Rise Within..Be A WE

Rise Within..Be a WE 

It’s time NOW more than ever to Rise Within and Join the Movement of the WE! Let’s release the old mentality of ME and Ego thinking.  The EARTH is speaking and showing us more than ever that all lives matter, all people matter.  WE ARE ONE.  WE – You and Me and Him and Her all connected create the collective. YOU have the power to choose will you be a ME or a WE. I’m assuming if you are getting this newsletter you are a WE – so thank you !  I know, I know -Its not always easy being a WE. Are you a WE?  Ways to know you are a WE:

-Stay grounded and focused on inner development
-BE the light that you ARE..Shine your WEness
-Yawn- Its contagious  -Yawning helps release stress and old energy
-Smile -Its contagious
-Eat local foods and brighter colors (more veggies..less heavy food)
-Do Yoga

RISE WITHIN..  Tips to keep and Grow you WE:

Our energies help shift weather, politics, policies, financials, health care etc.. Its a big concept to grasp but when you SEE it and FEEL it for You -its understandable that this affects the WE.

-Live in your heart
-Think before you speak
-Commit random acts of kindness
-Feel deeply
– Connected to nature
-Care about the greater good
–  Express empathy

Attend workshops that help you release Ego or Fear and call in Love  and Collaboration. Check out my upcoming classes on Yoga Nidra and Luminous 8 … WE Are Growing !!! Xo

With WE Blessings and Love, Melissa

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