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50 Tips for Self Love

Unconditional love means no strings attached. Love is the thing that we all are reaching for and trying to feel in our lives? Love can be hard and heavy but it can be beautiful and magical. The ultimate way to cultivate the feeling of unconditional love is to first have self love. I’m turning 50 this month and what I have learned, mostly the hard way, is that LOVE starts with self.

My birthday gift to you is 50 Tips For Self Love. I hope you find at least one or two ways you can love yourself more.  

1. Repeat after me, “I am enough!” You are your best resource and trying to spread yourself too thin will deplete your shine~ Honor your amazing spirit
2. Massage your hands
3. Massage your feet 
4. Drink more water and say happy words to yourself as you do – I love using adjectives! Amazing, terrific, caring, deep listener ect.
5. Take a bubble break – always take a break to blow bubbles, it creates a playful heart 
6. Drink detox and caffeine-free teas that promote rest and digestion 
7. Soak in a tub for at least 20 minutes twice a week 
8. Create a Joy Jar- Write on little pieces of paper things that spark joy in your life – it can be anything at all like hummingbirds, a light spring rain, your wife 
9. Mirror mantras – repeat positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror and smile while doing it. This creates a connection between the you, the I and the Ego Me. A great way for reflective discovery 
10. Do seated twists daily to rinse out the issues in your tissues 
11. “Do not push the river” this is one of my favorite sayings from Ralph Blum’s Viking Runes. Allow the river to flow as it is -you don’t need to go into hyper speed- if something is not ready, be patient 
12. Read poetry aloud, it is soothing to heart and mind 
13. Be your own DJ – pick the songs that lift you up and commit to listening to them at least once a week. When I was a DJ in Boston, I loved to watch music lift people up out of their chairs like dancing balloons!
14. High-five yourself in the mirror 
15. Buy yourself flowers 
16. Do two random acts of kindness weekly and try to not get caught- this is a way to add your zest into the world and grow your philanthropic wings
17. Forgive yourself more often
18. Listen to that voice inside your heart space and follow it
19. Get a massage once a month, once every quarter or at least twice a year 
20. Open up the space between your toes, it often holds doubt and worry
21. Lean your whole back body into a wall or surrender to the floor and feel the power of your spine
22. Receive a compliment with a “thank you”, no arguing
23. Own your Yes’s and No’s, do what you feel you can when you want to – do not allow yourself to be bullied or guilted into a task that hurts your soul 24. Follow your curiosity, pledge to be a lifelong learner
25. Do Butterfly Taps – take your right hand to your left shoulder and left hand to right shoulder and start to tap back and forth to thank your body for being alive
26. Honor your voice – use your words wisely
27. Let go of  saying “I’m sorry” when it comes from a place of lack 
28. Say three things you are grateful for each night before you sleep and let those happy thoughts dance in your dreams
29. Give yourself permission to pause – life is a process not a destination
30. Listen to a guided meditation to open your heart
31. Practice loving kindness 
32. Sleep in..when you can.. rest and renewal make a better you
33. Invite the wind to take a walk with you and be surprised at the magic you feel in the moment
34. Write yourself a letter every year on your birthday to celebrate how terrific you are
35. Forgive a friend or a family member who has hurt you – even if its in a letter you never send – allow space to open in your heart
36. Walk outside at least twice a week if you can for heart health
37. Take vitamins or supplements like D, C, B-complex for immune boosting support for your health and longevity
38. Take a social media break to let your brain rest – this helps with anxiety and mental angst
39. Do not explain yourself to others – be unapologetically you 
40. Let go of comparing yourself to others- honor your greatness
41. Clean out that clutter – let go of clothes from your closet, papers, emails and even stale relationships hanging out in your life – spring clean so you can shine inside and out
42. Be kind to yourself and others
43. One day a week take a vow of silence even if it is for 2-4 hours – allow your whole body to rest and not be going
44. Take a vacation  – one of the biggest wishes from the other side, they wish they took time to take time
45. Volunteer – it helps you connect with causes and people who matter
46. Count your blessings often and deeply 
47. Cry More – crying helps to release old stuck energies and allows flow to your nervous system  
48. Be open- never say never and allow miracles to manifest
49. Dance with a butterfly – move with these beautiful beings when they grace your path
50. Celebrate the unique being that you are 


