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Letter from Ret. General Colin Powell to Melissa Boyd

letter from Colin Powell to Melissa Boyd

$100,000 Milestone in Donations Reached

This year I am overjoyed to say WE have hit $100,000 in giving! Over the past 9 years, through gifting complimentary sessions to families of children who have died tragically and the Meditate and Donate series we have raised over $100,000!!

As one person, I could never have reached this goal but with the help of all the compassionate hearts who have generously given, we have done it together!

The organizations who have received donations are:

  • The Center for Grieving Children
  • River Tree Arts
  • Olympia Snow’s Leadership Program
  • United Way of Kennebunk
  • Kennebunk Land Trust
  • Save the Children Foundation
  • A Place to Start

Psychic Medium To Host Earth Day at USM

We are thrilled to announce that coverage of Melissa’s community work by the York County Coast Star on

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Stay Connected Youth Summit for Alcohol Awareness in Maine

We are so excited to announce a Youth Summit for Alcohol Awareness in Maine, which Melissa has helped to bring about through her work with the Maine Alliance to Prevent Substance Abuse.

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BBC World News helped stop alcohol being served to children in Maine

Through her ceaseless outreach and perseverance, Melissa is proud to have had a hand in bringing an end to the serving of fermented lemonade to children in Maine!

Founding member of Maine Partners for Cool Communities

We are thrilled to share coverage of Melissa’s community work toward healing the damage from climate change.

In this article, Melissa was interviewed about the Green Sneakers project, which she is actively working on through Maine Partners for Cool Communities

In this article, Melissa was interviewed about the grassroots efforts of communities across Maine to address global warming. Melissa spoke as the executive director of the Maine chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility, one of the organizations participating in Maine Partners for Cool Communities.

Melissa Boyd’s undeniable sixth sense: “she’s the real deal”

by Jo O’Connor, reprinted with permission from Tourist & Town, June 20, 2019 (view original article)

Have you ever wondered what happens when we die (or “crossover”)? Maybe you’ve felt the hair on the back of your neck stand up because of a feeling. Or maybe you’ve experienced the odd sensation that someone is watching you, though you know you are alone.

These feelings and senses are the things that Melissa Boyd knows a great deal about.

Boyd is at once a psychic, spiritual medium, Reiki Master, yoga instructor and humanitarian. After all, that ability to tap into her senses has made her quite famous in Maine and beyond. Her story is a fascinating one.

Boyd grew up in Peru, Massachusetts, with a brother and parents who believed in and supported her gift.

“I knew from a very young age that I was sent messages that needed to be relayed,” said Boyd.

By age nine, she really started channeling, and has since helped thousands of people globally. Boyd would “know” things before they happened.

“One time, I told my mother she needed to drive me to Stop & Shop, because I needed to give a message to a lady in a red hat. We went and sure enough, there was such a woman there. I needed to let her know her mother Maria loved her. This is just who I am and what I do,” said Boyd.

These types of occurrences happened time after time. And while her parents advised her not to suppress her messages, they coached her how to judiciously approach people. From a young age, she and her family would journey to southern Maine, and Boyd fell in love with the area.

“Maine just called me. I could sleep here. I was very relaxed here.”

She even decided to go to college in Maine. And that came with a vision, too. During her junior year in high school, she ripped a picture of house out of a magazine. When she decided to visit University of Southern Maine (USM), her mother asked her how she would pay for it. As they drove past a Gorham bakery, Boyd said, “Stop the car.” She went up to the bakery to inquire about a job. They said they hadn’t even posted the opening yet, but hired her on the spot. Then, she looked across the street and there stood the house in the magazine picture she had carried around for over a year.

After earning a communications degree from USM, Boyd graduated from the Muskie School of Public Service in Portland, with a Master’s in Public Policy and Management and entered politics. She has used her education and intuition to advance organizations and world issues over the past 25 years, including working with retired General Colin Powell to address children’s issues and provide insight on local and national nonprofit and governmental initiatives.

“In ‘politics’ I could make a difference. I knew I could affect change. I could tell a congressman that he really needed to talk to a constituent, schedule a meeting or even not go to a meeting. Because I ‘knew’ things, the politicians would lean on my advice,” said Boyd.

With her success in the political sector, she was appointed as Commissioner of the Maine Commission for Community Service and Volunteerism under former Maine governors John Baldacci and Angus King. However, her life has not been without challenges as she battled poverty, dyslexia and addiction.

“At the age of 30, I went to the eye doctor for a checkup and was told the pockets of cholesterol in my eyes were that of a 90-year-old person. He said that because of my weight (315 lbs.), I was at an extremely high risk for a heart attack or stroke. I was binge eating and had to find a way to put down unhealthy food. When I did this, a vibrant energy filled my spirit. I have been able to maintain a 150-lb. weight loss to this day.”

Boyd credits her business success to the work she’s done since leaving politics. She has studied under some of the most innovative minds and respected institutions to channel her gifts. These masters have included His Holiness the Dalai Lama, best-selling author James Van Praagh, and noted author and speaker Deepak Chopra. Boyd had to learn to trust the “signs” as she started her new business as well.

