Seed the sound of JOY

The power of sound.

Sound is creation and energy. One of the most powerful sounds to create an impact on your energy field is your voice. Remember that you voice carries your vibrational frquency and not just the YOU -that you are now, but the You -that you have been and will be. You are many bodies and one soul. Your soul is infinite and blissful.

In sanskrit which is an ancient language ,seed mantas help to create manifestation. Think about the seed of a tree. The seed of a tree holds the divine nature and potential of what can be -from seed to creation.

As a member of the Daisy Membership I want to share with you ways that you can grow your vibration.

When you chant or say the seed manta you are connecting with bija which means divine energy. If you have ever been to a church or a yoga class you may have chanted or sang Amen or Om. If you have ever sang or said these words in a melodic way your body may have responded with openness and joy.

I invite you to maximize your full seed potential and root your divinity.

LAM ( pronounced Alum) seed sound for your root chakra
VAM ( pronounced FVAM) seed sound for the sacral chakra
RAM ( pronounced RAM with a rolling of the R) seed sound for the solar plexus
YAM (pronounced YUM Like a hum) seed sound for the heart chakra
HAM (pronounced HAM like breathing on a mirror) seed sound for throat
KSHAM (prounounced KASHUM) seed sound for the third eye
OM (pronounced AHOM) seed sound for the crown chakra

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