Happy 2019 – What To Expect And More

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Happy New Year!  Every day you have the unique opportunity to decide what you will think, feel, focus on and create in your life.  One of the reasons intentions and rituals are set around the New Year is we enter a significant new cycle. In fact, New Years has been celebrated since 46 BC and was introduced by Julius Caesar. It is no accident that the winter solstice happens about a week before Christmas and that in early January the Earth is closest to the Sun. This is the time the earth is resetting itself and so can we.  If you pay attention to the skies you may have noticed that over the past week the Sun is deeply radiant, especially at dawn and dusk and you too are a radiant being of the universe.  WE are all energy beings and more and more science and spirituality are lining up with these beliefs.

In previous blogs and on talk radio interviews I have shared my guides insights for 2019 and beyond. Let me first say, to remember we are in shifting times. This means that extremes are the norm and we need these in order to change, we do not change our view point when things are smooth and easy.  2019 is shown as a year to be creative, to delve into your passions, have more meaningful conversations, connect to like-minded people and to spend as much time in nature as you can.  Pay attention to the earth and sky, new colors will take shape in plants, flowers and even the grass. Appreciate and pay attention to water, it is amazing and can be a calming  yet powerful resource. Earth changes will be many but mostly with water and air. About 5 years ago, I spoke about the increase of solar flares and the shift in gravitational waves which changes dimensional time.  I see these time waves increasing and creating vortex’s where there have not been any. In energy medicine and quantum physics it is known that it only takes about 250,000 people with high vibrations to shift outcomes such as storms, crime rates and even severe situations like natural disasters. WE , You and I, have more power than WE realize.

The universe is expanding and collectively more and more people, including you, are AWAKENING to intuitive knowing and even remembering past lives. It is time to be bold and bright and be the light that you are in all that you do.  Have faith that we are evolving as a world.  You have tremendous power to shift the world by the way you speak, listen, spend, forgive, love and live.  #AWAKEN

All the love and light in me bows and shines to all the light and love in you!

In divine loving service,


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