Awake Kid Ones Supporting Intuitive Kids

2021  has been a year of transitional energy, establishing new norms, deepening our connections and honoring our voices. Kids certainly have been thrown into a soup of transition and as an intuitive kid myself, I wanted to share some hands on resources for people who work with or have intuitive kids. Below is a replay of my June talk and a wonderful article from the NY Times about how these kids have come to this earth with deep compassionate action.
I hope you will join me this fall for some of my online classes! 

Sending you vibrant awakenings, 

P.S. I am over the moon to have Grow Your Knowing merchandise – including sips of inspiration and Delicious Orbs of Light hats and T-shirts! Please check it out! https://growyourknowing.merchmake.comUnderstanding and Supporting Intuitive Kids. 
Here is the link to the video recording of the talk: Passcode: rKRLy.4G 

Article on Are the New Kids Here to Save the World    

Spirits Intuitive Intelligence

As long as I’ve been speaking to the spirit world one thing is true, there is an intuitive intelligence and this intuitive intelligence is beyond our comprehension. In the linear world we have rules around what is possible and what we believe can or cannot happen. We are limited by our beliefs about time and space. The spirit world is full of miracles, unconditional blessings and bliss.

That is why when you have had a spiritual awakening or have had contact with your loved one in spirit either through a medium or through your own experience it is a profound transformation.

People ask who inspires me and my answer is always, the spirit world. The spirit world is more alive and vibrant than we are because we are limited by our belief systems and the structures that we have created within our minds that we put in place in our society.

But these structures are slowly letting go. On the earth plane we are slowly learning to dissolve our egos, and learning more and more to trust the magnetics of our heart. Many people say to me I wish I could do what you do or know what you know. Well, I believe you can, with practice, it’s about reawakening your ability to remember.

Remember that you are a spirit being first having a physical experience! 

Here are three ways for you to connect with the intuitive intelligence of the spirit world. 

1. Ask for guidance from your loved ones and spirit before you go to sleep. Touch a picture of someone who’s passed as you sit and breathe in a positive memory and ask them to visit you while you sleep. When we sleep we move into the layer of our auric field called the Astral Body and this is when we can travel between dimensions.

Many people forget the power of our dream state and how much we can manifest in it. Intention is everything and having an open heart and mind and setting an intention can help. You may need to practice a few times but this is a amazing way for you to feel connected.

2. Upon waking or going to sleep, thank the sun, sip the energy of the sun and imagine the luminous rays of the sun are radiating down through your body. At night look up at the moon and the stars and know that you are drenched in the energy of the cosmos. You are made up of the vibrations of the stars! Think about how children put stars on their ceilings and gaze at the night sky dreaming away. What happened to your childlike heart? Dive into it with the magic of the sun and the moon. 

3. Awaken your Crown Chakra with this 6 minute meditation to connect to the vibration of co-creation

Sending you vibrant awakenings, 


P.S. I am over the moon to have Grow Your Knowing merchandise – including sips of inspiration and delicious orbs of light hats and T-shirts! please check it out!

Live your luminosity ..steps to evolve

This past year has certainly been challenging for the world. And with all the challenges there are glimmers of hope, bubbles of illumination. The World Café model,  brings people together to create conversations and to shift organizations. It has been utilized from as high as the UN to local community soup kitchens. What I have always loved about participating in these conversations is the opportunity to listen and contribute in new ways. When embarking upon conversations, the World Cafe invites participants to adopt models of thinking, what they call Café Etiquette. Perhaps in this time of transformation and creative collectives we could all learn from some of their ideas. 
On their website The World Café outlines their conversation etiquette which include the following. Maybe you could adopt some of their strategies in your everyday conversation. 
1. Focus on what matters
2. Contribute your thinking and experience
3. Speak from the heart
4. Listen to understand
5. Link and connect ideas
6. Listen together for deeper themes, insights and questions
7.  Play, doodle, draw
My life’s work has been about helping people flow into their state of luminosity. The earth is a luminous place, just watch a sunset or a whale leaping out of the ocean to kiss the air above.

