SIP In Heaven….

Do you know that you can touch heaven just here in this moment? Close your eyes, breathe in the magnificence that you are.  Sipping the air, the  same air that was breathed by Jesus, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and all angels among us on this planet. When will you decide to sip in heaven? Do it now!  Sitting in a seated pose with eyes closed, place your hands on your lap with your palms facing up, breathe in your own divinity, your rhythms and your light.

Isn’t it time that you claimed your souls divinity? Go sit under a tree  or walk barefoot on the grass near a lake or the ocean.  Watch a hummingbird sip nectar out of a flower. Walk your dog and feel the synergy between the two of you.  it’s the opening of your heart that will change the world. It’s not about who’s better than who, it’s about do you value your soul essence.

I didn’t always value my soul essence I was seeking and looking trying to be someone else I was getting caught up in drama, tragedies and addictive patterns. Can you relate to any of this? If so, stop!  The time is now to claim your own soul, listen to your rhythms let go of those people that no longer serve you.

For me yoga is my soul place, when I hit the mat I go to another dimension, I feel the rhythm of the poses the ancient chants and Sanskrit mantra’s. There I am One and then I walk that peace with my feet off the mat and into the world.

5 tips to step in heaven.

1. See and feel yourself as a spiritual being first

2. Look at everyone you meet is a mirror reflection of what you’re creating with your mind thoughts and feelings

3. Be conscious of your breathing and try doing the sipping breath.  Pretend there is a straw from your lips into the air, breathe in the air where ever you are at least 10 to 20 sips per hour and see if you start to understand that you are being of light.

4. Spend time in nature. Walk in a park, watch a bird, pick a flower touch the grass with your hands, be barefoot on the seashore watch a frog, dip your toes into the ocean lake or stream.

5. Let go of clock watching.  Drop into the moment and see every moment as an opportunity to be better than the last moment, deeper than the last moment, as you drive, walk and go about your world drink in the colors with your eyes, listen to your surroundings with your ears and thank the earth with gratitude with each step you take.

These are powerful ways for you to step in heaven and once you do my hope is that you’ll never be the same. I invite you now to come into your own oneness.

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