Mindful Breath~Awakening Your Vitality and Zest

Join Melissa as she guides you on a journey to learn how to access your subtle body using mindfulness, mudras and breath.

Pranayama is an ancient technique that stills the mind, improves mental clarity and helps reduce stress while evolving your subtle body. You will experience ways to wash away worry, deepen and expand or begin a breathing practice while moving vital life force energy through your body.

Research on yoga and a breathing practice creates the following

-access your subtle body through the breath

-improves sleep and reduces stress

-manifesting desires and feel joy and unity consciousness

This class includes digital resources and innovative ways  to raise your vibration.

This will take place via zoom..


Meet Your Spirit Guides with Yoga Nidra

In this unique combination of breath, movement, and relaxation, you will be guided through a deep restorative Yoga Nidra practice where you will be invited to meet your guides and spiritual team who live on a higher frequency. Learn how to connect to listen to your spirit guides on a regular basis using symbols and simple techniques. This workshop includes tangible tools, handouts and a USB with two guided meditations to support you to continue to practice at home.

Mala Meditation & Yoga Nidra

Village Yoga, Kennebunk, ME – $100/person (limited to 16 participants)

Yoga Nidra is an ancient form of deep meditation and allows you to float between the worlds.  In this workshop you will experience deep relaxation and drop into the 5 layers of the self learning how to cleanse your cells with intention and breathe.  We will deepen with a mala bead meditation. Learn how the use of these two tools which can empower your spirit and energize your life.

Samadhi Meditation Box is included with the workshop ($49.95) Value : Includes male beads, stone, vibrational meditation cards, meditators guide, videos on how to use the tools, 3 meditation and more

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