Navigating Geomagnetic Storms & Solar Winds

I’ve always been fascinated by the sun, the beauty of the earth and the possibilities of the stars. When I was 9 my father and I built a mini greenhouse for the science fair on the greenhouse effect. I would ask my science teachers questions about the magnetic field and what’s going to happen when the sun starts creating solar flares and the winds from the sun effect the earth and what will we do about the cracks in the magnetic field?? They said that will never happen! That was almost 40 years ago, and today we are experiencing solar flare activity, solar winds and cracks in the magnetic field. Geomagnetic storms are becoming mainstream and research shows that some people and animals can feel the effects.

The geomagnetic storms, which are caused by the solar flares and solar winds, are causing massive upheavals including electromagnetic activity which disrupts radio communications, causes radar to malfunction and power blackouts, solar winds that disrupt the internet and cable tv. The storms also cause issues in our physical bodies such as  tension, aggression, vertigo, and can also enhance intuition.

I’m telling you this not to scare you but to empower you. As our earth shifts we have the opportunity to connect with both the earth and the magnetics of the earth. And as the earth is changing we have the unique opportunity to shift our perceptions and adapt to new solutions. A great resource for more information is>

So how can you actually help the earth and impact the magnetic field?

1. The Heart Math Institute teaches how our own magnetics can shape the earth and impact our environments.

2. There are innumerable ways to reduce carbon emissions, here are just a few.
a. walk and bike when you can
b. reduce your intake of dairy and beef
c. Carpool whenever possible
d. turn off the lights when your not home 

3.  To reduce the physical effects of the geomagnetic storms carry a piece of Orgonite and/or keep one next to your bed. Orgonite is a substance that is made of quartz and resin developed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who has a town in Maine named after him. Orgonon Maine!
4. Talk to a tree. Connect to the roots of the earth and have gratitude for the earth. 

5. Raise your vibration through eating superfoods and greens, listen to Solfeggio tones, and love with abandon.

6. Read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

We are living in an amazing time when our collective energy can shift the earth!

May you be ONE and live in the NOW,


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