Spirits Intuitive Intelligence

As long as I’ve been speaking to the spirit world one thing is true, there is an intuitive intelligence and this intuitive intelligence is beyond our comprehension. In the linear world we have rules around what is possible and what we believe can or cannot happen. We are limited by our beliefs about time and space. The spirit world is full of miracles, unconditional blessings and bliss.

That is why when you have had a spiritual awakening or have had contact with your loved one in spirit either through a medium or through your own experience it is a profound transformation.

People ask who inspires me and my answer is always, the spirit world. The spirit world is more alive and vibrant than we are because we are limited by our belief systems and the structures that we have created within our minds that we put in place in our society.

But these structures are slowly letting go. On the earth plane we are slowly learning to dissolve our egos, and learning more and more to trust the magnetics of our heart. Many people say to me I wish I could do what you do or know what you know. Well, I believe you can, with practice, it’s about reawakening your ability to remember.

Remember that you are a spirit being first having a physical experience! 

Here are three ways for you to connect with the intuitive intelligence of the spirit world. 

1. Ask for guidance from your loved ones and spirit before you go to sleep. Touch a picture of someone who’s passed as you sit and breathe in a positive memory and ask them to visit you while you sleep. When we sleep we move into the layer of our auric field called the Astral Body and this is when we can travel between dimensions.

Many people forget the power of our dream state and how much we can manifest in it. Intention is everything and having an open heart and mind and setting an intention can help. You may need to practice a few times but this is a amazing way for you to feel connected.

2. Upon waking or going to sleep, thank the sun, sip the energy of the sun and imagine the luminous rays of the sun are radiating down through your body. At night look up at the moon and the stars and know that you are drenched in the energy of the cosmos. You are made up of the vibrations of the stars! Think about how children put stars on their ceilings and gaze at the night sky dreaming away. What happened to your childlike heart? Dive into it with the magic of the sun and the moon. 

3. Awaken your Crown Chakra with this 6 minute meditation to connect to the vibration of co-creation https://insighttimer.com/growyourknowing/guided-meditations/crown-chakra-meditation-8

Sending you vibrant awakenings, 


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