Telepathy, Taste and Time!

Have you ever tasted a nice cup of coffee or tea or a bite of apple pie that took you back to a childhood memory? Taste and smell are more connected to memory than any other sense. So how does it work that you can have a taste or a smell make you travel back in time but what if time is just an illusion and it is happening all at once?

Time on the planet earth is linear.  Or is it!? Over 100 years ago Einstein predicted gravitational wave theory and people laughed at him.  The idea that time may have depth and be all happening at once seems hard to grasp until you add in the fact of gravity.  Gravity effects time – it can speed up time or slow it down.  Clock time is one thing and when you get trapped in 24 hour living you miss the magic that happens when you deepen in the present moment.  Think back to a time when you were playing baseball, walking on a beach, hiking a mountain, a time when you were having fun and time seemed to stand still.  Imagine living that way always- nowhere to go nothing to do- just dropping into the splendor of the moment.

Over the course of the next 10 to 20 years the implications of this new form of time will be integrated into our world.  How do we know this is true?  Have you noticed that time feels deeper, quicker or that more can happen in a short period of time?  If so you are living in quantum time.  These waves can warp our perceptions of time.

To learn more about gravitational waves watch this 3 minute video

If you want a deeper more expanded explanation watch this video

If taste reminds us of the past and experience where does telepathy come in? Have you ever known someone was going to call you before your phone rang? Have you ever felt someone’s thoughts before you heard them speak? That is telepathy.

Telepathy is receiving thoughts or feelings from another person over a distance without using one of the five typical senses of sight, sound, touch, taste or smell.  It is more likely to happen between people who have an existing close relationship but scientists have found that everyone has the gift of telepathy and just like a present you need to unwrap it to use it.

How can you unwrap your telepathy? Try and meditate more, use electronics less.  Learn to trust the path of your telepathy.  Remember time is not linear. Our perception of time being intact masks the deeper reality. Time folds in on itself and when you are in an expanded state, such as meditating or asleep you are tapping into this quantum reality. Larry Dossey is perhaps one the world’s leading experts in this field. He has written many books including “10 Things You Need to Know About Premonitions”.

Premonition can come from dreams or times of knowing that occur. The word premonition has Latin roots and means “pre-warning”.  In his 2009 article, “Extended Human Capacities in Shift: At the Frontiers of Consciousness” Larry Dossey MD explains, “By linking minds across space and time, premonitions reveal the oneness of which the scientists speak. They suggest that in some sense we are infinite or non-local in space and time. When we deeply sense this, we may become ‘transparent to the transcendent’ as mythologist Joseph Campbell put it.”  We become conscious of the link .”He goes on to state that “Premonitions also reveal a ‘feeling side’ to the world.  Studies reveal that premonitions frequently link people who love each other, parents and children, siblings, twins, lovers, and very close friends.”  This link is love and compassion!

Because I know what it feels like when something big in the world is going to happen or has happened, I have a sense of a pre-warning. I believe we all have this but our abilities vary due to your level of understanding.

Another big pre-knowing that occurred in my life was the Tsunami in Japan in 2011.  In 2010, I contacted a leading expert in the world on Nuclear Power about my vision and explained to her that I saw a very large event, an event that was going to occur on a global scale. I knew it had to do with a nuclear power plant and I could see thousands of people dying. I was very distressed and was hopeful I could get some answers. I kept seeing that the meltdown was triggered by an earthquake and it was going to happen soon.  On the morning of the Tsunami I awoke as if I was shot out of a cannon.  In my mind and body I could feel the souls of people leaving the planet at an increasing speed, it felt like the earth had tipped over. I immediately turned on the television and within 45 minutes the reports started pouring in and my worst fears were realized.

I truly believe that we are in a time of great change and if you are reading this you have felt it too, you were guided to know this information. By learning different types of intuition you will hone in on your natural strengths and gain insights into how to fine tune your vibration to match with the frequency of Source Consciousness.

What feelings do you get that could help others?  How can spirit interact with you?  How can telepathy help you in your life?  Listen and feel your way forward. Pay attention to smells or tastes that come out of the blue when you are thinking of a loved one.  For example if you are thinking of your father in spirit and he smoked and you smell or taste smoke he is connecting with you telepathically.

So do you want to test your telepathy? Get three friends and follow this wonderful experiment from the Institute for Noetic Sciences

I hope you enjoy this process and work on connecting with your telepathy.

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