Mastering Your Divine Soul Blueprint (3-Session Package)




3 Session Package: Mastering Your Divine Blueprint begins with Discovering Your Vibrational Life Path, followed by Spiritual Assessment and Soul Development and completes with an Abundance Blueprint.

In each session, Spirit and your loved ones in spirit assist us as we work collaboratively to remove blocks and open up space in the body, mind, and spirit using mudras, mantras, and meditations to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

This 3-Session package includes:

  1. Vibrational Chart which outlines themes, patterns and timeline opportunities
  2. Spiritual Assessment
  3. Chakra Chart and Numbers card
  4. Follow Up email with solfeggio and meditation resources
  5. Stones for vibrational amplification
  6. Grow Work after each session
  7. Abundance Blueprint
  8. Messages of the Spirit World

Additional information

Number of Sessions

(1) 1 hour session, (2) 1 hour sessions, (3) 1 hour sessions, (4) 1 hour sessions