Online Channeled Messages 4 Your SOUL Evolution

Are you ready?  Are you ready to awaken your true life purpose and crack open the cells of your divinity !!?  THEN- join me and attendee’s from around the GLOBE to Grow Your Knowing and KNOW your Growing as Melissa will channel innovative ways for you to spark your souls evolutionary plan- vibrational steeping stones will be outlined for ALL who attend..


Although – you may not receive a DIRECT message the telepathic waves of knowing will swirl through the online platform helping you deepen and awaken the truth within..


The Vikings said ” We DO without doing, AND, Everything gets done..”  Upon registration- you will receive a very specialized breath practice that helps you know that the breath has EYES to see ..  NO Time Like the NOW to Register … SPACE is Limited

Article on are the New Kids Here to Save the World 

We will SEE you in Divine Time…

FOLLOW ME ON INSIGHT TIMER FOR Zestful Expansion MORE COMING SOON For Divine Insights and Knowings and vibrational blessings of BLISS 
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