I have dreamt about the earth since I was a child, I could feel earthquakes and storms far away and even years into the future. In the mid 1980’s, I won an honorable mention at a science fair with my greenhouse gas model. I remember when I presented, I started explaining things that we had not yet learned about. My young mind articulated systems that even my science teachers were stumped about. When asked where I obtained the information, my 12 year old voice stated “the earth told me”.

The fear in my body of geomagnetic storms and winter tornados filled my dreams. Space weather and The Space Force coming together to help make dynamic shifts in our world filled my mind most days. All along my guides have been very clear that we, as a human race, must embrace Pangea, when the earth was one super continent, and that one day the earth will come back together. I feel that this message, which has never stopped, for me is both literal and energetic. 

I now look at this time in our global transformation as an opportunity for us to rise to the challenge of climate change and grow the human spirit. Our light bodies contain deep wisdom and creative solutions, if only we have the courage to awaken our energetic knowing.

As a species, as an earth and as a global community, we are evolving and understanding the call for action to create an earth of vibrational peace and mutual respect for nature and each other. 

I am offering some deeply transformative classes that will help you awaken your subtle body which has more power than you could ever imagine. I call these classes Soul Evolution and they are based on leaving the linear behind. 

When I say linear action to luminous motion, what does that mean? Think about a child, they hardly ever do anything in a linear way. When they are brushing their teeth, setting a table or taking out the recycling aren’t they humming, skipping, laughing and simply being joyful? What happened to your child like heart? Have you lost your zest? Turning on the lights of your heart when you’re doing linear action can help you live a life that’s luminous.

You don’t know where to start? Here are some examples.

1. When you take a shower chant your chakra system. Starting from the base of your spine to the top of your head
Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, KSham, Om 

2. While in a salt bath at the end of you day or work week, listen to whales on YouTube and imagine you are being held and supported by the oceans 

3.Park your car at the end of the lot. As you walk, with each step send love to the earth and invite the next person who follows in your steps to absorb your joy. 

4. When walking your dog or getting the mail hum “Somewhere over the rainbow” or “You are my sunshine”. 

5. As you are getting ready for a meeting, awaken your crown chakra to co-create outcomes and call on your source energy by using my 5 min crown chakra meditation.

My wish for you is to unlock the luminous that floats all around you – remember you are energy first! 

Be a Delicious Orb of Light!

With butterfly blessings,

Gift, Grief and Milestone Giving

2020 has surely been a year of change! We have watched our world face a pandemic, seen the human spirit be tested and watched acts of kindness big and small capture our hearts. I am hopeful that this year, although tragic in the numbers of lives lost and the increase in homeless and unemployed, that there has been some increase in self awareness. It is the holiday season and although we may not feel like it, this time of year it is important to check in with our hearts. What does your heart need at this time? That’s why I am sharing these three simple treasures with you.

Free Gift

As my free gift to you, I am giving you a 10 minute downloaded meditation which allows you to connect with your future self. This is a very powerful self awareness meditation that allows you to travel forward in time. I recommend doing it at the end of the day when your mind is relaxed and have a pen and paper handy to jot down any insights.

Download Meditation: See Your Future

Grief Resources

I often describe grief like waves, they come and they go. Sometimes grief is so deep it feels like an undertow pulling you down to the bottom of the ocean, other times a simple thing can remind you of your loved one and make you smile. There can be tremendous sadness around the holidays and it can be even more important to reach out. Here are some wonderful resources I feel will assist your soul.

The Center for Grieving Children has some amazing articles, resources and book suggestions here

64 Tips for Coping with Grief at the Holidays

Giving Updates: Thank You!!

