Three Stress Busters

I am so excited to share Three Stress Busters with you!  Stress can cause us to loose enthusiasm for living, can bog down our creativity and cause us to sink into stuck patterns. Let’s beat stress by following these 3 Simple techniques:

1. Golden Light. When you wake up slowly open your eyes and imagine that you are breathing in a new energy by envisioning the air as golden flecks of source energy.  As you inhale image you are covered in a beautiful, golden light.  Then as you shower, imagine the water as a dazzling, white energy buzzing around your being and clearing out old negative self defeating thoughts and feelings.  This process helps you clear and beat stress by filling your being with healing positive light.

2. Your feet are the key. Your feet hold the energy of your whole body.  In reflexology every point on the foot mirrors a part of your body.  Some core points are the toes, which impact the brain, eyes and ears.  The middle of the food holds the kidneys, liver and adrenal glands. The arch of the foot impacts the spine.  You can use a tennis ball to massage the bottom of your foot by putting the ball on the floor and rolling it back and forth.  This will help remove the stuck energy in your feet and energize your body.  Walk barefoot on the earth, allow your big toes to kiss each other to awaken and stimulate the brain and bring both sides of your body into alignment.

3. Hum.  Humming is a quick and easy way to shift your energy.  It helps by encouraging more breath  to come into your body, it clears out stuck energy in your eyes, brain and mouth.  All that you say, hear, see and think can get trapped in your upper chakras and create a pattern.  Humming breaks up that stale energy and stress by lifting you into a new vibration.  Numerous studies show it actually increases happiness and slows down racing thoughts.  Hum for 20 minutes a day- you can break it up into 5 or 10 minute segments.

All of these small stress relievers can shift your energy so you shift your life!


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