You Are Abundant!

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DearestAwakened Heart,

You are abundant! Yourbeing is aspark of divineintelligence in motion. It is soeasy to forget that you are dynamic, flexible, adaptable, and ever-evolving.

There is atrap inthe linear world that tells us “you are not enough andyou won’t ever be enough,there is not enough money, food, or resources for all of us!”Thiscreates the story of “Usversus Them,” good orbad,rich or poor,and onand onand on. It creates aninternaldialogue of fear and anxiety.

But what if youchanged your story andembraced the truth, which is You are Abundant.You can haveeverything you need and want!But it has to start fromwithin you.

You may be reading this andwondering, how can I thrive in a pandemic? How can I create abundance when the world isfalling apart?Consider that thispandemic is anopportunity to love deeper, clearer, calmer, to learn to live for the moment. The world isshifting andshining the truth on outdatedsystems andideas. What afabulous time to be alive and evolve.We have a uniqueopportunity to claimabundancewithin.

3 Ways to embrace your ownabundance:

1.Thank your bank account eachtime you pay a bill
2. List three structural things thatsupport your well being (Home, car, bed,running water etc)
3. Do one thing each day or each week to spreadabundance: leave a penny, dime or quarter in the little bin at theregister, pay for someones coffee, give a compliment to a stranger, say thank you to yourteachers, nurses, doctors etc.

Appreciation is thekey to manifesting and living an abundant life.

Over the next three months I am offering unique programs to assist you in resetting whatabundance means to you and tohelp youempower your life, embrace thepower of your breathand yourbody. To trulyshine your divine self!

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