Growing up civically minded, I ask everyday, how can I be of service? How can I give from my abundance? This year I am overjoyed to say WE have hit $100,000 in giving! Over the past 9 years, through gifting complimentary sessions to families of children who have died tragically and the Meditate and Donate series we have raised over $100,000!!

As one person, I could never have reached this goal but with your compassionate heart we have done it together! The organizations who have received donations are The Center for Grieving Children, River Tree Arts, Olympia Snow’s Leadership Program, United Way of Kennebunk, Kennebunk Land Trust, Save the Children Foundation and A Place to Start. Every dollar counts and every act from your heart fills the souls of so many. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity!

Tips To Grow Gratitude

It’s been quite a roller coaster of a ride these past 8 months! The truth is that we grow and shift more in the storms than in the sunshine and it is helpful to practice gratitude. Gratitude is a form of hope, faith and peace. In what ways have you evolved this year? Have you adapted to a new routine? Have you developed compassion for yourself and others?

Some of the significant gifts of gratitude have been:

  1. Pet Adoptions are up. More pets have been adopted than any other time.
  2. Music being played from windows in NYC and other cities to send light to hospitals
  3. Children inspiring communities by doing can drives, making desks, making masks, talking about being kind.
  4. Drive-by birthday celebrations with signs and bubbles to cheer on families.

Growing gratitude is like watering a flower, at first we have to plant the seed then allow time to help with transformation. Being patient and having faith grow with practice.

What ways can you grow your gratitude? I suggest these 3 actions. Being of service helps us be more grateful.

  1. Lean into the sky. When you are outdoors know that the sky supports you, air is all around you, just lean in and breathe in the fresh air and thank the air and the sky for being.
  2. Write to or call an old friend, leave a plant or flowers on the doorstep of a neighbor, donate to a soup kitchen, give to a charity.
  3. Ground down into the earth with this simple 5 minute meditation.

When we get stuck in fear we miss miracles all around us. I hope the fear can wash over you and offer some helpful lessons. We learn about our trust in a higher power and the unlimited possibilities we all have. If fear arises, look at it as a wise teacher.

Take a moment to appreciate your essence and your light that radiates into the earth. As always, give from your abundance and not from your reserve. My heart is grateful for your heart.

In divine truth,


Connecting with Spirit Guides and New Moons

Our world is full of transitions and transformations. When I am conducting sessions with people across the globe I feel their patterns, rhythms and cycles. Life is full of changes and transitions and it can be hard to face transitions and even identify what needs to be changed. As a world, we are facing extreme change and it may feel unsafe, scary, isolating and lonely. 

But you are not alone and we are not lost. We have the opportunity to connect on a deeper level to ourselves, to the spirit world and to the mystical energy that holds the fabric of our very earth in gravity.  We all have opportunities to evolve our way of living, being and relating to ourselves and each other. What an exciting time to be alive. 

I want to share with you two concrete ways that you can connect with two powerful tools. Spirit guides and new moons / super moons. 

We live in a dimensional reality. Have you ever had a daydream? A premonition? Dejavu? Have you had dreams of your loved ones who have passed on that feel so real?  Have you lost yourself in a movie, a song, a book or a walk in nature?  All of these actions are about you traveling in time into experience.  For centuries people have used prayer, meditation, ritual and guided meditation to deepen their connection to the source – you may call source the universe, God, Higher Power or perhaps nature. It is where you feel connected, the way you feel that you are part of the one. 

We are not alone. Since a small child I have been visited by angels and spirit guides, but I am not unique. We all have the ability to access their guidance. All you have do is keep an open mind and relax your body, mind and spirit. I have two ways to assist you in accessing your own spirit guides, like a gps I will teach you to awaken your connection to your spirit team. 

