COVID-19 Policy

For at least the remainder of 2020, I will not be seeing clients in person and will only be conducting sessions remotely via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or phone. After your session, I will mail you a packet with your notes, handouts, and soul tools.

Your health and safety is very important to me and due to the ongoing pandemic and global spread of COVID-19, I have decided to put our communal safety and well-being first. Having to wear a mask during your session limits both of our abilities to communicate while feeling safe. I have found that offering sessions remotely provides comfort and the ability for full self-expression. Please know that I have been successfully conducting remote sessions globally for more than 9 years!

If you wish to wait until I offer in-person appointments again, please contact Andrea at

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility during these transitional times.

Please note: I am currently booking out several months for virtual sessions.

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Healing Transformations with Melissa

For centuries people have used their intuitive and clairvoyant abilities to predict the future, save lives and change the course of humanity. Melissa Boyd is honored to be one of these gifted people – over the years she has channeled her gifts to serve individuals and businesses around the world, helping them to Grow their Knowing.

Melissa has studied with some of the most innovative minds and respected institutions to channel her gifts. She has used this training and intuition to advance organizations and world issues over the past 25 years – including working with retired General Colin Powell to advance children’s issues, as well as provided insight on local and national non-profit and governmental initiatives.

We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. Melissa is able to help people Awaken Within, allowing them to experience the full potential of an enriched mental, physical & spiritual journey.

“When my soul mate of 24 years died suddenly and unexpectedly, I was filled with so many questions, I wanted a legitimate and authentic connection. It took me a few months to find Melissa, the session was by phone. Within 5 minutes it was clear she was talking with my Jenny.  Melissa identified two necklaces Jenny wanted me to keep. I was just blown away by the accuracy of the descriptions – one was her Quartz crystal pendant that had become a joke between us.  I put this reading into my book, Love Interrupted, which I later wrote about my experiences finding Jenny in the Afterlife, though there I called Melissa “Madilyn”.   I still go to Melissa for readings every summer when in Maine, or by phone, and there is always something fresh and current from Jenny.”

Michele Matto | Author, Love Interrupted: A Seeker’s Guide of the Afterlife

Grow Your Knowing® Services

Connecting with loved ones, gaining insight on your life path, enhancing your own spiritual life – Melissa’s personal sessions can help you grow your knowing for continued awakening.

Learn to develop & trust your business intuition, build your own business blueprint, map your own career path – Melissa’s coaching sessions will help you grow your business knowing.

Grow your intuition, expand your soul development, enhance your physical & spiritual wellness – Melissa’s workshops will help you grow your knowing of mind, body & soul.

Please know that Melissa currently books several months in advance.  So be sure to book NOW!  Email** to schedule your session.
Due to numerous requests, we return your email within 3 days. Thank you for your patience.

** Once you send us an email please add our address to your contacts to ensure that your reply does not end up in junk or spam. We have been having difficulties and want to make sure you receive our messages. Thank you very much!

Some may not believe in angels, but we do. We believe that angels are among us when we allow ourselves to consider this beautiful option. For us, Melissa is  one of those beautiful angels walking this earth plane. We are forever grateful for having her as part of our journey. Melissa has certainly have positively impacted our lives in the most beautiful ways. Her gifts and work have helped us reconnect with our own truths, the ones emanating from within. 

With love, appreciation, and gratitude.

Souleymane Konate, PhD. & CEO and Dunja Babič, PhD. & Chief Scientific Officer 

Co-founders of Lotsea and ThinkHEC

Upcoming Online Events

Please note that all Grow Your Knowing events will be held virtually (via Zoom or Facebook Live) until further notice.

In this workshop you will learn the 5 aspects of abundance and how to release any blocks to abundance while creating your own abundance blueprint.

Only two left in 2020! Nov 19 + Dec 10

These one-hour mediations includes guided imagery, mind-body awareness, chanting, and silent contemplation in a circle of like-minded individuals.

Are you ready to open up and feel your spirit guides, clear your energy, and trust your insights? This online interactive workshop is packed with activities and practice sessions with like-minded intuitive people.

Once you are registered, you will receive instructions about how to attend.

In this magical hour, Melissa Boyd will teach you how to Meet Your Spirit Guides. You will learn simple ways to call upon your spirit guides and Melissa will teach you how to sit in your power to enhance your spiritual life which will enrich your physical reality.

Join Melissa Boyd, Psychic Medium for this three-week series where we will explore the 5 Dimensions of Abundance. 

We begin with creating stillness in the body and mind and intention setting for manifesting growth. Learn how to trust and flow with source and intention energy and to identify and clear blocks that hinder you from reaching your goals. You will learn where abundance lies in your body and how to harness the power of magnetic attraction. 

Each week you will receive homework to help you grow your knowing. This series includes a map for you to build your own abundance blueprint, providing clarity on how to access power of abundance in all areas of your life.

“The messages she delivers are transformational.” I met Melissa Boyd quite accidentally, but as she would explain, it was divine intervention. Her generosity of spirit, an aura of goodness, was my first impression. Now as I have come to know Melissa more profoundly, the depth of her knowledge of both the spiritual world, and the physical world come from a place where few have access. Her mission in life is to share those gifts. She is able to connect to the vibrational energy of people who have passed from this earth. The messages she delivers are transformational. 

Susan Doherty, Montreal, Canada | Author, A Secret Music

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A ‘blow-my-mind’ reading! The day before I had channeled a message about a spiritual sojourn that I needed to take and what I needed to do on this trip. The next day when I met with Melissa, during my session she pulled out a book that she told me her guides had said I needed to read. The title was ‘Pyramids of Light’ and it aligned exactly with the message I had channeled the day before. Melissa never ceases to push the boundaries of synchronicity!

Lori Thayer, PhD | Owner, Stargate Garden Healing Center

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“She instantly knew I was a musician…” My first reading with Melissa was at a crossroads in life for me. I had a great job but also had a passion I had been chasing my whole life. I felt like I finally had to make a choice between the two. She instantly knew I was a musician, and could see that it was my purpose to do it for a living, and advised me to not quit the music, and to believe in my purpose…read more of Frankie’s testimonial of Melissa. Frankie Valentine, LA.