Portland, Maine: Climate Action Report


Leading Sustainable Portland by Example: Recommendations for a

Sustainable Portland City Hall

Melissa A. Boyd and Holli R. Andrews

ABSTRACT: The Portland Municipal Climate Change Working Group prepared a report in March 2008 that outlined several recommendations as a commitment by the City to address greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) produced during daily municipal operations. The Municipal Climate Action Plan was written in partnership with Clean Air – Cool Planet and Portland officials, and acknowledges under Recommendation #2 that an employee energy efficiency program would provide significant positive impact on the City’s reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Best practices from three cities show that focus on the greening of City Hall is critical in developing a program that promotes partnerships, community engagement and real cost savings. The cities of Sarasota, Toronto and Burlington offer a wealth of resources which, if adopted by the City of Portland, could surely offer keys to success.

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