One way is guided meditation.  Here is the link to Meet Your Spirit Guides meditation:

The second way is to join me for a class via Zoom on How to Meet Your Spirit Guides. Learn how to invoke your connection with the spirit guides using color, sound and symbols. October 20th at 7pm EST is the next opportunity to take this class. Here is a link to register:

New Moon Manifesting Ritual 

We are  magnetic and can attract and manifest things into our lives. Each month we have a new moon which carry with them the ability to create and manifest.  The astrological signs are connected with these moon cycles and have been used by ancient cultures to make decisions, plant crops, plan weddings and even travel across the seas.  This wisdom is still there and often untapped by humanity today. How does it work? Each month during the new moon you take a piece of paper and write down manifesting statements relating to the areas the new moon rules over. Start each manifesting statement with I AM, see the statement as true and as you write, feel the outcome. (You can write 6-7 I AM creations per New Moon) Always use paper and a pen, not your computer, and put the date on the page.  Fold it up and put it in a jar, box or some sacred vessel and let the universe listen to your desires and truths. I highly suggest writing down the New Moon days in your schedule or on your calendar as not to forget these delicious days.   I love the work of Jan Spiller who has been teaching this process for over 3o years. Jan Spillers book, New Moon Astrology can help you dive deeper into this monthly practice.  

It is extremely rare for new moons to also be super moons.  The super moon occurs when the moon is at its closest orbit to the earth.  Remember, the moon creates the rise and fall of the tides,  your emotions and even the emotions of our world. Take time to be intentional, connect in with the energy of the moon and create a ritual around each new moon.  Remember, we are never really in control of anything except our reactions and our actions. 

October 16th ( Super Moon)  Libra Rules
Partnerships including: Marriage, Agreements, Sharing Interdependence, Fairness including: Balance, Equality, Negotiation, Appreciating opposite views, Harmony including: Peace, Beauty, Art, Décor, Teamwork including: Cooperation, Collaboration, Supportive Relationships, Sociability including: Being companionable, Tact, Affinity, Diplomacy, Refinement including: Elegance, Luxury, Grace, Pampering, Good Taste, Stimulating Well-being including: Adrenal Glands, Buttocks, Diabetes, Kidney

November 15th (Super Moon)  Scorpio Rules 
Empowerment including:  Heightened Awareness, Charisma, Passion, Transcendence including: Transformation, Change, Eternalness, Self-Mastery including:  Attraction, Depth, Strength, Deep Connections including: Sex, Soul-Mates, Bonding, Financial Partnerships including: Contracts, Business, Co-creation, Predicament including: Living on the leading edge, Obsessions, Intense interactions, Stimulating Well-being including: Organs of elimination (rectum, colon, bladder) PMS/Menstruation, Sexuality.

Remember, transitional times offer transformational power.  My heart is sending you opportunities to connect with these powerful tools for self transformation. 

In divine loving service, 

Finding Inner Peace

Our world is undergoing tremendous change. The stresses of the economy, our global health issues as well as political, social and environmental upheaval. It’s hard to imagine putting together a new schedule, a new routine or having faith that everything will be ok. But we’ve been here before! There have been times when the people of the earth have been challenged and yet there is always a ray of hope.

As a spiritual medium, having access to the spirit world has given me some of the deepest joy in my life. And during these difficult times it has offered me the solace that everything is unfolding as it should. Please know we are never really alone. There is wisdom all around you.

If you or someone else is feeling any anxiety, fear or uncertainty about your life here are 4 ways to build your own inner wisdom. Remember to always give to yourself first.

1. Morning Centering
Upon waking every day take time to sit with yourself. Coming to a simple meditation process will help you immensely. Sit in a posture that is relaxing with your spine upright , place your hands on your lap facing upwards to receive divine grace, take one long inhale and an even longer exhale, then repeat. In front of you place a flower, glass of water, a lit candle or something simple to use as a as a focal point. As you exhale, empty your lungs like taking a long sigh then inhale the beauty of the flower, water or candle. Start this practice at least for 5 minutes each morning and perhaps you can increase to 30 minutes. This practice promotes oneness with body, breath and mind.

