterfly, a flicker of a light, their favorite song on the radio. When you are open to receive the unknown can tap into you as well.  You are more than you think you are: embrace your unknown within.

I’m excited to journey with you as you learn to discover and uncover your true souls potential.?

How to Spot LOVE from the Other Side

It’s true we are energy and when we all eventually shed our human form we move back into that light airy invisible ball of light that we came from.  Always remember that you are light and at the heart of your being you are  LOVE.

When babies are born we teach them to laugh, smile, trust, give, play and expand.  If we are lucky they stay that way, unless they become conditioned to stop trusting, give in to fear and close their heart.  I have never understood why we forget to live like children.

Why did we stop skipping down the street, blowing bubbles, smiling at everyone we meet.  Its starts with you and I relearning to live and love as if this life is the miracle it is.

In my experience as a Medium, when we cross over we lose our cynical ways and we let go of our fear and regret.  Many spirits wish that they lived more with an open heart and savored every moment.

Here is the secret:  I believe that when we cross over we have the opportunity to help our loved ones heal by showing them we are still present in their lives.  I believe that when we die we come back as spirit beings to reach out to our loved ones.  How can you know they are communicating with you?  The first step is to be open to the magic of the other side and start to be open to their signs by being more aware.

Here are 4 ways to spot their love.

  1. Electronics: Every Medium knows that the frequency is key in connecting with the love of the other side. When we leave the physical body we turn into a pure spirit energy which vibrates at a higher level. Electrical charges travel quickly and swiftly.
    • When you hear a song that your loved one in sprit loved. You may hear it on the radio in the car or when you walk into a store or a restaurant.
    • Does your TV turn on and off by itself or does the volume increase or decrease?
    • Do lights flicker in your house for no apparent reason?
  2. Animals: Animals live in a high vibration and show up in our lives in precious ways. These beautiful beings live in the now and are easily contacted by spirit.
    • Do you see butterflies, dragonflies or ladybugs? Many times these beings are being manipulated to connect with you from your loved ones.
    • Birds. If there was ever a symbol from spirit it would be birds. They are as light as a feather and connect with us by stopping by to visit.  Hummingbirds, cardinals, owls, hawks and eagles often make themselves known to you when spirit is near.
  3. Numbers. Numbers were born out of nature.  All flowers, trees, fruit, animals have a divine energy and patterns. Patterns and numbers are deeply spiritual. Life Science explains the power of numbers “Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers where a number is found by adding up the two numbers before it. Starting with 0 and 1, the sequence goes 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 and so on.”  This code can be found is seashells, seeds and even in us.Numbers play a deep part in who we are, from our birth date to birth time and even how we express ourselves in the world.  Your loved ones have infinite light and knowing and can manipulate numbers and put you in places where you will see numbers. Numbers are spiritual codes.Pay attention to numbers- do you often see the same time on the clock?  Does a certain set of numbers fall into your life without your conscious awareness. Examples, telephone numbers, flight numbers, birthdates, license plates etc.
  4. Symbols have been used since ancient times and represent an energy that holds a truth and a power.  Think about symbols that move you. Egyptian symbols and the O is a deep representation of oneness.  Messages can be sent to you from your guides or from your loved ones in spirit. Pay attention to symbols around your life.  My grandmother in spirit loved lilacs and I often see and even smell lilacs in the air.  I feel her deeply with me whenever I see this flower and often around the time of her birthday my clients randomly bring me lilacs and tell me they were told to bring me a flower and it had to be a purple lilac.  Pay attention to symbols and how they speak to you.
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