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Soul Products

Listen to Melissa as she explains her soul products and how they can shift you into a higher vibrational state of being.

These vibrational guided meditations will awaken your chakras and shift your inner being.  You will actively clear patterns while advancing your souls journey, ending with an opportunity for you to see 5 years into your future.

We are all cosmic souls remembering who we are.  These 6 guided meditations awaken your inner knowing using Solfeggio tones and guided imagery. Meditations include: Yoga Nidra, Meet Your Guides, and Chakra Clearing.

Enjoy more of Melissa’s guided meditations as individual $1.00 digital downloads!  Available meditations include: Chakra Healing, Earth Star Chakra, Remote Viewing of your future self, and more! 

For thousands of years, humans have used meditation to connect with spirit, focus our divine energy, and quiet the mind. The Samadhi Meditation Box contains a thoughtfully curated selection of tools designed with both the seasoned and beginner meditator in mind.

These cards are infused with simplicity and integrity to help you soar- pick a card each day to stay grounded and connected to yourself.  Each deck comes with a sliced agate to help you ground and stay centered in the many layers of your life.

These cards are channeled messages from spirit children to help people who have lost parents, siblings, children or friends. Sudden, unexpected loss can radiate  grief on all levels. These messages and images uplift your heart and let you know you are not alone in this process. Each deck includes a blue obsidian crystal. Hold the stone, think of your loved one, then pick a card to hear their message to you. 

10% of all proceeds go to the Center for Grieving Children.

“… I was amazed by her accuracy and authenticity…”

I met Melissa when we both spoke at the Maine Yoga Festival in 2015. We sat in on each other’s sessions, and her incredible talent, matched only by her incredible kindness, became immediately apparent. As she channeled for attendees, I was amazed by her accuracy and authenticity, but also her ability to stay grounded and calm, and make people feel safe while she reveals often-vulnerable truths. And all the while, she was this radiant, light-filled, beacon of hope. Melissa is the real deal and I often refer others to her. I look forward to her continued work in its many forms–book, CD, in-person events.
Sara DiVello, author, Where in the OM Am I? Best Memoir Winner, NIEA, and a Shape Magazine  Book Selection


Frequently Asked Questions

I do not record your session but you are welcome to use your phone or any type of recording device.  Prior to the appointment please write down on a piece of paper any questions and the names of people you would like to hear from who have crossed over. I NEVER see your paper, it is to set your intention and get the most out of your session.

YES. Once you are booked for a session you can request to be added to the cancellation list.

Absolutely! We are all energy first and I connect with you  regardless of where you are in the planet. With a phone or skype session she will follow up by sending you a stone and your notes free of charge. 

All sessions have the same waiting time so no session will get you in sooner. If you are only seeking to connect with your loved ones in spirit then a Psychic Mediumship or Mini Group Session is what you would choose. If you are in transition or want to understand your life path and expand you would choose Vibrational Chart or Mastering Your Blueprint. If you are ready to learn how to connect with your own Spirit Guides and build your intuitive gifts then Soul Assessment and Spiritual Development would be your choice. Every session includes a handout and stone to assist you in growing your knowing!!

Payment is due the day of service.  If you are having a phone or skype session I ask that you pay 24 hours in advance.  You are welcome to prepay on line if you would like. 

I have a 48 hour cancelation policy.  If you miss your appointment there is $50.00 no show fee.  If you would like to reschedule you will need to pay for your appointment in advance.