Melissa Boyd's signature Luminous Business Coaching

Luminous Business Coaching and Leadership Development Program 

As the world continues to shift and evolve, companies of all sizes—and their leaders—need a new kind of training.

For more than 25 years, Melissa has been a recognized leader for innovation in organizational development, public policy, and communications—blending her corporate and political experience with her intuitive gifts.

Her signature program, Luminous 8 Professional Development for Your Soul®, supports people and organizations around the world, helping them access their own intuitive gifts to build businesses, craft effective strategy, branding, and messaging, and meet business goals and challenges.  

Melissa will teach you to use 8 Essential Rhythms to connect with your own spiritual energy and help you thrive in the workplace.

The 8 rhythms are:

  1. Love
  2. Unlimited Potential
  3. Mirror Consciousness
  4. Intentional Action
  5. Negotiating with the Heart
  6. Optimism
  7. Service

As we expand globally into a new age of passionate thinking, creative truths, and no limitations, business leaders who have honed their techniques to become luminous in body, mind, spirit will be the most successful.


Actionable insights, luminous results 

Through individual coaching, Melissa uses Luminous 8 to guide entrepreneurs, spiritual workers, C-suite executives, and leaders in their field to tangible results and success, including: 

  • High visibility thought leadership, including national television and magazines 
  • Starting—and finishing—award-winning books 
  • Professional development and wellness programs aimed at employee retention and increasing productivity 
  • Business strategy to overcome blocks and budgeting to meet benchmarks 
  • Rebranding strategies for companies and individuals 
  • Signature exercises including Moving Forward by Standing Still,  Power-Map Your Purpose, Abundance Blueprinting and Resources for Intuitive Leadership 
Luminous 8 Professional Devleopment for Your Soul


A personalized plan tailored to your goals 

illustration of a cluttered mind finding clarity

All Luminous 8 Professional Development Programs include:

The program kicks off with Discovering Your Vibrational Life Path, followed by Spiritual Assessment and Soul Development and completes with an Abundance Blueprint.

A handcrafted Luminous 8 Tool Box that includes meditative tools and stones for expansion ($250 value) 

A 60-minute welcome session with Business Blueprint

Abundance Blueprint and Manifesting Map 

Two 60-minute business/psychic sessions per month 

Grow Work (homework) in between each session

Individually designed digital resources including meditations and clearings

Three email questions per month helping with insight and decisions 

Follow-up resources to help you reach your goals, find peace, break patterns, and eliminate blocks (mailed resources to the U.S. and Canada are shipped for free) 

Weekly support emails 

Monthly email with specialized information for your current life path including affirmations, manifesting principles, and business guidance

Mailed packets once a month with soul tools   

2 Months


Base package as described above

4 Months


Base package as described above

Business Planning, Communications Strategy including draft Business Plan

Best Value

6 Months


Base package as described above

Business Planning, Communications Strategy including draft Business Plan, Beyond Vision Boards 

My abundance journey was upleveled when Melissa generously invited me to join her Luminous 8® Professional Development for Your Soul class!

Helena Nash

for a limited time only

Special Introductory Pricing

2 months: $2,500
4 months: $4,500
6 months: $6,000

Flexible payment plans are available.

Ready to connect? 

Contact Melissa to apply to her coaching program. You’ll answer a short questionnaire about you and your business, and once your application is reviewed Melissa will schedule a free consultation to talk about the program and next steps. 

Packages are open for individuals or business teams.

Intakes are now being accepted to begin in May 2024. Space is limited.

apply now

As we begin the intake process you will choose a direction: spiritual mastery, business development or both. Many people choose a focus such as finishing a book, launching a business or breaking a pattern. When you have your discovery meeting it helps to define what you want to accomplish; then Melissa can ensure you get the deepest sense of luminosity possible! 

This is much more comprehensive than booking individual sessions as Melissa will be your guide along the way and you will receive ongoing support throughout your program.

10% of proceeds for Luminous 8 go to support:

Olympia Snowe Women's Leadership Institute logo

Olympia Snowe’s Women’s Leadership Institute

Former Senator Olympia Snowe is a member of the Bipartisan Policy Center and co-chair of BPC’s Commission on Political Reform 

Women's Action for New Directions logo

WAND ( Women’s Actions for New Directions)

WAND is a volunteer-run progressive non-profit organization in the United States with an objective of “building women’s political power to advocate for peace and security.”

To date Melissa has donated or raised for other organizations over $300,000 to a variety of non-profit organizations. 

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