Finding Inner Peace

Our world is undergoing tremendous change. The stresses of the economy, our global health issues as well as political, social and environmental upheaval. It’s hard to imagine putting together a new schedule, a new routine or having faith that everything will be ok. But we’ve been here before! There have been times when the people of the earth have been challenged and yet there is always a ray of hope.

As a spiritual medium, having access to the spirit world has given me some of the deepest joy in my life. And during these difficult times it has offered me the solace that everything is unfolding as it should. Please know we are never really alone. There is wisdom all around you.

If you or someone else is feeling any anxiety, fear or uncertainty about your life here are 4 ways to build your own inner wisdom. Remember to always give to yourself first.

1. Morning Centering
Upon waking every day take time to sit with yourself. Coming to a simple meditation process will help you immensely. Sit in a posture that is relaxing with your spine upright , place your hands on your lap facing upwards to receive divine grace, take one long inhale and an even longer exhale, then repeat. In front of you place a flower, glass of water, a lit candle or something simple to use as a as a focal point. As you exhale, empty your lungs like taking a long sigh then inhale the beauty of the flower, water or candle. Start this practice at least for 5 minutes each morning and perhaps you can increase to 30 minutes. This practice promotes oneness with body, breath and mind.

2. Drink Water with Intention and Affirmations 
Your body is made up of energy and water. Studies have shown that water has a consciousness. When you drink water it is important to be concious of what you are thinking because the water absorbs that energy. I remind my clients never to drink or eat anything while you’re angry. It’s interesting when you think about alcoholism and that people often drink at people because of fear or anger. Drinking water with intention will help you to train your body into a new belief. Countless studies have shown that sound travels faster in water than it does in the air. So when you say something to yourself your body listens more than if you hear it from another person. My suggestion is that throughout the day, when you drink water, you say positive affirmations to yourself. If you don’t know where to start, here are some suggestions. Pour a glass of water and sit down in a quiet spot. Say out loud “I love and accept myself exactly as I am, things are always working out for me, I feel safe and secure in my world, I call on my spirit guides and ask them for assistance.” Or you can make up your own affirmations. Do this twice a day and the results in your cells will be amazing. Remember your thoughts become things.

3. Lift and Lower your Gaze 
Your eyes hold information but they also hold tension. In any type of trauma work eye movement is essential. We are still in a global pandemic, economies are changing, life is still emerging and unpredictable. It’s important not to get fixated on the way things were or how they will be. It’s important to remain present in the now.
Using a soft eye gaze, which we called Drishti, is a wonderful way to invoke inner wisdom in your heart. Finding a focal point then allowing your eyes to go out of focus and just take a few nice breaths.
At some point in your day stand in front of a mirror. As you stand there looking at yourself in the mirror look up toward the ceiling then look down toward the floor, look left, look right, then blink your eyes three times, now roll your eyes to the right, roll your eyes to the left and blink your eyes three times. Repeat this four times. This helps the fluid in your eyes to be digested and it also helps you change your perception. Inner wisdom starts within not out in the linear world.

4. Laugh and Read Inspirational Zest 
Laughter is a wonderful way to create inner wisdom. Having listened to the Dalai Lama laughing in person was so amazing, his laugh is literally like that of a child! Listen to laughter, allow yourself to get lost in a book. Reading inspirational books actually helps your body to maintain a level of inner wisdom. We can take ourselves way too seriously and forget the little things in life. This month I will be posting 30 inspirational books that have changed my life and I hope one of them will change yours.

Finally let’s be kind and compassionate to ourselves. Patience and perseverance is called for at this time. And remember inner wisdom is not out there in the world inner wisdom is inside your heart.

In divine loving service, 

Compassion in Chaos

I’ve spent the past month being compassionate with myself through chaos. Bad things happen but we do not have to allow difficulty to define us, we can rise above challenges and grow.  Let me preface, I am a grateful and appreciative person by nature but when my French press coffee maker exploded, burning my upper thigh from my hip to my knee and as I watched my skin pull back the first thing I thought was “thank goodness it wasn’t my face or my hands!”  The burn measured 20 inches long by 10 inches wide and was absolutely the worst pain I have ever physically experienced! In shock, I drove myself to York Hospital Kennebunk Urgent Care only to find out I could not be treated there and needed to go to Wells, where they treat burns. Because I was in such terrible pain and could not drive, a nurse volunteered to drive me to Wells.  With painful tears I accepted and when I sat in her car, I felt her sister in the car with us (she had passed some time before) and I began to channel for her – Her sister thanked her for taking care of her before she passed and thanked all the members of her family by name.  Spirit was helping me to get away from the physical pain by having me channel her loved ones and now we both were crying! When I arrived the staff, doctors and nurses took me in right away and helped me. I was safe and cared for, I had to surrender. 

It’s never convenient to to be injured, especially when you love what you do and have to reschedule clients who have waited 6 months for an appointment. But with kindness and grace everyone understood.
 I love channeling, I work hard, I take great care of my spiritual, physical, mental and emotional body but sometimes we all have difficult things happen. I want to thank everyone who has reached out and for being so understanding and kind.     

Now I am focused on continuing to heal my burn. I thank my skin each day for being my most beautiful organ and by feeding my vibration with gratitude. I listen to 285 hertz frequencies to regrow my skin, take zinc and vitamin c.  Within the last 3 weeks my skin regrew and my nerve endings are healing. It was a miraculous recovery and I am so very grateful for everyone who reached out and to my guides which helped me tremendously. 

Things may not always go your way.  You will have pain, deaths, unexpected injury or illness but you can find appreciation and gain compassion in chaos. 

Here is my go to list when things are in chaos around me. 

  1. Give yourself permission to breathe deeply and make space
  2. Buy flowers that are bright in color and smell like sunshine
  3. Listen to Solfeggio frequencies
  4. Journal to release any fear, frustration or limitation 
  5. Spend time in nature – drink in the sky 
  6. Read inspirational work or a book that celebrates joy 
  7. Focus on inner light 
  8. Use essential oils, organic body cream with coconut oil and lavender 

May you be ONE and live in the NOW,


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