The Luminous class kept me filled up with excitement and aligned actions

It’s clear to me that Melissa Boyd is a wayshower and light leader, helping to generate profoundly impactful ripples of love and vibrational coherence in our world. She’s a generous and loving ally in people’s lives, shining bright light on our aligned paths. Last summer I stood on a hilltop in Texas and fervently requested that the Creator/Universe offer help to guide me into financial abundance while living and giving my Divine Gifts. I was looking for discernment, clarity and next steps, and to exit the foggy land of livelihood struggle that I was experiencing. I was READY. I heard, “Melissa Boyd.” Giant cosmic breadcrumb—maybe a cosmic breadloaf! The information Melissa received in her meditation for our first session was completely aligned with who I am and what I love. Then my abundance journey was upleveled when Melissa generously invited me to join her Luminous 8 Professional Development for Your Soul® class! What an amazing gift! The love, presence, tools, gifts and intuitive guidance that she provided jumpstarted everyone in the class and kept me filled up with excitement and aligned actions. I feel like the compass of my life’s trajectory is now pointing true north. Big love and gratitude!

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