She instantly knew I was a musician

My first reading with Melissa was at a crossroads in life for me. I had a great job but also had a passion I had been chasing my whole life. I felt like I finally had to make a choice between the two. She instantly knew I was a musician, and could see that it was my purpose to do it for a living, and advised me to not quit the music, and to believe in my purpose.

She also connected with my best friend who passed away when I was a kid, she was bringing up things that only he and I knew.  That’s when I knew it was real.  I took that advice very seriously, and a week later I got signed to a record label as a music producer!

Once I starting taking classes with Melissa, I was able to understand myself more, stay centered, create my own abundance and I received all the tools I needed to quit my day job and continue my new life as a professional music producer. A year later and I’m now living in Los Angeles and have been making my living completely through my life-long passion.

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