The New Creative Economy…

Every day when you purchase products, you are creating energy towards the economy. Each dollar you spend has an effect on the overall market. You may not be aware of it, but the coffee you buy on your way to work, the gasoline in your car, the soap you use in the shower all impacts the growth of decline of a market. You may have noticed that many big corporate companies that do not have a friendly tag line or community outreach are fading.  The reality is that new innovative companies are moving into the forefront and creating a new creative economy.

Twenty years ago it would not seem possible that yoga would be an industry in itself or that creating new creative software for computers that are innovative and intuitive would thrive. Here we are on the edge of infusing community into the economy and people wanting to buy from businesses that are local, have a community mind and somehow improve the world.  You may ask, what does the economy have to do with spiritual development or advancement?  EVERYTHING!  When humanity comes to a place where all people are aware of how they invest and spend their money and priorities shift from war and greed to art, children, self improvement and creativity we are evolving.

The UK is leading the global economy in setting a creative economic agenda.  They are infusing creative ideas and community aspects into both private and public sectors.  This innovation is moving into cities across the world.  In places like Maine and Vermont “buy local” signs shine in the windows of stores.  We are growing a vibrant creative economy which can be seen in the millions of people in the US who participate in Co-Ops, community gardens and community supported agriculture.    Are you are part of the creative economy?  Are you investing in services and products that are creative, local, sustainable and kind to animals?  Do you work for a creative business or own one yourself?

The world economy is shifting. At times it may feel uncertain if you follow the newspapers and listen to what the television tells you without getting more information from other sources.  Many people feel that they do not have enough money without really looking at how they are actually spending their money.  Once you align yourself with living in harmony with money it will grow for you! But that is a blog for another time.

The transition to the new creative economy is underway. Will you be a part of it?

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