Growing Your Auric Knowing!

Growing Your Auric Knowing

Just as everything has a frequency and vibration, so too does our planet. Around the earth is a magnetic field that is called the geomagnetic field. This field connects the core of the earth to the space around our planet much like a magnet on a refrigerator. Now imagine the earth is the refrigerator and you are the magnet, you can actually tap into this magnetic field using your own vibrational frequency!  What is even more amazing is that when you tap into the larger energy you have access to everything that ever was and everything that will ever be! 

How can you connect with this field?  These frequencies are often called waves, similar to the string theory that Einstein described. Electromagnetic waves, similar to those found in musical tones, run through you. Think of your favorite song, now hold that song in your mind and try to send the words and tones through your body. How does that feel? You may feel happy. A smile may appear on your face, or you may feel sad or upset. This is one of the ways frequency affects us in our daily lives, the energy in the music affects your own auric field.

I have an auric field? Yes, everyone has a field just like the one that is around the earth.  Each auric field is different, some have textures, temperatures and feelings.  Think about a time when you were around an angry person and the feeling it gave you without even speaking to the person.  We are true vibrational beings and the more we sink into this knowing the more we can align with our potential in all aspects of living. Just like Pig Pen in the Peanuts cartoon we carry around what we see, say, hear and feel. The best part of your aura is learning to communicate with it, feel your own and then play with the energy.   Notice what makes it feel different just by a change in behavior or attitude.  90% of alll communication is non-verbal so you are also reading other people’s aura whether you realize it or not. 

Growing Your Aura Exercise:  I would like you to clap your hands 5 times and then rub them together briskly.  Then slowly pull your hands apart to about 4 inches and see what you feel.  Start to pull your hands further apart and then closer, as if a magnetic ball is forming.  Can you feel this magnetic energy?  This is the invisible you, the real you!  You may feel heat, electricity or magnetic and static energy.  This is your personal vibration – your auric energy.  When you practice creating energy balls by clapping and/or rubbing your hands together you can start to feel energy not only within your own being but around other people.

Find a friend who would be open to you working with them.  Walk them through the exercise we just did.  Then sit with them for about 5 minutes listening to some soft relaxing music.  Next, have your friend stand two feet away from you with their eyes closed.  Walk toward them with your hands cupped in the air in front of you at arm’s length, feel the change in the air as you draw nearer.  Move very slowly so you can feel the difference.  When you’re within about six inches of them, spread your arms outside their shoulders and slowly pull your hands in—not to touch them but to see if you can feel heat, vibration, energy, or a magnetic frequency around them.  This is their energy or auric field. It helps sometimes to you have your eyes closed as well to heighten your own senses. Try this several times and with different people, as you become aware of this energy you can grow it and know it.  Every morning in the shower ask to clear any negativity out of your body using the water and soap to rinse you clean and clear out any stuck emotions.  Give it a try and watch the magic happen! 

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