…you are the real deal!

At a time in my life where I have not sought another for Spiritual guidance for some time because of how much I love and rely on my guides and Teachers in Spirit, my life now warrants a outside source. I was guided to get a reading with Melissa and right from the onset of the reading everything that I needed to hear the most came out with my life path and possible directions my guides mentioned. All the thoughts in my head all the discussions with my Spirit guides she connected to and confirmed 100% I am on the right road with my life. She tapped into who I am as a person, what my soul represents, and I must make a note here so importantly…The validations I received about my deceased father and the ongoing struggles with family has been very troubling to me and in that I really needed to know my Father in Spirit was ok with a decision I made and Melissa brought it all up without even me sharing anything about this subject. How beautiful is this….My wife’s deceased best friend came through and Melissa described her and what she wanted to say to my wife and how interesting is this that my wife today is traveling to see her deceased best friends mother to share what was spoken through Melissa. Divine timing that this trip was already planned weeks ago…. Melissa thank you so much for everything you touched upon and it was many and I left loving another Human being….you are the real deal!

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