Yoga and Spirit Messages to Grow Your Knowing® 

Awaken your connection to the intuition that yoga provides.  Melissa will lead you through breath, mudras and yoga poses to awaken your subtle body while channeling messages from your spirit guides and loved ones in the spirit world.  Simple tools and handouts will be provided along with digital downloads to help you grow your knowing® 

To ATTEND:Covid19 Vaccination proof required with recent booster within 6 months of April 27th (October 27th forward) Masks may be required per current trends and CDC guidance in the spring of 2022

Melissa  Boyd is an International Spiritual Medium and a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and founder of Grow Your Knwoing® . As an Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga she blends yoga and intuition together.  Melissa has been channeling since the age of 9 and has helped thousands of people globally. She would “know” things before they happened and hear spirits giving details about family members and people who had crossed over. Today, Melissa trusts higher guidance, her psychic abilities, and the ability to foresee situations and act accordingly. She blends with your loved ones who have crossed over and brings them to you with her highest heart and divine love. She is committed to helping others grow their knowing.

Yoga and Spirit Messages: Awakening Intuition ~ Scarborough Yoga

Yoga and Spirit Messages: Awakening Intuition
with Melissa Boyd

Dec 5
12:00 – 4:00 PM

Register:  $70
(Limited to 16 people)
Yoga and Intuition opens hearts and quiets minds. In this 4-hour workshop, participants explore their intuitive selves through Yoga. We practice the art of listening to the body and mind while deepening our connection with the spiritual realm. Learn to deepen into each pose and open. The workshop is infused with understanding chakras, auras and quantum living in a linear world. There are no requirements, just a desire to connect to your body and breathe. Those new to yoga are welcome to attend. Handouts and soul tools will be provided. You may receive messages from the spirit world .Melissa has overcome challenges including releasing over 170lbs through her own yoga journey. ” When I stepped on the mat and landed in downward facing dog, I felt I could release the issues in my tissues.” Melissa remembers. Unlocking patterns in herself and others in one of her gifts, using sound, energy and movement.

$70.00 includes handouts, soul tools , an emailed mp3 of a chakra clearing and messages from the spirit world.

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