Creating Your Vibrational Business Plan


60-minute session

We are in a big transition on the earth where passion and purpose are creating new business leaders. I will map your business blueprint with a vibrational chart for your business or organization. I will use innovative mapping to help you hone your mission. Spirit will provide insights on ways to maximize the potential of your business/ organization. With my background in organizational development and communications I will assist you in creating purpose, passion and productivity. Walk away feeling recharged and energized.

In this session you will receive:

  • a vibrational chart outlining your business blueprint
  • solfeggio frequencies to help you grow and expand
  • information for further development on your business path
  • a meditation cd, and
  • a stone for auric expansion.

Due to numerous requests we respond to your email within 3 days.

After the session you will receive a draft business template with resources and Melissa’s Abundance Blueprint process.

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