“For a few weeks, and with only two clients, I trusted the signs. Then, the Hive, an art gallery and cafe formerly in Kennebunk, approached me to do some readings. I volunteered and was given an office in the back. In 2010, I was in business with two folding chairs and a cardboard sign. Within six months, I was completely booked and channeling people around the world — all by word of mouth,” said Boyd.

Today, her pleasant Kennebunk office space is embellished with frequency background noise, stones underfoot, served tea and demonstrated dowsing rods. Confident, not boastful, thoughtful and smart, Boyd’s main message is helping others reach their best by teaching energy first.

“I want to help people use their energy,” said Boyd. Since 2010, Boyd has done thousands of individual and group readings and is now finishing a book. That will be followed by a book tour in 2020.

Her approachable style is furthered by knowing that she is a passionate cook, loves writing poetry and belly dancing. And yes, she does watch all the TV medium shows and particularly likes The Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.

Boyd offers a monthly “Meditate and Donate” event at River Tree Arts (RTA) in Kennebunk for aide-based non-profits. The next free session is on July 11 at 7 PM; donations are welcome, not required. The evening involves mediation, breathing and chanting, followed by some open readings. Space is limited; reservations required through RTA. You can also join on Facebook Live at

Today, Boyd trusts her higher guidance and with her business, Grow Your Knowing®. She offers services including personal readings, business-coaching sessions and intuition-building workshops. Clients across the globe keep coming back for her down-to-earth energy, strategic visions and real-world credibility.

Interested in hearing more about her senses and the unseen world? Schedule some time with her but don’t expect to get in until October as that’s how far out she is booked. Oh yeah, it’s worth the wait.

Writer’s note: I never met Melissa before the interview, but long knew of her gift. A week before the interview, I told three gal pals and my son that I thought my dearly departed Dad would come through. I was told not to expect that. Well, at the very least, it had me thinking about Dad leading up to my interview. With tempered expectations, in the middle of my interview, she asked if she could read me because something was coming through. Of course, I said. Who is JJ? That’s me, JoJo (my Dad’s pet nickname for me); she said, he was there and very strong (yep, nailed it) and he knew that I missed him as we were very close and that he was proud of me. Then: she said, he wants to tell you about when you were very young: “Encyclopedia Britannica.” Melissa could not know this. As a young child, I would read the red-bound junior Encyclopedia Britannica set we had, sit on Dad’s lap and point out the cool items to him. That personal message hasn’t been discussed in more than 50 years. Borrowing from the Monkees 1966 song title: “I’m a Believer,” the truth is I always was. Namaste.

Local medium speaks to spirits and empowers others

We are thrilled to share coverage of Melissa’s community work and her spiritual gifts by The article mentions her “Mediate and Donate” monthly fundraiser at River Tree Arts.

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Feature in Boston Yoga Magazine

Soul Development with Melissa Boyd

Soul Development with Melissa Boyd

It’s all about service for Melissa Boyd. Reiki Master, yoga instructor, sound healer and Psychic Medium — all hats she wears, and all vocations she shares in service to others.

“I have dedicated my life to be of the highest service. I have always trusted my higher guidance, my psychic abilities, and the ability to foresee situations and act accordingly,” says Ms. Boyd who recently shared her talents as a presenter at Cape Cod’s Love Yoga Fest.

Totally transparent, she shares her story of having found yoga at a point in her life when she weighed 340 pounds. She credits the practice with helping her to shed 170 pounds of that extra weight and thus prompting her to become a certified yoga instructor.

Full Article in Boston Yoga Magazine

Love Yoga Fest

Melissa Boyd has dedicated her life to being of the highest service. Melissa’s journey as a Psychic Medium started at a young age and she has always used her gifts of spirit to help others. Melissa has a clientele from around the globe and teaches classes on a variety of subjects to help others develop the inner wisdom of their soul using mediumship, yoga and organizational development. She used her intuition to advance organizations and world issues for over 15 years in Non-Profit Management and government. Her many roles include National Trainer, Lobbyist, Professional Development Director, Commissioner and Board member.

Melissa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Southern Maine and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Management from the Muskie Institute. She is a Reiki Master and a 200 RYT. Over the past five years she has assisted thousands of people worldwide to embrace their life path and connect them with their loved ones in spirit. For nearly a year she hosted the talk show “Spiritual Tools” on Sedona Blog Talk Radio. This year her first book “Intuition: Grow Your Knowing®” will be released.

Some of her teachers include James Van Praagh, Deepak Chopra, Tony Stockwell, Dr. Stephen Covey, Diana Cooper, John Holland, Panache Desai, Yogi Desai, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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A Place to Start & Hope, Help & Guidance for Alzheimer’s Families

The following excerpt is from the August 2014 newsletter produced by A Place to Start.

A Place to Start has been instrumental in helping with our mom as she has declined with the disease of Alzheimer’s. Sally and Diana are truly compassionate and knowledgeable and the level of assistance they provide is priceless. As our family maneuvers this difficult disease we are blessed to know that we always have their support and guidance. They have helped us make many difficult but necessary choices to best provide for her safety and comfort. Above all, the empathy and compassion they have provided is why we will be forever grateful to A Place to Start.

Melissa Boyd

Advocacy Committee Member for MANP

As a member of the Advocacy Committee for MANP (Maine Associations of Nonprofits), we are delighted to share with you the 2011-2012 Annual Report.

Read the Report
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