2. Drink Water with Intention and Affirmations 
Your body is made up of energy and water. Studies have shown that water has a consciousness. When you drink water it is important to be concious of what you are thinking because the water absorbs that energy. I remind my clients never to drink or eat anything while you’re angry. It’s interesting when you think about alcoholism and that people often drink at people because of fear or anger. Drinking water with intention will help you to train your body into a new belief. Countless studies have shown that sound travels faster in water than it does in the air. So when you say something to yourself your body listens more than if you hear it from another person. My suggestion is that throughout the day, when you drink water, you say positive affirmations to yourself. If you don’t know where to start, here are some suggestions. Pour a glass of water and sit down in a quiet spot. Say out loud “I love and accept myself exactly as I am, things are always working out for me, I feel safe and secure in my world, I call on my spirit guides and ask them for assistance.” Or you can make up your own affirmations. Do this twice a day and the results in your cells will be amazing. Remember your thoughts become things.

3. Lift and Lower your Gaze 
Your eyes hold information but they also hold tension. In any type of trauma work eye movement is essential. We are still in a global pandemic, economies are changing, life is still emerging and unpredictable. It’s important not to get fixated on the way things were or how they will be. It’s important to remain present in the now.
Using a soft eye gaze, which we called Drishti, is a wonderful way to invoke inner wisdom in your heart. Finding a focal point then allowing your eyes to go out of focus and just take a few nice breaths.
At some point in your day stand in front of a mirror. As you stand there looking at yourself in the mirror look up toward the ceiling then look down toward the floor, look left, look right, then blink your eyes three times, now roll your eyes to the right, roll your eyes to the left and blink your eyes three times. Repeat this four times. This helps the fluid in your eyes to be digested and it also helps you change your perception. Inner wisdom starts within not out in the linear world.

4. Laugh and Read Inspirational Zest 
Laughter is a wonderful way to create inner wisdom. Having listened to the Dalai Lama laughing in person was so amazing, his laugh is literally like that of a child! Listen to laughter, allow yourself to get lost in a book. Reading inspirational books actually helps your body to maintain a level of inner wisdom. We can take ourselves way too seriously and forget the little things in life. This month I will be posting 30 inspirational books that have changed my life and I hope one of them will change yours.

Finally let’s be kind and compassionate to ourselves. Patience and perseverance is called for at this time. And remember inner wisdom is not out there in the world inner wisdom is inside your heart.

