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Melissa is a renowned spiritual guide and transformative leader. In her motivational speaker talks, she channels profound insights into practical, real-world applications, empowering audiences to take meaningful action in their communities and workplaces. With the business landscape evolving rapidly, companies of all sizes—and their leaders—require a new kind of training.

Melissa serves as the bridge between two worlds, delivering accessible content that makes the ethereal tangible and integrates spiritual intuition into everyday decision-making. As we enter a new era of passionate thinking, creative truths, and boundless possibilities, business leaders who have honed their  techniques to  become  luminous in body, mind, spirit will be the most successful.

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Just a few highlights from Melissa’s career:

  • Instrumental in bringing Retired General Colin Powell to Maine through a dream, Melissa launched the “Giving Maine’s Promise” media campaign on WGME 13, providing resources and education on children’s issues.
  • Appointed as a Commissioner for the Maine Commission for Community Service and Volunteerism, she helped develop a nationwide public policy platform.
  • As a leader in climate change, Melissa created Portland’s first pay-per-bag and recycling program, co-founded Maine Partners for Cool Communities, and presented her social norming campaigns at Harvard, Tufts, and Dartmouth.
  • Melissa has worked with thousands of clients, utilizing her mediumship, psychic abilities and professional experience to help people meet their spirit guides and access their true potential. Among other achievements, Melissa was able to connect clients with strategic partners and broadcast media, and others have started—and finished—award-winning books. 

Signature Motivational Speaker Topics

Business & organizational development illustration for Melissa Boyd's motivational speaker talk on how to move your business forward

Moving Your Business Forward By Standing Still

Melissa guides your executive team in activities to assess learning styles, understand the brain link between procedural and declarative memory, and integrate simple wellness routines and creative communication strategies to optimize outcomes and achieve retention and growth in the workplace.

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Leadership development illustration for Melissa Boyd's signature talk on intuitive development in leaders

Resources for Intuitive Development

Melissa presents eight rhythms to leadership mastery, exploring how 93% of communication is non-verbal. The audience learns innovative ways to enhance professional, personal, and intuitive development, with insights on brain development and manifesting principles.

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Environmental advocacy illustration for Melissa Boyd's motivational speaker talk on creating a legacy for your company

Creating a Legacy for Your Company or Community

Melissa explores creating a lasting impact through public service. Audience members will power map their company’s soul purpose and build an abundance blueprint using sound, mantras, and manifestation.

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Youth development illustration for Melissa Boyd's signature talk on how to empower teens and tweens through language

Empowering Teens and Tweens Through Language

Melissa outlines how to support young leaders through effective communication. Using a dictionary she developed for at-risk youth, audiences gain reflective questioning techniques and new tools to engage with students, children, or community groups.

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Motivational speaker illustration for Melissa Boyd's signature talk on how dreams can create change

From My Pillow to the Podium: How Nighttime Dreams Can Create Wakeful Change

Melissa investigates sleep medicine and dream consciousness, revealing how to become effective leaders during sleep. She shares her story of bringing Retired General Colin Powell to Maine from a dream, demonstrating how better sleep can help solve problems. This talk is often requested by groups looking for a motivational speaker.

Watch a mini version of this talk on Melissa’s Grow Your Knowing® YouTube channel here.

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Motivational speaker illustration for Melissa Boyd's signature talk on subtle body secrets to help heal grief.

Subtle Body Secrets To Help Heal Grief

Melissa explains the levels of grief and how it affects the brain, body and nervous system. Blending simple breath and energy techniques with informative, scientific facts, this interactive talk will empower anyone who has experienced loss or works with those who are grieving. Attendees leave with an understanding of Melissa’s best practices for grief based on her education and work as and Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga. 

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Motivational speaker illustration for Melissa Boyd's signature talk on what the spirit world wants you to know.

What The Spirit World Wants You To Know

As a seasoned medium, Melissa has channeled for thousands of people around the globe. Every spirit being has a message to teach us. Melissa shares moving stories of healing from the spirit world, and teaches the audience how to identify symbols and signs from the spirit world. This talk may include channeled messages for your audience. 

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“She’s the real deal.”

Writer’s note, I never met Melissa before this interview but long knew of her gift. A week before the interview, I told three gal pals that my son thought my dearly departed Dad would come through. I was told not to expect that. Well, the very least it had me thinking about Dad leading up to my interview with tempered expectations. In the middle of my interview, she asked if she could do a read on me because something was coming through. Of course I said yes. Who is JJ? That’s me “JoJo” my dad‘s pet nickname for me. She said here was a very strong presence and he knew that I missed him. We were very close and he was proud of me. Then she said he wants to say when you were very young you’d sit on his lap and read the encyclopedia Britannica . That hadn’t been discussed more than 50 years, I’ll leave you with a line from the monkeys 1966 title song. ”I’m a believer. The truth is I always was.

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The Center for Grieving Children is honored and humbled by Melissa’s generous spirit.  We treasure our relationship with Melissa.  Throughout the years Melissa has elevated the awareness of grief and the mission of the Center, for this we are forever grateful.

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