Meditative Immersion ~Geomagnetic Evolution~New Tim5 ~Honoring Your Earth Connection

It’s time to harness the power of the sun and moon in you while helping the earth and your light body evolve. As more geomagnetic shifts occur it looses the pull of linear time.  Come join me for this online event to embrace your subtle body and understand the new mechanics of time.

Learn what tools and supplements will help you honor your souls path.

How can copper help you and us at this time? How to anchor in the moment.

Awaken your magnetic potential and stay grounded.

Learn how Solfeggio Frequencies can help you awaken your true divine cells..

21 Min Chakra meditation

This includes a meditative Immersion to help you access your Mer Kah Bath ( Vehicle of Light)

Geomagnetic Evolution: Embrace Meditation and Manifestation In Transitional Times

You are magnetic!  Your energy is electric. Join Melissa for this two hour event to understand geomagnetic flow, the transitions at this time on earth and the opportunity to grow abundantly.

Melissa will teach you how to access the power of your mind using meditation to calm and create, access deeper states of consciousness using the breath, mudras and nature energy. We are evolving as an earth and as a species.  It’s time to embrace your luminous subtle body energy. Get ready to understand how to unleash the wealth of vibrational light that is within you. This workshop takes place on Zoom and will be recorded with a 3 day playback.  Once you register you will be sent prep work, a guided meditation and detail on how to attend.

September 1, 2021  @ 7pm EST – 9pm EST


Tips To Grow Gratitude

It’s been quite a roller coaster of a ride these past 8 months! The truth is that we grow and shift more in the storms than in the sunshine and it is helpful to practice gratitude. Gratitude is a form of hope, faith and peace. In what ways have you evolved this year? Have you adapted to a new routine? Have you developed compassion for yourself and others?

Some of the significant gifts of gratitude have been:

  1. Pet Adoptions are up. More pets have been adopted than any other time.
  2. Music being played from windows in NYC and other cities to send light to hospitals
  3. Children inspiring communities by doing can drives, making desks, making masks, talking about being kind.
  4. Drive-by birthday celebrations with signs and bubbles to cheer on families.

Growing gratitude is like watering a flower, at first we have to plant the seed then allow time to help with transformation. Being patient and having faith grow with practice.

What ways can you grow your gratitude? I suggest these 3 actions. Being of service helps us be more grateful.

  1. Lean into the sky. When you are outdoors know that the sky supports you, air is all around you, just lean in and breathe in the fresh air and thank the air and the sky for being.
  2. Write to or call an old friend, leave a plant or flowers on the doorstep of a neighbor, donate to a soup kitchen, give to a charity.
  3. Ground down into the earth with this simple 5 minute meditation.

When we get stuck in fear we miss miracles all around us. I hope the fear can wash over you and offer some helpful lessons. We learn about our trust in a higher power and the unlimited possibilities we all have. If fear arises, look at it as a wise teacher.

Take a moment to appreciate your essence and your light that radiates into the earth. As always, give from your abundance and not from your reserve. My heart is grateful for your heart.

In divine truth,


Awaken the Earth.

I often find that rhythmic poetry helps elevate the soul.  Here is my wish for you and Mother Earth this Spring Time.  Awakening. We welcome the rebirth of Mother Earth and our cellular knowing

Allow the vibrational waves in your heart to rise and allow your energy to grow brighter, clearer, kinder and wiser

Allow your breathe to deepen and send love into the air to be captured by others

Slowing and gently hum to thank your cells for being healthy and intelligent, always listening to your rhythm

Thank your feet for their steps on this beautiful planet

Honor your thoughts and prayers that send peace to people who walk this earth

Feel a yellow glow growing in your chest as you deeply breathe in and out feeling the radiant energy from the Stars, The Moon and The Sun

When you drink in silence the light rises within and cascades around your being

Allow the sounds of midnight to dance in your soul

Chants can help you deepen your connection to the planet and yourself.  
Ananda Hum: I am bliss.
When you open your heart with a chant, you awaken energy within you. When you come to the moment and breathe in the energy of the earth you connect to the oneness we all are and you become joyful.

I want to share my interview with Paul Relis about how we can help the earth and evolve our current reality around environmental planning.Paul Relis was raised in Long Beach, California. While studying at the University of California, Santa Barbara, a massive oil spill erupted off the coast of Santa Barbara on January 28, 1969 that devastated the coastline, killed much aquatic life, and severely damaged the local economy. The oil spill was a transformative event in the history of the U.S that influenced the establishment of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Earth Day and other landmark environmental programs.  The oil spill was a life changing event for Paul. He became the first executive director of a newly formed nonprofit, the Community Environmental Council CEC) at age 23. The CEC played a critical role in staving off several  proposed developments  that would have changed Santa Barbara forever. And, under his leadership, the CEC built visionary projects including recycling facilities, urban gardens, an urban farm, green buildings and other programs that, decades ago, presaged the core elements of sustainability today.  Please enjoy the interview and think about how you can deepen your relationship with the earth.

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