In divine loving service, 

Activism + Spirituality = Conscious Evolution

Dearest Luminous Heart,  I was 13 when my grandfather died. Until this point in my life I hadn’t seen someone lie in an open casket with their lifeless body looking at me. It really affected me. I became depressed and missed him so much but I also knew that my grandfather was in a better place.  Death permeated my community. Where I grew up in Massachusetts, General Electric was the largest employer, and the chemicals used at the plant where my grandfather and most of my extended family worked poisoned the workers and the community at large. PCB’s and other hazardous chemicals leaked into the air, poisoned the soil and barrels of chemicals were illegally dumped into the rivers where my father and I would fish. The barrels continue to sit in the Houstaonic river to this day and there is still an advisory in place for eating fish out of the river. Numerous complaints and concerns were sent to both the CDC and the Environmental Protection Agency and soon an epidemiological study was launched in the area. The rates of bladder cancer and other rare cancers were found to be much higher than average and the death rate soon ballooned. My grandfather was one of many who died of a rare lung disintegration disease in the early 1980’s. This area of Berkshire county continued to receive money to clean up the region.  In fact, another $200 million dollar settlement was reached in 1998 with GE to clean up the pollution. For years I was outraged and wanted action to happen. Then in my 30’s I realized that this toxic polluter actually created change- the awareness created new chemical laws, many chemicals were outlawed and stopped being used, PCB’s were banned as lubricants, new workplace and union standards were put into place.  It was the ongoing action of the few that spread to the many, this created systemic change within  the industry and changed the rate of environmental degradation in our country. This story was my beginning into the world of advocacy.  By the time I was 17, I was working on undoing racism. I saw how my African American friends were treated and I wanted to see change. I can remember the roads and malls being shut down due to gang violence. My first year in community college I was the Social Services Chair of the Student Senate. We wanted to bring someone to speak who had a message and would help instill peace and action and we raised enough money to invite Joe Clark. Have seen the movie “Lean on Me”? It was based on his life running an inner city school and teaching kids the value of mutual respect and creating safety by building community. He was tough and he used a baseball bat to get the attention of faculty and students by saying “Enough fear, enough hate, enough violence”. Joe Clark always carried his bat and even appeared on the front cover of Time magazine holding his bat.  I remember driving to Albany airport in my beat up Pinto to pick him up.  He got off the plane with his baseball bat. He was kind and confident. He asked me why our college wanted him to speak and I replied ” You get things done, you motivate people to care by being tough but kind and by showing people violence is a form of hate that is destroying our community.”  Once we got to the venue and I parked the car he asked me if I wanted to hold his bat! I was in awe, “um, yes please sir”, I responded. And as I closed my eyes and held that bat I literally felt the power of change ooze through my body. His talk that night was to 1,000 people in the gym of my college. It was so powerful! People jumped up out of their seats when he said “Why do we give up on our youth, turn them away, let them stab and shame each other in violence and anger? I believe in the human spirit. A young man who has the focus to shoot a round ball into a hoop has focus and determination and they can also turn their hope into action if we as leaders can love them”.  My heart was full and I was hooked. I went on to attend Undoing Racism workshops, joined a white privilege think tank in Boston and continued to advocate for systemic change and speak up for injustice. My advocacy efforts lead me out of hate and fear, away from the us and them, to us and we. It was because of this that I found my Buddhist practice nearly 30 years ago and began to practice the art of observation and spiritual truth in every area of my life.  I do not look at GE as a monster anymore, I look at GE as a catalyst for systemic change. Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist who lives in divine loving service says “We have to walk in a way where we only print peace and serenity on the Earth. You must walk as if your feet are kissing the Earth.” I know we are all in a new wave of awareness and living and floating in the unknown but we can all move into spiritual awareness for the evolution of our earth.  My wish for you is that you kiss the Earth with your feet.  4 ways to vote to create systemic change. 1. Vote! Let your truth be counted to support leaders whom we can trust and rely upon to evolve our world  2. Vote with your heart! Follow people on social media that light up your heart not darken your soul. A “like” on social media is like a spark from your heart.  3. Vote with your dollars and cents! Support causes and actions that bring love and safety to the world. Find an organization or a charity that matters to you and donate what you can. 4. Vote with your feet! Only spend money, time and resources at stores and restaurants that support your belief system

You Are Abundant!

Dearest Awakened Heart, 

You are abundant! Your being is a spark of divine intelligence in motion.  It is so easy to forget that you are dynamic, flexible, adaptable, and ever-evolving.

There is a trap in the linear world that tells us “you are not enough and you won’t ever be enough, there is not enough money, food, or resources for all of us!” This creates the story of “Us versus Them,” good or bad, rich or poor, and on and on and on. It creates an internal dialogue of fear and anxiety. 

But what if you changed your story and embraced the truth, which is You are Abundant. You can have everything you need and want! But it has to start from within you.

You may be reading this and wondering, how can I thrive in a pandemic? How can I create abundance when the world is falling apart? Consider that this  pandemic is an opportunity to love deeper, clearer, calmer, to learn to live for the moment. The world is shifting and shining the truth on outdated systems and ideas. What a fabulous time to be alive and evolve.  We have a unique opportunity to claim abundance within. 

3 Ways to embrace your own abundance:

1. Thank your bank account each time you pay a bill
2. List three structural things that support your well being (Home, car, bed, running water etc)
3. Do one thing each day or each week to spread abundance: leave a penny, dime or quarter in the little bin at the register, pay for someones coffee, give a compliment to a stranger, say thank you to your teachers, nurses, doctors etc. 

Appreciation is the key to manifesting and living an abundant life. 

Over the next three months I am offering unique programs to assist you in resetting what abundance means to you and to help you empower your life, embrace the power of your breath and your body. To truly shine your divine self!

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