Mother Teresa’s peace within you…

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It’s true! Peace is growing. Can you feel it?!  I remember being 13 when my whole town was seeped in toxic chemicals and people were dying left and right.  The EPA came in with the Centers for Disease Control to clean up the mess and to record deaths due to deadly toxins that were causing rare lung disorders and brain tumors in small children. Our area in western Massachusetts became the largest superfund sight in New England.  I wanted to march, to write letters,  to get involved. And I did! As soon as I was old enough I joined Women’s Actions for New Directions to inspire others to speak out on injustice. I can remember reading books and articles about peacemakers who were willing to die for their causes, folks like Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln and John Lennon.  Reportedly, all of these peacemakers had flashes or visions of their deaths but continued on to make social and worldwide movements of peace.

This week marks the 16th anniversary of 9/11. Anyone reading this is sure to remember exactly where the were when it happened, BUT did you know that this event was also the largest premonition dream ever recorded in human history? The first time I saw 9/11 I was 8 years old.  I was playing outside and looked up to see tall buildings being hit by planes.  This made no sense to me as I lived in the country but the visions continued and the terror dreams followed.  After 9/11 millions of people from around the world reported visions they had about the event or events leading up to 9/11.  What creates this energy of knowing? Organizations like the Edgar Cayce Institute study the energy around premonitions and future events.

The world is changing, the earth is shifting.

From a very young age I have felt earth and weather changes and the events unfolding in the past month were in my journal as an 11 year old child.  I KNEW I had to help. Most of my young teenage years and up until my early 30’s I worked for peace, children and environmental issues.  All the while I was connected to my intuitive knowing. In 2007, I was instrumental in putting together a conference, the first of its kind in the US, called Achieving Global Energy Security where Re-Insurers, Climate experts and members of the World Health Organization discussed catastrophic storms that could swallow up cities like Miami, NYC and The Islands that would occur within ten years.  It was so precise that the World Health Organization added a new category to death certificates worldwide called Disability Adjusted Life Years which covers climate related deaths such as heat exhaustion, wild fires, tornados, earthquakes etc.   We issued press releases and articles but no one in the media reported on it, it just sat on the bottom of the pile untouched.

NOW people are starting to see and listen.  But more importantly, people are starting to come together to help one another during this time of climate adaptation.  Whether you believe in global warming or not is not important, what is is that something big is brewing and we all share the air and the earth.  This will create hurt, hunger, displacement and even death.  Can we love deeper? Can you give your heart to another?  Lets work together and love one another while practicing loving kindness.

I cannot talk about peace without referencing Mother Teresa (Saint Teresa).  This is a one minute clip from her Nobel Piece Prize acceptance Speech.  I wish and challenge each of you to live with this depth.

How do we as a society learn how to practice listening deeply beyond the veil of what we call reality??  I am pleased to offer workshops and classes to help you do just that!  It is my privilege to help you find peace within and practice trusting your intuition so you to can Grow Your Knowing and Awaken within! Are you ready?  Let us begin!!!  #Love

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