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A Spiritual Journey

A Greeting from Melissa

Melissa’s Spiritual Journey

Melissa has been connected to her spirit guides since she was five years old and loves helping people grow their connections to the spirit world. She began channeling at the age of 9 when she realized she “knew” things before they happened and could hear spirits giving details about family members and people who had crossed over.   

Inspired by the murder of her student Jimmy by the serial killer Lewis Lent, Melissa has offered hundreds of complimentary sessions to parents and families who have experienced a tragic loss of a child.  

“The Center for Grieving Children is honored and humbled by Melissa’s generous spirit.  We treasure our relationship with Melissa.  Throughout the years Melissa has elevated the awareness of grief and the mission of the Center, for this we are forever grateful.” 

– The Center for Grieving Children, October 2021 

Eventually, Melissa came to understand and accept that she needed to channel these gifts in order to serve others. But first, she knew she needed to grow her own knowing of them which she accomplished through her developmental and professional journeys. 

Melissa Boyd founder of Grow Your Knowing® is a renowned spiritual guide and transformational leader, channeling profound insights into real-world applications.  She bridges the tangible and ethereal realms, mainstreaming the conversation on spiritual intuition in everyday decision-making and leadership. Melissa aims to inspire people to live in their luminous hearts.  

Melissa’s Professional Journey

Melissa has used her intuition to advance organizations and world issues for over 15 years in government and state affairs, as well as non-profit organizations. 

She has been involved with cutting edge projects including:

Instrumental in bringing Retired General Colin Powell to star in the media campaign that launched Giving Maine Promise on WGME 13. Giving Maine Promise was a program that came out of America’s Promise, which is dedicated to children’s issues. 

Melissa was also appointed by former Maine Governor John Baldacci to serve on the board of the Maine Commission for Community Service and Volunteerism, where she helped develop a nationwide public policy platform. 

Melissa’s intuitive and innovative leadership was instrumental in developing and designing the curbside pay-per-bag Recycling System for the City of Portland, Maine, which became a statewide model. 

She was also recognized nationally for her work by the Child Alert Foundation, where she helped to institute the Amber Alert System for the State of Maine. 

As a leader in climate change, Melissa helped to found Maine Partners for Cool Communities, organized Maine Earth Day in the early 1990’s and presented her innovative recycling and education programming at Dartmouth College, Harvard University and Tufts University. 

She worked on the Maine Governor’s Children‘s Cabinet, assisting with the expansion of The Maine Promise Book, an online resource of free services for children across the state. 

She educated Congress for 15 years on public health and children’s issues affecting humanity, working with Senators Snowe and Collins, Congressman Tom Allen, Congresswomen Chellie Pingee, Congressman Michael Michaud, Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy.  

Melissa has participated in the procurement and management of over $30 million in grant monies; as well as successful training, lobbying, community organizing, and coalition building on statewide and national level. 

Active in the community, Melissa has been instrumental in securing national and international speakers for conferences she has helped to organize. These include but are not limited to 

  • Yolanda King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Joe Clark, the subject of the 1989 film Lean on Me
  • Dr. Geoffrey Canada, an American educator, social activist and author

In Melissa’s leadership roles with several non-profits, she passionately uses her gifts to inform the public, run comprehensive campaigns, and educate Congress toward passing progressive policies. 

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