Your Heart’s Magnetics

YOUR heart knows the truth and your heart has a magnetic frequency that actually creates change externally. This may sound like science fiction but it is  actual science and can be measured and proven by researchers. Ask yourself the following questions:

Have I felt love in my heart?
Have I felt anger in my heart?
Have I felt fear in my heart?
Have I felt forgiveness in my heart?
Have I felt hope in my heart?

There is no doubt that you answered yes to at least one of the questions and you know the power that that feeling creates in your body.  However, did you know that power actually has a real impact on the world outside of you? I know it seems almost impossible to believe that YOU and your Heart can impact the outside world.

The Heart Math Institute has done extensive research on this and have found that the power of your heart can heal your body and have an impact globally.  Here is a video that explains this.

Heart Magnetics

If you wish to further explore the science behind this I highly recommend this free ebook

How will you use your heart’s power?!  The opportunities are endless!

Sending light and love from my heart to yours,

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