Samadhi Meditation Box


The Samadhi Box contains a thoughtfully curated selection of tools designed with both the seasoned and beginner meditator in mind.

For thousands of years, humans have used meditation to connect with spirit, focus our divine energy, and quiet the mind. With regular practice, meditation helps decrease stress levels, improve focus, and connect to source energy. Whatever your reasons or desired outcomes, it is undeniable that meditation will provide positive benefits for your mind, body, and soul…and I want to help you attain those benefits as fully as possible!

Each Samadhi Box contains:

  • A set of Mala Beads
  • An Eye Mask
  • A piece of Palo Santo (Holy Wood)
  • 2 Rubber Balls
  • One Stone from Lavish Earth
  • Vibrational Awakening Card
  • Chakra Bookmark
  • One Tulsi Tea Bag supplied by White Heron Tea & Coffee Community
  • USB Drive containing THREE guided meditations as well as detailed PDFs
    and videos from Melissa, teaching you how to use all of the tools in your
    Samadhi Box.

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