Full Moon Immersion~ Balance and Abundance

Join me for the Full Moon on September 20th at 7pm for a one hour Meditative Immersion to bring in Balance and Abundance.

The energy of the full moon before the fall equinox. The power of connecting to the earth resetting itself offers people the opportunity to reflect, rest and renew.

Melissa will teach you how to access the power of your mind using meditation to calm and create, access deeper states of consciousness using the breath, mudras and nature energy. We are evolving as an earth and as a species.  It’s time to embrace your luminous subtle body energy. Get ready to understand how to unleash the wealth of vibrational light that is within you. This workshop takes place on Zoom and will be recorded with a 3 day playback.  Once you register you will be sent prep work, a guided meditation and detail on how to attend.

Learn how to harness the power of the moon to provide deep reflective discovery.


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