Melissa Boyd, Spiritual Medium

Melissa Boyd,
Spiritual Medium

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For centuries people have used their intuitive and clairvoyant abilities to predict the future, save lives and change the course of humanity. Melissa Boyd is honored to be one of these gifted people – over the years she has channeled her gifts to serve individuals and businesses around the world, helping them to Grow their Knowing.

Melissa has studied with some of the most innovative minds and respected institutions to channel her gifts. She has used this training and intuition to advance organizations and world issues over the past 25 years – including working with retired General Colin Powell to advance children’s issues, as well as provided insight on local and national non-profit and governmental initiatives.

Melissa is able to help people Awaken Within, allowing them to experience the full potential of an enriched mental, physical & spiritual journey.

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“Think of a meeting with her as an invaluable gift; an opportunity to grow your soul.”

My first experience with Melissa was at Greener Postures Yoga where she gave a workshop for yoga and readings. I signed up for it immediately as I was sure I would hear from my mother who I miss very much. The yoga along with sounds of different tones was conducive to opening us up to receive messages. My mother came in early in the readings, I knew she would be eager for the opportunity to contact me. She was right there in the room saying things to me that only the two of us would know about. The experience was reassuring that our loved ones are still around us after they leave their physical bodies. Melissa came to my home twice to read for small groups, she is high energy with a vibrant and loving energy. Melissa is very generous with her time and everyone was amazed at the details in their readings. Even my great-grandfather John Muir joined us for a while! Melissa is an extraordinary person with a great gift to share with others.

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