Spirit led me to Melissa at a devastating point in my story

Spirit led me to Melissa at a devastating point in my story. Meeting her was the beginning of my new spiritual life and a long road to find myself. The messages she brought forth from my husband who had passed unexpectedly deeply impacted me on every level. Even after I moved away from Maine, still Spirit found a way to lead me back to Melissa –  and my loved ones have continued to show up for me. I have had so many beautiful, mystical, real life experiences surrounding Melissa and my people on the other side – my crew – that are astounding – I could write a short book about it. I have also witnessed countless times where she has done the same for other people that she did for me.  Melissa helped me heal my broken heart and learn that I am never alone, there really is so much more out there. I love her meditations, her energy guidance, her techniques for tuning in, her voice and her heart… she is a gift to my life and will always be one of my most beloved teachers and guides in this life on earth.

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