Mastering Your Divine Soul Blueprint Session


Grow your physical and spiritual life!

Three 60-minute sessions

Are you ready to master your life? Dive into these 3 sessions over the course of a few months or a whole year. Start with your vibrational chart: a blueprint which outlines core numbers, energy patterns and life themes. This process is all about assisting you in vibrant expansion in all areas of your life. Melissa offers very specific suggestions to live in your highest vibration and to clear stuck patterns. Melissa listens to your energy and offers soul tools to help in your divine expansion. Techniques used in your sessions may include color, light, Solfeggio, yoga poses, reformatting thoughts and feelings, diet suggestions, Reiki, energy clearings as well as chakra work.

This is a wonderful experience for vibrant expansion.

In this session you will receive a vibrational chart outlining your energy blueprint, solfeggio frequencies to help you grow and expand, information for further development on your life path, a meditation cd, stones for auric expansion, grow work after each session to move you into your highest vibration and a vibrational acceleration plan and affirmations.

Please know that Melissa currently books 6 months in advance, so be sure to book NOW!Due to numerous requests we return your email within 3 days. Thank you for your patience.

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